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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Investigation of U.N. Oil for Food Programme

Just finding this video filmed at Capitol Hill, Dirksen Office Senate Building.

The Video was uploaded 16th July 2012.

Quote 'George Galloway V US senate, probably the most prolific clip EVER in the history of left WING politics.'

Again some revealing information comes to light and it is for the listener to take note of what is discussed even by the introduction orator. 

This investiation is regarding the corruption in the UN oil for food programme. 

This tetimony from George Galloway lasts about 45 minues.

Years ago an official from overseas said that if they did not suupport the war on terror (they did not agree with the illegal war) they would lose out from gains from contracts. The actual wording cannot be remembered and yet the war for profit became named.

Of the comments on the video is documented:

Mike Pieke wrote 1 week ago 'A company I worked for, had several directors jailed for paying bribes to Iraqi officials. They needed to do this, to get contracts to build bridges, the very bridges that had been destroyed by Coalition forces. Nobody responsible for their destruction has ever been convicted or charged, yet those helping to rebuild go to jail? Shame on you, lady justice!'

Ronald Evans 3 weeks ago ' Didn't hear anyone yelling for a war on terror when the IRA were blowing up Brits, on the contrary they were supporting the IRA. Such a perfidious people.'
  • George Galloways testimony is a sworn testimony to tell the truth - the whole truth so help him God. 

George is not someone who minces his words and is the example of someone to speak out, controt and challenge - He is also outspoken about the people and sets an example for all politicians who are supposed to be serving the people not corporations.

In this testimony to learn that George Galloway has met with Saddam Hussain. Again this is an important video to watch..

It is disturbing that in 'any court' that the truth can be twisted and perverted that is is the cause of an injustice. People have witnessed how Tony Blair who is a lawyer has blatantly lied to go to a war that has profitted an unknown amount of people. 

It does not just take courage to speak out the truth - it is actually an obligatoin to do so. As if there is a Judge on earth, if he wants to make an accurte judgtement he would be wise to listen to all the evidence and not to reject credible evidence that is vital to a bring closure to a case. England preferred to go to war than to serve justice and that just about says is it all about rulers on this land.

The people who are in politics are mixing with all sorts of people and also get to learn what is hapepning  George Galloway is very clear in his testimony and is open in his confession. There are vast crimes taking place in our world while these are being ignored and yet, one day perhaps all officials will be held to account. The public have a right to know who is ruling over laands and over them. The public (people) have the right to know the truth about agendas.

Oil for food .....

One day the heavy users of oil are going to have to look at alternative ways for for fuel than the 'black gold' wars. 

The wars have been based on lies...even I said that. What I say is just knowing people lied. There are people who know what is going on behind the scenes and it is these people who are credible people to listen to for they can offer insightful information too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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