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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Queen Presents Household Cavalry New Stanards

The Queen presents the Household Cavalry with new standards.

;The Queen has presented new standards to the Household Cavalry after inspecting troops – from her state limousine.' - The Telegraph reports

What Harry should have been watching: The Queen presents the Household Cavalry with new standards

A close up reveals the countries that are connected under the crowns, including Iraq. The wars based on lies were for a reason.... Imperial purple is shown here and gold crowns with ermine.

'St Edward's Crown is one of the oldest of British Crown Jewels and is considered the principal piece of the Regalia being the coronation crown traditionally used in the coronation of first English, then British, monarchs, including Queen Elizabeth II who now reigns as the monarch of 16 independent Commonwealth real'

The Queen wearing a light powder blue with a lace design. (the Royal Powder Corporation exists and so not sure if in any way connected) Light blue is also one of the colours in Wedgewood china/ Royal wedgewood fine chinaware and tableware. every little detail has a purpose As it happens Wedgewood is connected with Minerva and so there is a far bigger picture presented beyond.

To quote the article and the Queen's speech:

"The special association between the sovereign and the Household Cavalry has continued unbroken for more than 350 years.
"It therefore gives me great pleasure, in the presence of the wider regimental family and friends, to present you with new Standards.
"Since I last presented standards in 2003, the Household Cavalry Regiment, in its Armoured Reconnaissance role, has been at the very forefront of operations, and especially so in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"It has been a demanding and difficult period for all ranks, a time of sacrifice and separation.
"These burdens have fallen especially heavily upon the Household Cavalry's families, who have given so much support; on this occasion, Prince Philip and I wish to express our praise and admiration for your achievements.
"Similarly, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has been heavily engaged in ceremonial activity in London and Windsor.
"I have received so many complementary remarks from visiting Heads of State, who have witnessed the excellence of your turnout and horsemanship at close quarters.
"A generation of soldiers has now served within the single Regiment while successfully maintaining the traditions and separate identities of the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals.
"The values and ethos of the Household Cavalry as a whole are embedded within the fabric of these Standards which are emblazoned with the hard-won honours of the past." 

The Queen also identfied that she presented standards in her 50th Jubilee Year and this would have surely been significant, given that Jubilee Law is applicable.  

Party time: The prince then joined his grandparents and Princess Anne for a garden party at Buckingham Palace
Princess Anne, wearing Royal Navy and white, the Queen dressed in pink. Not sure who is the lady holding two 'clear' umbrellas together, with her left hand exposed. She might be left handed too. With wearing mint green and white hat - the Royal Mint comes to mind.
Prince Phillip is next to  Harry dressed formally with top hat off and tails, black umbrellas.  There are people behind Princess Anne, Phillip and Harry - yet the Lady in Mint green stands behind the Queen and behind them an open door. The ocassion is a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

In a dream a few weeks ago, this featured a letter with the Royal Crest was signed RH Elizabeth.....Not HM - Her Majesty. Royal Highness. As Queen Beatrix had stepped aside for her son, she is now HRH Princess Beatrix - so these changes that are taking place are happening for all to see.

In what we can see taking place, whether scripted or carefully planned, the detail in clothes and choices of jewellry are for a reason and occassion. The two clear umbrellas down touching the ground, could even symbolise two spiritually enlightened Queens on the ground now.

 The day before this article was published, another article wrote about the Queens baton.

'The Queen's Baton Relay has been blessed by the Bishop of St Davids as part of its fifth day touring Wales.
The Right Reverend Wyn Evans did the honours in the grounds of St Davids Cathedral before it made its way up the bell tour....' read more in the article below.

In a relay race, the baton is passed from one person to another who proceeds towards the finish line. With the finer detail identifying Saint David and Wales, this is also connected to the Holy Land and the lineage of King David cannot be ignored, for Jesus Christ is a descendant of King David.

During the 2012 London Olympics a new bell was created especially for the festival and the cauldron of light from the different nations was made up by petals of a flower that was raised up together. For all he bad and evil that has taken place, it is in the divine plan to reconcile people with God. Not every Christian knows that every Muslim loves Jesus and waits for his return. Not every Christian beleives in God and tis is because the system in place has failed the people. 

Without God people have no protection. The British royals are not superior beings or above any people  - they are people who have been born in a lineage who have influenced the laws. When the laws go against God, in some way He will bring them back so that people know He is The Authority. In the presentatation of the new standards, this identifies many nations including Africa. With the Queen holding the Star of Africa diamond in her scepter, this is also connected.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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