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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sting, The Legacy He Will Leave to Children

There is an article in the Daily Mail today about Sting with the headline:

Why my children will not be inheriting my £180million fortune: Sting wants his sons and daughters to earn their way (and says he's spending all his money anyway)

The article is well worth a read about someone in a time where the people who have become popular in the music industry have done so by playing endless gigs and gaining a fan base. The successful singer songwriters have a message to deliver that people can identify with. 

Sting person who was faced with choices and these choices shaped his destiny. Growing up knowing the workers life in the shipyard in Newcastle, and also wealth from his success in the music industry, he has never lost sight of his roots or connecting with the people. 

Much and stage plays have been ways to convey stories in history. Sting who demands a citizens life with the freedom to walk into a bar and get on with his life, The Last Ship is an album made into a musical play that shares the roots of people and a life in growing up years.  Locating a Youtube video, there are a number of songs from the play posted below.

Gordon Sumners father thought he was delusional to follow a singing career and yet, this young man looked at the choices facing him and followed his own path - his calling was to sing.

The world famous rock star is reaching an age where sharing his truth and the wisdom learned in experience is a reminder to the young ones today that everything does not come easy. Life is not about ripping people off or making a fast buck. There are consequences for this.

Sting has more than 100 people on his payroll. He shows an ethic of responsibility to maintain his commitments - an example that is inspirational to many young men and women who are starting out on their path. There are directors of companies who might be having a multimillion pound turnover, but the staff have families and are dependant on being paid. Greed creates poverty. Success, I beleive requires the ethical approach for any business to grow, enabling people to grow and feel rewarded..

The 62 year old has grown up knowing heartache, family conflict and seeing people make mistakes. He has shown that a background without wealth and status, does not mean success, respect and being in a position to influence is excluded. Today there are a mindset who are blind to those who can contribute preferring to look in adoration to celebrity, wealth and titles - even if they are given titles.

While most people have an inspirational source, the article writes that Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mum was Stings inspiration. She came to launch a ship 'The Swan Hunter'. 

‘The Queen Mum waved and looked at me, and I looked back at her and that was it,’ he says.

‘There and then I thought, I am going to be rich, famous, successful and drive a Rolls-Royce like her.’
He decided he would use his voice and guitar to get a big house in the country, great wealth and acclaim. And so it all came to pass.

Now aged 62, the rock star, eco-warrior, father of six and grandfather laughs as he tells of the inspiration for his aspiration, all courtesy of the House of Windsor.
 'Sting is not interested in party politics, but instead takes a philosophical view on events, including the war on terror.

‘It’s a very odd phrase this “war on terror”,’ he says. ‘Let’s try to understand it a bit before we declare war on it. I think most of our problems are a lack of consciousness about things, a low level of understanding of reality.

'For me, jihad is a metaphor – you are fighting your own demons in your own mind. The Promised Land is another metaphor. The Virgin Birth, Adam and Eve is a metaphor. They are beautiful metaphors but when you accept them as literally true then you are in very dangerous territory.

'This is happening in all religions. I don’t have a religion. They have a right to believe but they can’t foist that on everyone else. We are not blameless. We created Iraq, Jordan, Syria.

'We just drew arbitrary lines on a map to control resources and people, disregarding tribal affinities, and that is always going to cause problems. No belief or region has a monopoly on stupidity.’

The Last Ship musical draws upon Sting's early life growing up around the harsh shipyard docks. The people who built and still build these vast vessels - labourers and craftsmen who may have come from humble lives and even known hardship and struggles. Seeing the grand homes, these have been built by workmen too and there is not enough credit for the people who make grand ideas happen.

'In The Last Ship, a young man runs away from home, returning 15 years later to discover he had fathered a child before he left, only to abandon his home town again, on a ship after the shipyard goes bust.

The songs, he says, came in a rush of inspiration following a period of writer’s block. He knew it should be a musical, and from the off knew that one of his oldest pals from the North East, Jimmy Nail, would star in it."

In the opening line of the song The Last Ship it is written 'It is all there in the gospels, the Magdalene girl' - What is written is written, there is no point arguing about it. Something has been lost and in history there has been known pure spirituality...

It is not known if Sting made a promise 'to God' and yet there is a reason why some people become famous and others do not. Tbe article writes of his seeking happiness.

There is surely more to Sting, than any article or book can write. An intelligent aware man who has lived a full life, met his inspirational partner who is the sunshine of his life. With six children and grandchildren - through all life challenges, the stuff of life that builds character, this has revealed the person of integrity by the choices he made, staying true to his heart.

It is easy to amass friends when wealthy and famous and yet the people are the real movers and shakers of this world may not have had a charmed life. Not everyone has wealth. The lifesavers, healers and helpers are often overlooked - without builders there would be no homes or buildings.. To make big things happen sometimes people need to work together and want to build together.

Sting and his band perform songs from his album The Last Ship at The Public Theatre New York.  Video uploaded on December 28th 2013.

In this video Sting brings the reminder of once people would reach to touch the Royal robes for this has been shown to be done in ancient history with Jesus Christ, healing taking place. 

Wanting a singing career was said to be delusional and yet everyone has a voice. Everyone has a right to sing and speak their truth. A generation of people have said 'you cant do this' or 'cannot do that' to children and friends. This is a mindset that needs to be challenged or completely ignored.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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