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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Eastbourne Pier Engulfed in Flames - 1 of 4 Why?

Headline news in the Daily Mail : Historic Eastbourne Pier is engulfed by flames as major fire breaks out in arcade in front of horrified holidaymakers

There have been four major pier fires since 2003. Why?

Something is obviusly apparent with these fires. They are all 'extended land that has been built on the sea'. Is this in anyway connected with the Queen of the South and Queen of the Seas? Just a thought. The Queen who took her coronatoin oath to uphold the Holy Laws as written in the Holy Bible? The Queen who has a duty to protect the people - not her family as a priority. What has been happening?

If we are to look at this fire - the end of the pier has not been damaged, just the main part and surrounding building - with the rounded shape roof completely destroyed. This is situated over the sand - like an extended crown over the land. With the pier being extended over the land - that fits.

An aerial view of the conflagration. Firefighters on an RNLI craft battle to stop the flames spreading further along the pier

The location over land is identified for a reason 'Eastborne..Given what has been happening these days - I beleive this fire is carrying a warning for officials to notice. To see nothing is coincidence.

1 Corinthians 3:11-15 

For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw— each one's work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. If anyone's work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire.

This is not about a person - this is about something that is being established that has not been established in truth and built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. England is supposed to be a Christian land. When officials in the Government and church go against God it is not.  The laws are antichrist and the wars are Satanic. Officials say this land is ruled over by dark forces.

It is written 'So I will send a fire upon the wall of Tyre, and it shall devour her strongholds.” Amos 1:1

Frame: One onlooker said: 'There are at least four fire engines down there and swarms of police trying to keep people safe'

Here is another scripture and could this relate?

Now Mount Sinai was wrapped in smoke because the Lord had descended on it in fire. The smoke of it went up like the smoke of a kiln, and the whole mountain trembled greatly. Exodus 19:18

Having been given a vision of Jesus Christ standingon top of the mountain - what has happened in these last two days will justify the timely return to take over His Kingdom.   The people in  England are not eagerly waiting for the return of Jesus - they are being sold future monarchs.

Learning more about this particular structure - Eastbourne Pier.


Eastbourne Pier is a seaside pleasure pier in EastbourneEast Sussex, on the south coast of England.The proposal for a pier was first mooted at the end of 1863, and highly favoured by the town’s major landowner, the 7th Duke of DevonshireThe Eastbourne Pier Company was registered in April 1865 with a capital of £15,000 and on 18 April 1866 work began. It was opened by Lord Edward Cavendish on 13 June 1870, although it was not actually completed until two years later. On New Year's Day 1877 the landward half was swept away in a storm. - Read more below.

The elements swept the same area away in a storm...

'During the Second World War, part of the decking was removed and machine guns were installed in the theatre providing a useful point from where to repel any attempted enemy landings and a Bofors anti-aircraft gun was sited midway along the length of the pier' 

Wikipedia writes' Eastbourne Pier suffered a fire on 30 July 2014 that ripped through a large amount of the central domed building. Sussex Police said that the fire was not to be treated suspiciously. East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service deployed up to 80 officers to tackle the blaze. The fire allegedly started in wood paneling in the walls of the games arcade.'

The Game of Thrones comes to mind....

The major landowner of the town the Duke of Devonshire, held by the Cavendish family,who have held the following titles 

Newcastle is identified here - remembering the destruction of Spencer Court in Newcastle upon Tyne and that exposed the underground pillars when the ground was removed by a landslide.

Newcastle is also identified in Delaware USA- Smyrna is also named too.

There are two Newcastles named in England - Newcastle Under Lyne and Newcastle Upon Tyne. There are also two Royal Duchy's Cornwall and Lancaster. In the present time, it appears there has been an amalgamation and the effort to secure royal inheritance and the income.

The popular holiday location was busy with tourists and locals enjoying the beach when the fire started this afternoon

This image gives the impression of a figure holding a pen and there is the impression of the banner as if it is DNA - starting to write an article that relates and did not complete it yet.

What decisions have been made and signed in pen?

In the heart of England, land named  to stay connected with the  Monarch decisions have been made to the detriment of people. In this location Jesus Christ has visited children!   They were guided to or instructed 'by him' to give me messages - He has made his presence known.

With the Duke of Devonshire identified with this land - this might not be directly connected with him and so we must see what else there is to discover.

These days officials have been confronted about land in Bolton, with decisions made that has potentially placed residents and people in the area at considerable risk of danger. Officials have refused to review their decision and told me it is too late to change the plan.

The Holy Scripture above clearly identifies this matter.

After several attempts to ask officials to review their track 'they refused' and said 'it was too late'.

One official was told 'If Bolton Town Hall was on fire and you were inside, would you sit inside and do nothing or act knowing your life and other people's are in danger.  She was told to act and get in touch with the decision maker and she refused to.  She was told if anyone is to suffer as a result of the consquence of the decison that has been made - they are accountable.

Can this fire be in anyway connected with Bolton that is more than 200 miles away - YES! Is this just about this incident - actually no. It is a reminder of plans being made that are not in the the divine plan - plans that are made to the detriment of people and officials know what I am writing about. Is this about the person who is the landowner in Devon - I cannot say. Expand awareness.

Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire who serves is Her Majesty's Representative at Ascot and chairman of Ascot Racecourse Ltd. (In Little Lever, Bolton there is a housing estate named the racecourse estate and every detail has been mapped out)

In February 2010, the Duke announced his intention to give up his title if Hereditary Peers were removed from the House of Lords, on the basis that "the aristocracy is dead" and "because then it would be clear-cut what the people wanted, and it would be confusing to maintain hereditary titles". This mirrored the views of his mother, who has in the past stated that "titles are meaningless because peers are no longer legislators".

Honor, integrity, rightousness - it does not need a title to convey this. The given titles to the royal God mockers 'pointing wizard wands up to the heavens' - why are they revered in England? 

If this pier is created to be an extension of the land over the seas for the purpose of defence, and maintaining control of territory, one must ask what is the situation today. 

This structure has been destroyed over the sands (remembering Pope Francis gathering people on the sands and so is this anything to do with the Church - the Church of England) Could be.

This Pier was partly destroyed - Pier and Peer...

Rebuilding on the correct footing can take place. Already there will likely be insurance claims and rebuilding plans taking place. Knowing nothing in detail about this - accepting this could be happening, looking at another perspective to discover more relevance to understand.

The building is owned by Cuerden Leisure. Learning more - Crown Leisure Arcades.comes to light - no surprise really. The website being - this fire identifies a crown.

So the crown over these lands has been destroyed!

Something happened to cause this reaction - obviously. 

As the scripture identifies when something has not been built for all the right reasons and on this Kingdom of Jesus Christ, it will be revealed in fire...A crown of deception!

Eastbourne is in the South of England and yet East is identified. East - Eastern Star. This fire happened in daylight and the sun rises in the East.  Recently I spokewith someone who has had government programe solar panels fitted - the company that did this was SOLAR KING - SUN KING...they were sold as being free and yet this is not the case. Missold contracts are voidable contracts. Lawyers who refuse to work for justice have no place being a lawyer!

Eastenders is a soap opera that comes to mind, that is based in London - while Coronation (the ritual of crowning a monarch) is situated in Salford Manchester)

In another article it is written the pier has had 144 years of sun rises. This land is known as being where the sun never sets. Is there a connection - quite possibly. The building is destroyed. Back in 1992 Windsor Castle was destroyed by fire too. Look what came to light since - a charade of deception the people. Camilla and Charles shoddy marriage. Marrying with an agenda and not for real love and commitment to make a family and build a future together. Divorce and affairs that were easily hidden in the past to a gullible people. Not now! Diana's death?

Today in the news there is another article headline:

All aboard the orbital railway! Plans afoot for £200bn metro-style train link around London's suburbs with Barking to become the new Piccadilly Circus in 100 years time

There is a map that encompases Old Oak Common and Wimbledon - Wimbledon Common is named with Wimbledon Courts named - Common Court for Common people. What is lost and completely ignored in England is the meaning of being Royal and the obligations. It is a mistake to think that blatant God mocking royals are chosen by God to be Kings and Queens over people.  If anything people have been robbed - they are screwed over in so many different ways.

While there are many people who are now using food banks, decisiosn to spend for profit and in decisions that are allowing laws to be made - on roads, carriageways and railway lines - the law makers can profit. So whoever is the head of the Court on this land can sit back while the poor 'common people' suffer with the rising cost of living and deliberately created laws for profit. With the figure £200 billion - imagine how much more is invested in war for gains too?

A UK lawyer once said to my face 'You are a nothing and nobody and so you  will never get justice. This system can easily be destroyed" A system, officials boast of being corrupt, is in danger now" However it is easier to remove the crown wearer - perhaps a sign it is time now.

It has been shown there is  very little care for the people! The spiritually blind officials who refuse to take notice of the people are going to be woken up in some way and start to!  

Frame: One onlooker said: 'There are at least four fire engines down there and swarms of police trying to keep people safe'

Daniel 7:9-10 

“As I looked, thrones were placed, and the Ancient of Days took his seat; his clothing was white as snow, and the hair of his head like pure wool; his throne was fiery flames; its wheels were burning fire. A stream of fire issued and came out from before him; a thousand thousands served him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him; the court sat in judgment, and the books were opened.

England the land that has deprived people to be Free and living with the true Justice of God in context and for people to realise that each person has a role in this Kingdom that is to be taking care of this land and the people within. Many officials are a liability to the people.

Doused: Around 30 firefighters are expected to stay at the scene overnight now it is finally out

Since 2003, four fires to piers have been identified. In 2003 and since, I experienced legal corrupton as a credible witness (for God) to crimes by officials in law courts. These courts as a witness have included Central London County Court, Manchester High Court and Bolton Magistrates Court -  5 police said they were going to lie on oath in court to say they were witnesses of a car crash when they wree not there at all. They arrived over 40 minutes later.

With Ministes, lawyers and police taking an oath to serve the Queen - there has been an introduction to remove God from the oath and include the Queen, her heirs and successor. If the Queen was chosen by God and Divorce and adultery forbidden by God - why would he put a divorcee and adulterer, with the lover sitting as King and Queen over people.  And as witchcraft and sorcery is forbidden - this is especially Black Magic that is being carried out - why would he put wizard wand wavers as sitting as an overlord position over people too. Injustice is rife - why?

Lawyers refusing to work for justice, boasting of their crimes and many innocent people in prison is diabolical.. The implementation of a clean up of the system is long overdue. With prisons being private corporations - these are overcrowded prisons that officials have said too!

Isaiah 5:24 

Therefore, as the tongue of fire devours the stubble, and as dry grass sinks down in the flame, so their root will be as rottenness, and their blossom go up like dust; for they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts, and have despised the word of the Holy One of Israel

Has Judgement been made on Britain? What would God have to say about what is happening in England to the detriment of people. Monarchs are judged serverely even if lawyers beleive they are untouchable and above the law. No one is untouchable by the Almighty One!

And you call upon the name of your god, and I will call upon the name of the Lord, and the God who answers by fire, he is God.” And all the people answered, “It is well spoken.”

Psalm 104:4 

He makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire.

The messengers always validate the Written Biblical Law! 

With the piers being destroyed - is this connected with the House of Lords. The House OF THE LORD HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN! The Duke of Devonshire is a peerage title. The Duke of Cornwall (held by Prince Charles with spouse titles) Duke of Cambridge (William ) with this roof being like a crown - is this reminding us all of their crown destroyed for what they have done?

Passengers landing on Eastbourne Pier after a boat cruise in 1936. The paddle steamers took passengers to places like Folkestone, Sandown, Brighton, Hastings and even as far afield as Boulogne in France

Passengers landing on Eastbourne Pier after a boat cruise in 1936. The paddle steamers took passengers to places like Folkestone, Sandown, Brighton, Hastings and even as far afield as Boulogne in France

With the expense of building the channel tunnel, this also connects England, where the Crown Wearer connects with France and other parts of Europe. Was this decision made to serve the people or was this a decison to serve the interests of people who sit as a ruling elite?

What have the royal God mockers been up to these days?

As the Duke of Devonshire and his mother has highlghted - the title is worthless if one cannot legislate.  Charles, Camilla nd William have all been given honorary law degrees - in England to be the owner of a law corporation on must be a lawyer - UNLESS someone is chosen by God  and then they are obliged to be obediant to God - returning the Laws of God in context.

Nowhere is it written in the Holy Bible - travel more than 20mph and be fined up to 10,000. In another article today the traffic wardens fineing people for parking are encouraged to issue tickets to earn bonuses. Other articles inidcate a fortune is collected from orad traffic offenses. No one does anything to prosecute the war mongers and their illegal wars. The system that is established already for profit has laws to ensure the gravy train continues forever. NOT!

The crown head over this land on the sand is destroyed. Other articles indicate that the Eastborne Council and the company to enter talks for the mulitimillion rebuilding to begin.

Names of places and corporations have been created for a reason  - they might not be directly connected and yet the ownership of the British royal families investments and corporations are not known - vast corporatoins also have employees even at an executive level..Of course the people who are in a position to manipulate the law, also know how to work the sytem created too. 

There is so much happening that we do not understand. What I do understand is when people have corrupted the laws to the detriment of people, for gain - the Queen  took her solemn oath to God and is given many cnances to correct any errors she makes.  Was her oath sincere? Mine is!

An oath to God is a Promise to God that is unretractable.

Ravaged: Photos taken from above show the beach-end of the pier has been reduced to its metalwork while the section which goes out to sea remains untouched

When people rule over lands as Kings and so therefore the people, when they are ignoring the authority of God and Jesus being alive,  they might be lip service Christians. So many people in this land 'find it hard to beleive' - especially with so many wars - the wars based on lies.  The ever increasing laws  for profit that are illegal and not being challenged or stopped.

Who breaks the beast that is created on this land.

The Dukeof Cavendish might beleive that he holds a title of no value today as far as legislatoin goes but if he is sincere in hs faith to God and a sincere helper too, in this situation he is serving to enable truth to be known - His title has brought attention to lands that are named and lands that are connected with the Monarch - Lands that are actually where I live in Bolton too.

There must be concern by the few peers in the Lords with what is happening on this land. A noble title imples honor and integrity. A title is like a mask. Who people are cannot always be seen. A Royal title imlies that the person is being guided in truth by God Almighty. Being Noble means to do right by everyone. British people were not born to be slaves to cretins!

There are people in the House of Lords who did not approve of David Camerons pushing for a lesbian Queen and a baby succeeding to the crown born by a sperm doner. It is not known if Wiliam was born by IVF and he might not know either. The establishment knows. The Court silenced homosexuality in the royal household, when this was brought to the attention of the police by Diana herself. This all happened before she was to disappear from the public eye. She may have been silenced - However Diana is a women who stated she will not go away quietly"

Before closing - looking on the Crown Leisure website: For over 30 years the name Crown Leisure has been synonymous with the pay-to-play gaming and amusement industry in the UK.

People are getting into debt and there are so many scams around. Gambling is enticed and debt solutions for profit with usuary (forbidden by God) is promoted as a solution. The loan sharks are back and heavy bailiffs sent by the court too - The Crown wearer is not protecting people. The court for profit does not void missold contracts. They ignore serious 'real' crimes too. England does not have a system in place that is protecting people - The people are trusting blindly.

The Daily Mail often refer to the British royals as The Firm. A firm is a name for a  corporation. The Firm often is associated with the Mafia. The Mafia is referred to as a criminal organisation.    There were warnings given by Pope Francis to the Mafia...He did not say who they were to!

People of integrity in our world exist. Where are they?

Peace, love and best wishes

Pauline Maria

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