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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Guardian Angel Message 27th July 2014

As has been shown in a previous message, according to my birthdate, one of my guardian angels, out of two is assigned to Kings and Princess - therefore Queens and Princess's too.

In asking for guidance for what I am meant to know in this time - this is the message that was received by the focus on my guardian angel. In this focus, I write down word for word, as the clarity and precision of the Word of God is respected and given to the Prophets of the ancient times.

Thank you Pauline for you are acknowleging us again and we are to serve you in your quest. This is what is asked and will be done acccordingly. We cannot interfere with what is in the natural order. We can assist in helping you get through your life without further harm or injury - for this is being deliberately done. There is a spiteful mind against you and it does not serve well to focus on that. You know such people exist. They are not mature and have their lessons to learn too.
You cannot change who you are because you are born who you are and that is how it is meant to be . You can shine your light for Greece and the people of Greece because they (walk in) the light of Athena and Maria. Where you are they do not. You live amoung hypocrites and lost sheep and you are not in a position to change anything, except to write and enlighten people in truth as truth is being revealed to you, even if you are reluctant to. You have hidden enemies and friens who know you are suffering and yet they hold back because they do not know what to do. 
Can you do this for me - Speak for the angels in the heavenly realms and remind people that they are assigned an angel at their birth because The Father wanted to assure that HIs Children are looked after. When children do not know they have a guardian protector, they cannot be expected to realise that they can call their guiardaian protector and it is not the parent's fault. They have been denied the truth too. .
And so while mankind is spiritually lost - it is because they have let go of the fundamental knowledge of the divine realms. The Creator ensured that in every eventuality throughout the ages, the people would know Him and know of Him. 
Man has failed mankind because he has not maintained his place in leaving the world in the authorit above in heaven. If he ignores instruction and ignores guidance, he might refuse correction too. And this is what you are facing where you live now.
The people do not know any different. They live with their comfort and props in their life and yet they do not really live. The knowledge of the soul is lost. They are not awakened to a spiritual reality that they live and can fulfil in their physical body and so it is as if the lights are off.
People now sense the reason why the good are the ones who are suffering and yet the right in this world is being made wrong. When good is seen as evil, and what is pure seen as unholy, yoiu are also put in a position to be confused because your language of understanding is different.
You are a searcher of truth and yet so many people accept what is given as truth - so easily are people mislead. So easy can a downward cycle form in this life and that is how things came to be. The reversal of this is education and the right way to open people's minds and hearts is with love and gentleness. 
Not everyone can see or want to see. Not everyone knows that evil exists. They cannot comprehend God because they have been taught not to  and so the plan to have people controllled to a social order can easily happen; and yet, the arrival of Christ is due and He Will Guide you in Truth because this is what He is called to do.
We love you Pauline and we have watched helplessly as you suffer but you are a survivor. Just remember this and know we are with you watching over you with love. God Bless little one.

The above message was given to me in entirety. There is also instruction within to share with everyone. With what is happening in our world, with multitudes of people suffering, this is a time of repentance and people turning their hearts back to God. There are people in our world who have been given instruction to be obediant to the commandments of God however, what is hidden there are people who are actually hearing the voice of God and rebelling is not Trusting Him. If you are not praying to be guided in the right way and keep your focus with pure heart and pure intentions - it is easy to be in error.

Everyone can talk to their guardian angel and it is with our guardian angle that everything is known in the heavens. We do not always see but the miracles of divine intervention happen witth their help.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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