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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to Become The British Monarch (Video)

Just came across this video - interesting. It demonstrates how Queen Elizabeth II became Queen by diagam. Of course what it does not explain is Monarchs do not have permission to corrupt the Laws of God. One cannot be crowned Queen and then sit back God mocking blatantly 'was waving wizard wands to the sky that was recorded by the British press. Thrones are overturned as shown in history.

Right at the very top the officials collect records of people - tax records and census records. Officials have the capability to piece together information of who is related to who just from this.

Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates can proove legitimacy. However in history there has been plentyof royal bed hopping and some of the Royal bastards have given titles, to allow a passage of ease - perhaps with positions becasue of who they are....So the title does not necessarily mean respectability.The lineage does not necessily mean the person deserves reverance either.

When asking people if they know the role of the Queen, people shrug heir shoulders. Is she not supposed to be the Protector of the People with the Holy Laws of God? This is Royal Magesty!

Is she not suppposed to be maintaining the Kingdom of Christ?

Is she not supposed to be the devout Queen eagerly anticipating the return of Jesus Christ - giving back what was denied him - that was not meant to be at th etime because people were not ready>

Is she not supposed to be a pillar of faith?

Is she not supposed to be pointing people to God?

Is she not supposed to be preventing injustice?

It is easy to do if the structure is actually set up right.

Is she not supposed to bring the end to war?

Is she not supposed to be uniting humanity in peace> The family of the House of Israel is extensive and the little piece of land named the State of Israel wouldnot accomodate everyone, that is for sure?

A Crowned Queen is not supposed to be a false idol.

The Queen was chosen and laws were already made to maintain the Kingdom belonging to Christ and yet, is this really the case. There is a system in place that has some questionable operations.

A BBC documentary The Real Monarch identified the Plantagenet bloodline  connected to France. The Queen being Duke of Lancaster - the Cadet Branch of Lancaster is connected with the Plantagenet bloodline .People say she has no right to be Queen, she is a step to bring the truth to people.

The Pillar of Jacob sits under the coronation throne and  there is a mystery with this and it cannot be ignored that in history the Prophets were preparing the way for the people to ascend the spiritual ladder.

The British Monarch would have to be connected with Europe and the Holy Land to be connected with the people and yet with conflict in the Holy Land there is evidently something seriously amiss.

British Israel has been named for the Queen of the House of Israel. She would be related to the House of David  to be Queen of Israel and Queen by Right, She would also be related to Jesus Christ if this was the case. This way the handmaiden of the Lord, the British Monarch would beerelated to everyone.

If anyone is to try and kill the monarch to gain the position of power, it will not happen in this way. Someone who takes over lands and removes people from possitions of power does not have the right to be in power - a role that has been shown and claimed to be chosen by God is for His Purpose.

The Power is not in The crown. The Crown is a symbol.

The person who is crowned Queen of a Kingdom - whose Kingdom? The United Kingdom - United what does this mean exactly? Head of the Commonwealth - what is the Commonwealth?

King David was King of the United Kingdom of Israel.

The Commonwealth of Israel was a\lso named.

Some years ago there was a tunnel built under the water that unites Europe to England. With the Queen also holding the title Duke of Normandy - this means that the French connection is important too.

Britain - Britannia. Britannia is s ship named too.

Queen ships....There is a Queen Elizabeth ship named - another is Queen Mary 2. The Queen Elizabeth ship is named after the Queen Mother - Queen Elizabeth;s Mother.A family mystery identifies a connection with the Plantagenet bloodline and it is quite possible that Diana was born in this bloodline too. It is highly likely that Kate Middleton was also chosen for her bloodline and this is why she is secure in this marrage being able to have anything she wants. She has been heavily marketed to keep the popularity.

The Queen has appeared in a few dreams with members of her family - one with her grand-daughter, another with Phillip. Charles has featured in a dream too. With Diana also making herself known in a dream -a dream where the Queen greeted us both, we are evidently in some way still connected.

The repeated floods a\nd landslides taking place in England is a reaction to something connected with the land. The repeated floods in the isolated area of Newcastle - Spencer Court identified that something was amiss. With the land compleely collapsing underneath, the underground pillars, reminded me of an underground temple -  more to this that will come to light. Spencer Court was demolished.

It is suggested that Diana is related to Zac Goldsmith and while Sir James Goldsmith had girlfiiends, we would never know what goes on behind closed doors in the bedrooms. However, if Diana is illegitimate, then her sons would not be elibile to succeed to the wear the crown, under Biblical Law.

A law change took place that a first born daughter can succeed to the throne. With all the media hype, including speculations about a surrogate being used, the baby presented to the public is George. With rumors around now that Kate Middleton is pregnant again - there are far more Royal babies in our world.

With Laws made by Royal Decree, this means that they stand.

When Diana Princess of Wales was pregnant, this law could have been implemented then and was not. Instead operation overload to sell William as a future King began instead.

How NOT to become a British monarch -Do not a pact with the devil. Do not use witchcraft to bind someone to a royal marriage. Do not use Black Magic to kill someone, sabbotage their destiny or profoundly disable someone so they would never succeed to the crown.  Disability is seen as a weakness by those who do not understand that God strengthened those who have been deiblitated by evil intentions.

In the video a golden crown is identified. Just one.

One hundred years ago millions of people were murdered in Europe in a war - the battle for power and hunger for power is alive today as ever before. There are people eager to make pacts with the devil for gains and it is fightening that men beleive they have the right to rule over women disregarding  divine rights given to everyone. The  birthright inheritance given to the Levites cannot be revoked now.

The King of the United Kingdom has revealed himself crowned - The United World Kingdom. The children of the United Kingdom were  having a coronation ceremony in the Queen's Jubillee Year. The children are the chosen ones today - they are bringing the truth to people in the way they are guided to.

My understanding is when God is ruling over one land, He is ruling over all lands. When Christ was made King and given authority 'by God' is was because the rulers of  lands had broken the Sacred LAW. History has made it really clear how the authority of God is known on this earth...and why.

Notice the three headless figures in the background>

There are many people in England who are God mocking!

daily telegraph Daily Telegraph calls Kate Middleton a witch?

According to another aricle by Anorak - it is written:

WHAT can the Daily Telegraph mean by positioning a photograph of Kate Middleton, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and The Queen on their shopping trip to Fortnum & Mason above a story on witchcraft?

Before Kate Middleton entered  the royal family, her telephone calls would have been tracked and recorded. As the people are being spied on through teleivison, computer, GPS tracking Mobile Phones and even car technology - the royals are traced too. And if the marriage of William and Kate is one of true love for a lifetogether, so be it. But it if is an ambitious marriage to do whatever it takes to be Queen....whatever has happened behind closed doors will be known about.

Royal duty: The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge are pictured before the reception, during which they met 250 members of film royalty
In a fairly recent article one of the photographs caught my attention of a reception at Buckingham Palace. In this photograph red eyes are seen on Kate, where the Queens is presented as being clear - there is a red eye removal that was not used in this case. Sometimes when people have red eyes, it might be because they have been crying. Is there another reason for exposing this>

There are people who take the Queen as a fool and yet her years and life, she is probably far more aware then the young ones. And if she is sincere in her faith, she will know  who is not. The Queen is holding the title Supreme Head of the Church of England. Former oil executive, now Archibishop of Canterbury  will crown the next Queen, speaks of the worldwide  church.

Copyright @MrsRegalEyes Twitter.

 William and Kate  wearing floral crowns in an Ecumenical Church service - the meaning of Ecumenical is worldwide.Discovery of this was by someone in attendance.It was after this that Jesus Christ first made his presence known 'returning to earth' in a great aura of white light. 

The laws being changed also makes sense if there had been some sort of crowning ceremony before the announcentof a pregnancy and any baby to succeed to the throne. To bypass any complications or future dispute to succession, itt would make sense if some secrett crowning ceremony had taken place. The rest is propaganda to sell these people who a great deal of intelligent people could become subjects to. 'By Divine Right and The Grace of God' - Really?

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Preparing the way for the Lord.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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