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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

MH17 Where Is The Evidence - What is Truth?

Actually this heading applies to everyone and every situation. Having written articles that brings together some images captured in a moment of time, I am alsow aware that there are people in our world who have access to what is happening behind closed doors. We are not a group of blind willing sheeple who are conformists. Do not be led to the slaughter people. 

Doomed: This is said to be a picture of the SA-11 missile being fired from Snizhne towards the MH17 flight

'Doomed: This is said to be a picture of the SA-11 missile being fired from Snizhne towards the MH17 flight'

To Quote the Daily Mail in context it is written:

'This is the vapour path of the rocket which hit the Boeing,’ insisted Ukrainian intelligence chief Vitaliy Naida.
Two days earlier, Snizhne itself was hit by missiles from what the rebels say was a Ukrainian warplane in an attack that shattered homes, killing 11 people.'

In a video I located, war has been identified by the translation of the voices speaking. We rely on translators and yet unless we know the truth and the language we do not know the truth of what is really being said. 

We do not know the process of the people on these other lands.

We do not know the conditions either.

We do not know who is ruling over the lands either.

Where is the evidence? What is the truth about this plane that was brought down - MH17 had almost 300 people on board, all killed. How many more large numbers of people are killed in catastrophes - blamed on terrorism, accidents and deliberate acts or war. This is reported to be a missile - yet the plane being in bits and debris for miles could have been a bomb. What do I know - nothing at all. Just considering beyond what is written.

Jonathan Eyal, of the UK defence and security forum the Royal United Services Institute, said: ‘They [the rebels] could not have used  this system without direct Russian involvement.’

Yesterday the Ukrainian government said it had proof that Russia had supplied the rocket launcher.

It said three of the devices crossed the border into Russia on Friday, less than ten hours after the jet was blown apart.

Discussing the picture, Dr Eyal said: ‘The smoke trail is consistent with the trail that would be produced by a BUK missile ten seconds after launch, perhaps a little less.

Is this expert opinion based on the above photograph?

Innocent peoples lives have been stolen. NO MORE WAR!

What are Britisn interests in Russia...

What is the connection with Britain and Ukraine. (UK - raine - Raine means Queen) That is rather uncanny that this name has been chosen. Is this a coincidence?

Rather like Turkey - Tur (tor is a mountain) Key and Mount Sinai being named Mout Tur. What this shows is the connection to Moses and the God of the Israelites is not being ignored and is connected with Turkey. God does not exclude people from different lands.

Remembering reading an article where Vladimir Putinsaid 'No' to a homosexual King. He also made it clear he is not being against people who are homosexual...The British media had already published an article with David Cameron requesting the House of Lords to change the law in relation to succession to the Crown to allow a lesbian Queen. This would under the current sex disrimination laws allow a king who with homosexual tendancies too.

There was the suppression through the court in England of homosexuality in the royal household - they are good at suppressing the truth and suppressing corruption too.

So why is Russia being attacked - Well This is the land of the Holy Orthodox Church and the Imperial Crown of Russia is connected with Asia. Ekatarina the Great, Empress of Russia was an Empress who was recognsied as being Empress by the Grace of God. 

Today Queen Elizabeth is crowned Queen - over an empire renamed the Commonwealth and has been photographed  wearing an Imperial State Crown. Her father was using the title Empreor of Russia, a title that was given to Queen Victoria in her day.

There is in Russia, Peterhof Palace - the Imperial Court.

With the Archbishop of Canterbury  stating that one day Prince George will be King ofthe worldwide church - is this being a King over the worldwide population. It is not entirely clear. With the corrupting of the HOly Laws, and all te illegal wars, what exactly is this establishment representing and who exactly do any of these people serve?

As a woman of faith,  as a baby baptised in GREECE, in the Greek Orthodox Church, I know that the Russian Orthodox Church is a sister church. I know that Jesus Christ sits at the head of our Church, What is not entirely clear is when churches have separated and gone their own way, are they deviating of the right path - Praying to God and trusting him.

Only the Day before Pope Francis was inaugurated I spoke with a father of the Ukrainian Church who told me to watch the service. He said that the Ecumenical Patriarch will attend after 1000 years and this marked an important day in history just with this alone. 

Since this I discovered the Ukrainian Catholic Church being in Bolton, on All Saints Street with the road across being Crown Street. So this signicance connected with the crown 'in England and named could not easily be ignored. The road maps have been named already.

When there has been for some years discussion of a New World Order' what exactly this means has not been made entirely clear. Thinking about the One World Government I prayed about his one day. Then being invited toa charity shop picking up a small green covered book 'I heard 'Prayer' thinking it was a prayer book. Opening the page it was written:

'Creatures work in the World Government;

The book is named My Life by Saint Thomas.

The pitching and divide of people over the course of history has allowed people to be turned against eachother and war mongers to use people to meet their agenda. There exists a cold blooded killer mindset who are hungry for power. Strange how the wars are started with good intntions and yet end up with bloodshed and war lords staying in power.

Who is the commanding force over the military/Army?

Who is arming people ready so they kill innocent people. Arming people then sends a rippling message for people in fear and that is to be armed and prtoect themselves. The game of power if a very sick power game indeed that operates on so many different levels.

In Bolton where I live, the Ukranian Catholic Church is named. This is situated on All Saints Street and across from this over the road is Crown Street. The road map has been so carefully laid down and named - (as animals mark their territory) in Bolton also is Kensington Court. With Wiliam and Kate living at Kensington Palace,  the destruction of Spencer Court in Newcastle may have been with a back up plan. Brainwash the masses instead. 

In one aspect I can understand those who are demonising Russia if they beleive that Russia is at fault and yet there is also a possibility this killing was done for an agenda.

As the incident happened over Ukraine, from Ukraine, then it is interesting to discover who is really actually ruling over these lands.Who is taking control of the airspace. Today the man on earth is not respecting the universal laws or the rights and liberties of people. 

The antichrist is a master of deception and lies.

If Ukraine are living in a war zone, who is really initiating this war? There is a lot that we really do not know is going on. But there is another lesson to learn that we cannot sit back and ignore innocent peple being killed. Why the silence? There comes a time when everyone must start to care about life. And if we do not care about people - we will be given a reason to. 

Perhaps more to this situation can be discovered by looking at the locations and learning from what is being presented in the media by photographic evidence. We cannot take photographaas factual reporting - we can look at what is presented and make an assumption. We were not there. We do not see what really happened. We do not know what is really going on. We can learn about the locations and their significance in history.

Please keep and open mind, Seek to understand the truth and even if the truth is not clear, we will learn so much more that might be relevant to know and understand.

Final point, a meteorite landed in Russia on the border land that identifies Asia and Europe. This was from the heavenly realms. An new Imperial Crown has been made too. This crown is
 not stained with blood and injustice. Will it be used in a coronation one day? God knows!

After  a dream, seeing Jesus inside the Patriarchate of Constantinope talking with the priests on 9th May 2013, weeks later on th 10th May a report from the Turkish Police, wrote of an assasination plot against the Ecumenical Patriarch. Jesus is protecting Batholomew and His Church. Not long after Russian Patriarchate spoke in the Pauline Symposium - he died. Was he assassinated before his time, given his awareness being guided byChrist?

The people who want to rule over lands and people by deception, are so far removed from the Holy Laws and disregard the authority of the King who is alive and guiding in truth. Now if people wake up, especialy in other lands to realise that perhaps they are being manipulated as pawns in a power game that is very sick indeed. they can decide no to be involved.

Seek the higher road...Put down weapons and hug instead. The pathway of killing an unknown perceieved enemy is actually killing your own family. We are all related as humanity.

Ponder death by war and acts of war. This can easily escalate. There are peopelw ho do not want to relinquist power and would rather plunge people in darkness instead. Climbing a ladder of a social structure by treading on people is not ascending or evolving spiritually.

Manipulating the masses to promote another war and justify agenda is just feeding an evil that needs to be crushed, not by man. The demon posessed beings are many now.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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