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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Minerva Kuala Lumpar - Minerva Reef - Healing

Minerva also came to mind, Minerva Book Store is found in Kuala Lumpar the original destination of Malaysian Airlines. Minerva is connected to Malaysia as can be found in links below.

In another article still on following the Minerva theme, the headline reads

'Lord Ma’afu wants Lau for Minerva Reef

He said the row over Minerva Reef on 
ownership by the two countries was not good for relations.
“It is not good for our relations,” Lord Ma’afu, who is named after Ma’afu, the Tongan Prince who waged war on parts of Lau and claimed them for Tonga years ago, said.
“We are closely related and our history dates back a long, long time.
“So in good faith I will propose to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Fiji that they can have Minerva Reef and we get Lau in return.”
Lord Ma’afu said Tonga and Lau have a long standing history. - read more on the aritcle below.
Minerva was the Roman Goddess of Wisdom,
 'From the 2nd century BC onwards, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.She was the virgingoddess of music, poetrymedicinewisdomcommerceweavingcrafts, and magic.She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the "owl of Minerva",which symbolizes that she is connected to wisdom.(Wikipedia)
A reef is often connected with coral and water. Minerva is named in shipping and so the connection here is validated. The naming of Minerva Reef being identified came to my attention today - after a thought, to then discover this connection. 
Minerva coin also comes to mind...let's see what can be found.
What about Minerva reef - it is written:'The Minerva Reefs (TonganOngo Teleki), briefly de facto independent in 1972 as the Republic of Minerva, are a group of two submerged atolls located in the Pacific Ocean south of Fiji and Tonga. The reefs were named after the whaleship Minerva, wrecked on what became known as South Minerva after setting out from Sydney in 1829.' Wikipedia)
Both North and South Minerva Reefs are used as anchorages by yachts traveling between New Zealand and Tonga or Fiji.
The Minerva Flag - the gold flame of light on royal blue.
he Republic of Minerva was a micronation consisting of the Minerva Reefs. It was one of the few modern attempts at creating a sovereign micronation on the reclaimed land of an artificial island in 1972.  Coins were also issued with the Republic of Minerva clearly identified.
With the discovery of this article, if I recall coming across this acouple of years ago and yet not writing about this at the time - is is most certainly interesting. Since this reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and disovering that Minerva is featured inside the Library of Congress in Washington DC. DC is district of Columbia - and with Columbia Pictures identifying Lady of Columbia, this has reason.
Recalling also British Columbia being named...There is something else. Royal Wedgewood features Minerva too. The full head coveringis symbolic of a full crown. A crown was once a coin named and used as currency. There were full crowns and half a crown. Today there are full sovereigns and half soveriegn coins made out of gold. These little details have reason and purpose.
File:Bust of Minerva, Wedgwood and Bentley, c. 1795 - IMG 1608.JPG

Bust of Minerva, Wedgwood and Bentley, c. 1795 - IMG 1608

In Bolton where I live, the Royal infirmary saved my mother's life where she was in intensive care  and then transferred to a special spinal injuries unit.-The doctor said her injuries were so severe their progonsis was one year maxumum. Miraculously by prayer and her will power she survived for almost 15 more years. This Beautiful  Regal lady, Athena from Athens, came living in England. With the connection of Minerva and Athena -with the full crown both were divinely guided.
The Old Royal Infirmary was destroyed;the new Bolton Royal Hospital built at the end of Minerva Road. Jesus Christ being a healer, justifies other royals being healers too. At this hospital Princess Anne Maternity Unit is named, the Queen's daughter, taking care of bringing new life. 
Again in Bolton, Minerva Print services is situated in the once King William IV pub. David /Cameron is a descendant of King William IV  of an illegitimate bloodline. This is situated on Manchester Road with
Manchester being important related to America. Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in Manchester USA, and he also had a visitation ofJesus Christ. The two witnesses were murdered.

In Bolton there was a  fire that stole lives in the Empress Hall. This became later Spencer Snooker Club - John Spencer the snooker player. Spencer is  the maiden name of Diana, mother of William and Harry. The Empress  title  has been used by British Monarchs connected with Asia. The 7 Churches of Asia in the book of Revelation have their situation in the Roman Province of Asia.
Minerva may have been an Empress in her time. 
There are Queenships, Kingships, Townships and Citzenships - all named. The vessels sailing the seas are all named and registered and so what happens to ships and people is already known

There is so much more that could be discovered. There are people in our world who understand that mall is not right in our world, and there is also blatant God mocking taking place. There is a spiritual battle with people working in the light and those who are not - good and evil side by side. 

There is a calling for Global Peace now and Healing too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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