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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mourn the Victims - Don't Create Global War

Peter Hitchens has written in the Daily Mail a most important message that will be read by countless people. The headlnes read: PETER HITCHENS: Mourn the victims... but don't turn one tragedy into a global catastrophe 

In Quoting the article, this is Peter Hitchen's words:

One thing we should have learned in the past 100 years is  that war is hell. We might also have noticed that, once begun, war is hard  to stop and often takes shocking turns.
So those who began the current war in Ukraine – the direct cause of the frightful murder of so many innocents on Flight MH17 on Thursday – really have no excuse.
There is no doubt about who they were. In any war, the aggressor is the one who makes the first move into neutral or disputed territory.

And that aggressor was the European Union, which rivals China as the world’s most expansionist power, swallowing countries the way performing seals swallow fish (16 gulped down since 1995). 

Ignoring repeated and increasingly urgent warnings from Moscow, the EU – backed by the USA – sought to bring Ukraine into its orbit. It did so through violence and illegality, an armed mob and the overthrow of an elected president. 

I warned then that this would lead to terrible conflict. I wrote in March: ‘Having raised hopes that we cannot fulfil, we have awakened the ancient passions of this cruel part of the world – and who knows where our vainglorious folly will now lead?’

Now we see. Largely unreported over the past few months, a filthy little war has been under way in Eastern Ukraine.

Many innocents have died, unnoticed in the West. Neither side has anything to boast of – last Tuesday 11 innocent civilians died in an airstrike on a block of flats in the town of Snizhne, which Ukraine is unconvincingly trying to blame on Russia.

So PLEASE do not be propagandised by Thursday’s horrible slaughter into forgetting what is really going on.

Powerful weapons make it all too easy for people to do stupid, frightful things. Wars make such things hugely more likely to happen.  

In September 1983, the Soviet air force, inflamed by Cold War passions and fears, inexcusably massacred 269 people aboard a Korean Airlines 747.

In July 1988, highly trained US Navy experts aboard the cruiser Vincennes, using  ultra-modern equipment, moronically mistook an Iranian Airbus, Iran Air Flight 655, for an F-14 Tomcat warplane. They shot the airliner out of the sky, killing 290 innocent people, including 66 children. 

All kinds of official untruths were told at the time to excuse this. In October 2001, bungling Ukrainian servicemen on exercise were the main suspects for the destruction of Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 over the Black Sea. Whoever did it, they killed 78 passengers and crew en route from Israel to Novosibirsk – though Ukraine has never officially admitted guilt.

Complex quarrels about blame for such horrors are often never resolved. I am among many who do not believe that Libya had anything to do with the mass murder of those aboard Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie in December 1988, very likely an Iranian-backed retaliation for the Airbus tragedy. All the evidence points to a terror group operating from Syrian-controlled territory, and none points to Libya.  

But at the time of the prosecution, we were trying to make friends with Syria, which has since gone back near the top of our enemies list but may soon be our ally again, against the fanatics of Isis. Confused? You should be. 

So, let us just mourn the dead and comfort the bereaved, and regret human folly and the wickedness of war. Let us not allow this miserable event to be fanned into a new war. That is what we did almost 100 years ago, and it is about time we learned something from that.

This follows on with two other articles - one with Prime Minister David Cameron 
greeting Jean-Claude Juncker at the European Parliament in Brussels

David Cameron greets Jean-Claude Juncker at the European Parliament in Brussels

'See how quickly the Government’s fake  hostility towards the EU has vanished?

This picture of David Cameron performing  a high-five with new European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker shows the truth about the relationship. 
Both men understand Mr Cameron has to do a bit of play-acting now and then, to try to whittle away the Ukip vote. Next, they’ll be sharing  a bottle of something agreeably federalist.' (again quoting the Daily Mail artice)

The page continues with a photograph of Stephen Fry - the author having met the person and not liking him and yet, praising something that is of most importance that we are all reminded to consider.

Stephen Fry said at a New Labour gathering 'that accused persons are innocent until proven guilty'. This is never more so than when the accusation is child sex abuse, a charge so horrible it makes people forget their duty to be just. 
Shame on those who have since attacked him. The presumption of innocence is never more vital than when only a few people will stand up for it.'

In the use of propaganda, government influencing the masses to their agenda by using the media - even to prepare and steerr people to be willing to fight in dirty wars - where dirty deals have taken place. 

We do not know how or who is behind this - what has been reported by respected newspapers is David Cameron trying to push a law to accept a lesbian Queen and child born by sperm donor. This with sex discrmination laws would excuse a man who has homosexual tendancies and a baby that could be born by bed hopping, IVF - (stretching the possibility a child born by surrogate) and also being reminded of the Omen movie, with the dark forces at work in this land and so much death and destruction - there are also cloned humas being formed now, defying the natural way.

On a final point in the article written by Peter Hitchens:

Text cop's clear message 

'Stronger penalties for texting while driving will never work because nobody enforces them. 
Worse than that, I clearly observed a police officer texting while driving a van emblazoned with ‘community policing’ in large letters. 
If even the police won’t obey it, the law is dead'

The police  mayhave lost the plot even with being told face to face they are obliged to address crimes, by colleaguesand officials. They were reminded of their oath of office they took to serve the Queen. They are 'supposed to be' protectors of the people - they have no excuses. It is not known if the latest police take an oath excluding God, to the Queen her heirs and successors - after all there is an evident dark and destructive force at work and rising now.

We are at a critical point when officials boast that the system is corrupt and many innocent poeple in prison. The prisons are private corporations and so the system is set up to profit whoever controls the law courts. The houses of incarceration are costing around £40,000 a person anually - highly profitable rental income for a small space.

 In another incident - speaking out about the illegal wars, one officer was silent - another spoke as a rational awake human being - 'we should not even be involved with problems in other lands' - they were not permitted to discuss the chemical trails in the sky at the time. 

So who are the overlords over the officials? Who is the influence that is telling people they can act and when they cannot? In a True Democracy the people are given the power and that is to correct officials when they are in error. The reason for this is written in ancient history. Kingdoms have been destroyed. We do not want another world war for selfish people who really have not evolved yet are lusting after power and gains..There is a mindset who enjoy war games and the police do not address that. Perhaps they are scared to.

Britain should be filled with people who are in outcry saying no more war. After years writing about the lies told by Tony Blair to push the agenda for war in the Middle East (with the British establishment promoting generations of Kings, the dark evil force is influecing this).It came to light that Prince Phillip has been given land in Jerusalem - on this sits the building that houses the Israeli goverment. This will be inherited by his son, grandson and great grandson.

A system that has created a corporation to control land and resources, also has done the same with controlling and punishing the people. In Bolton England an ignorant peoiple exist - not even being aware of the dangers around to their own children. Not even considering that people overseas are human beings - whereever they are from. Not even considering the grief, tears nd devastation people feel and experience is just as valid as their own.

What will it take for people to wake up. NO MORE WAR!

And if the illegitimate bloodline has been made valid  to be King, with David Cameron also being from an illegitimate bloodline of William the IV he may have not only legitimised his right to be a powerful influence and even decide destructive acts - he will have permitted all the other illegitimate offspring of former kings in postions of power 'over people' in our world. 

Spiritual wickedness in high places is happening. 

David Cameron is the chamelion - who and what is he serving. What is his truth. What is his agenda. What is his truth purpose. Does he really serve God, or man in his job!

Masses of victims have been created in different ways by flawed beings who have abused their positons of trust and who have been sitting in positions of power. The amountt of people who are involved in Satanic Rituals connected with the British establishmentt is not known. The wars and the MH17 being shot down if this is the case, was an act of war - another crime against humanity. Another loss to remind people of the precious gift of life. 

Do not let this escalate. People are not so primitive minded as they have been in history. However, with the creation of mass employment - there are willing people to go and elist on the army 'because the job pays well' - People were warned to beware of tempation of evil. Once signed up to 'a contract' the person cannot change their mind. They are trained to kill

There are people in our world who are playing people like pawns in a power game. The fodder are the people who are paying their taxes and being obediant to the laws. Right at the top the laws have been broken - no one does anything about it. The Queen has been given the power to call out war and she has been given the power to call our peace too.

Remember Prince Charles is on a job share now!

My condolences for all the people who have lost loved ones in the most horrific crimes against humanity. We can only live in hope that one day the evil in our world will be crushed.

All it takes for evil to escalate is for good people to be silent.

Listening to the people who have suffered in their experiences, can give us all a more expansive perspective. The war mongers do not consider the world they are creating for their children and grandchildren. They do not realise that overnight they could lose everything. The force of destruction from the heavenly realms is a force not to be reckoned with.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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