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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Moving Index Finger in Prayer - Detail Explained

There are many questions believers hold. It is with the dedicated people who are continuing to share their understanding, from the companions, that people have maintained the tradition of prayer.

In this video, the moving of the index finger in prayer is explained. This gesture might have been shown to Prophet Muhammad, or being guided from a higher authority, he has done this.

In the video the orator also discusses the placing together of the second finger with the thumb. I beleive these are all significant and provide reason and purpose. It is also to show the sincere Prayers.

The index finger pointing upwards has been shown in iconography with Jesus Christ. This is also indicating that he is pointing to the authority in the heavens - who we are told is The Father. In one time asking in prayer about this, I heard the reply 'Father of the Universe'. God is the Father of the Universe.

Prophet Muhammad is referred to as the Messenger of God. And so with speaking the Word of God from his mouth - the prayer instruction may have been given by God to Muhammad for the people. This would easily explain why Prophet Muhammad is moving his index finger during prayer.

In what is known as the Hand of Mysteries, the Index finger is represented with a star and so the star is in the heavens. When someone on earth is acknowleging God in heaven, this might be shown.

In the video the orator has his second finger connected with his thumb, also at the same time pointing his index finger. The second finger is connected with the sun and the thumb, the crown. Together, being from an Orthodox Christian, one spiritual perspective, would indicate Prophet Muhammad was being guided by God the Father and the crown wearer of Sun/Light - This being our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

There is nothing happening on earth that is not known in heaven. All the knowledge that has come from heaven, does not change. The understanding to attain a personal relationship with God is being shared through prayer. When a Prophet of God; who is a messenger of God is given the role to impart Wisdom and understanding, instruction might also given to the people. The prophets do not seek fame or worship. Their role is so that people can return without error to right worship and trusting God again.

Notice in this image. Christ has his index finger and thumb pointed to heaven and his second finger pointed towards the crown he is wearing. He is holding a sceptre. It is a gold crown with red - like this that Jesus Christ was wearing in an Internal Epiphany/Vision on 7th January 2013. He was also wearing a Mantle- the cape, and a long cream coloured robe. From his heart was radiating much golden yellow light.

If you place your trust blindly with allegience to Godless man or woman, they will surely lead you astray. It is important to remember God has not choose perfect beings to serve him. If anything he has chosen the most unlikely people. Prophet Muhammd is said to have been illiterate. He could not read or write. God has shown over and over that he has choosen all the people to bring His truth to the people.

The hands and feet are a map of the body and so the washing of the feet that takes place before the Muslim prayer is of great significance. This is what has been shown to bedone by Jesus Christ who washed the feet of his disciples. In looking here at the hand, you will notice that the fingers (and toes) represent the eyes and feet. In the image of Jesus Christ he is holding up his right hand - 'Right' also means 'Correct'.

We learn that the hands and fingers are important. In a practical and healing perspective, the hands and fingers are important too. The Thumb is connected with the head and the tip of the thumb with the crown chakra on top of the head. When someone has realised Spiritual Enlightenment they can receive divine inspiration from the heavenly realms through their crown chakra. Knowing the difference between what comes from God and what does not invites clear definition. This is evidently being shown.

Prophet Muhammad had an experience being taken up to heaven in what is described as a night vision, he had the experience of an alternative realtiy - a spiritual reality on a different dimension. In this experience he met Moses who lived around 1300 years before Jesus Christ was born.  They spoke together and discussion took place in relation to the amount of times Muslims should pray. As Prophet Muhammad was born around 600 years after Jesus Christ was born, there is a lot that we do not understand.

Being born a great number of years difference to Prophet Muhammad, to see him as 'alive' in a dream, the experience is with greater appreciation for the people before who have been divinely guided. To see Prophet Muhammed in a dream would indicate that we also have a spiritual connection. Are we related?

What has been shown in this that Prophet Muhammad was the instrument chosen in his time to bring the truth to people, in a time when perhaps there was risk of the truth being lost. There is confusion with conflicting information of what happened to Jesus Christ and the crucifixion - however I have had a vision during prayer for healing seeing Jesus Christ on the Cross. It was not a nice sight at all.

Muslims have welcomed me with kindness when learning that Prophet Muhammad has revealed himelf to me in a dream and yet, it was God who revealed Prophet Muhammad, after my prayer to assist peace. In this experience, I can fully appreciate that Prophet Muhammad was a servant of God for the simple reason I was guided to read his Patent Charters at the Greek Orthodox Monastery immediately after this.

For Prophet Muhammad to be referred to as a Messenger of God, he will have had to received instruction from God to deliver to the people. The same message is given, worship no one but Allah. For the index finger to be used consciously and conscientiously, it will have been instructed and guided from heaven.

When anyone is keeping their constant focus on God with sincere heart, they become God's instruments on this earth to serve and help in his divine plan. The Prophets all have an important role and yet it has been shown that Prophet Muhammed did not seek fame or celebrity. None of the Prophets have.

There is a saying 'the pen is mightier than the sword. Today The Power of God and His Truth is conveyed by the keyboard. At one time the Power of God and His Truth was coveyed in writing through scribes. Even though Prophet Muhammad was said to be illiterate, he had other skills. Did he draw images?

Holding a pencil or pen, the index finger is often pointed straight or bent. The thumb and first finger are also used. Painting and drawing can be inspired and so again it is shown these same three fingers are involved. We cannot always understand the detail and yet, what is relevant to understand will keep being repeated so that we can see and learn that nothing is a coincidence. Everything has a reason and purpose.

Notice in the above image the little finger and ring ringer are touching the paper. If you look at the image of the Hand of Mysteries you will see that these fingers represent the light and a key. Divine Wisdom and instruction is written down. It is for people to read with pure heart to understand the meaning.

The fine details are for a reason and bind the truth together.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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