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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nicola Tesla and The Commandment of God

Perhaps there are people in our world who happen to know far more than the social climbers who are not enabling humanity to evolve spiritually. A long time ago, back long long ago, Jacob had a dream of the stairway to heaven. (having had an experience of climing the stairs to heaven I have also seen a temple with a huge blue crystal emitting energy - when asking what it is I am meant to know in this time, a oval shaped ring appeared above this)

In a dream not so long ago I had a dream - a lady stanidng next to ladders on the landing. The chandelier lights were all illuminated. I was on the ground floor holding the new lightbulbs. The impression I had this was in Prestwich Manchester, an area known with a Jewish population.

With Nikola Tesla bringing forth the technology that everyone can have free electrictity - Electricity was used to illuminate the lightbulbs. Nicola Tesla was spiritually enlightened and there is a reminder that is written in the Holy Bible that I will quote in context.

God said, "Let there be light." And there was light! Genesis 1.3


Nickola Tesla was an Orththodox Christian who did not marry. He had a purpose and in his purpose his focus was to enable mankind to progress. This is what he was called to do.

How potentially gifted is every human being and yet that potential is being influenced by peopel who have not evolved spiritaully to enable people to realise their personal and spirtitual potential. Of the peoplewho are interested in spiritual potential include those who are playing around with powers. We are all born as souls in a physical body and here for such a short time....Few people will discover their higher purpose.

I beleive that God had instructed Nikola Tesla to bring light into this world. Before people can appreciate the light, there will be multitudes of people who will experience darkness and then remember God!

Man has chosen profit above enabling humanity.

Man repeatedly has rejected the Prophet of God.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria


Edward Gerwer said...

Well, Tesla was an Orthodox Christian and believed whole-heartedly! Not many people are aware of this because "GOD FORBID! The most intelligent man to live was RELIGIOUS!!!! AHHHH!" That's how most scientists react today! I find it asinine to be honest! Here's more on Tesla's religion and his own quotes about the matter in his autobiography:

Edward Gerwer said...

Tesla was an Orthodox Christian so no surprise! Tesla additionally praised God for his knowledge, which is seen in his autobiography! Scientists today would be like "DEAR GOD! The world's smartest man is religious! This can't be!" Sadly, people have forgotten to appreciate such things, and often regard them as antiquated and no longer of any importance due to superstitions. This is a logical fallacy. When humans were nomadic "savages" we actually had no wars because we didn't fight over a piece of land! When we settled down and became sedentary, that is when all hell broke loose! We used to cherish nature and admire it, which is shown throughout the ancient temples and cave paintings. We were a part of nature and honored God's creation. Look what has happened though! Due to the few greedy, our planet is in danger for a quick buck! The world needs a Savior more than ever before!