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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

One Teacher - One Book Can Change The World.

Following on from my previous article, just discovering this photograph with a quote. "One child, one tea\cher, one book and one pen can change the world" - Malala.

At present there are different holy books that all provide information that is relevant for understanding. If I am to read the English 'translation' of the Holy Scriptures and compare this to the Quran in Arabic, as it is already written in a different way, it is not going to bring the exact same understanding. In the timeline of history, people have been chosen to ensure that the people know of the authority of God.

Not everyone reads the same book and what has been instructed before inspired by God is instructed accordingly. The prophets have their place in history and there is relevance even applicable for understanding today. There is in our world at different times people who are forcing conversions of religion may have forgotten that god is not a religion. Years ago I said I would not convert and remain in my faith.

God is not a religion. Jesus Christ is not a religion. Prophet Muhammad is not a religion. Actually none of the Prophets or Saints are are religion. People are warned not to worship false idols. In the deception to man, woman and child to distract from the truth - the truth will become louder.

In the Holy Bible it is written of New Jerusalem coming from heaven. The people are promised that there will be the destruction of evil, the restoration of truth and justice. How this will be done time will tell. In the meantime there is a gradual process of young people changing our world. The teachers and future leaders in our world are not adults or sitting in royal palaces. They are the innocent children with pure hearts.

Sometimes people are placed in the most horrific situations and this is exactly as it is meant to be. In ancient times Jesus Christ, already baptised standing in the River Jordan, underneath his feet was the ground where in this time the Holy Spirit of God was shown to be revealed with the descending of a dove. In this moment of his baptism, already God had chosen this young man to consecrate the world back to him. 

God already prepared the work and the world for his divine purpose for humanity. He already sees and knows the devious plans of man. He knows the people who take his name in vain - for gain. While there are people who are turned against eachother in history and corrupted religion -'teaching' - something else has happened. Divided people and families may not accept that God is actively working in the present time. In this present time the Providence of God is unfolding according to His Will and in HIS time.

It is not my place to preach or convert anyone to any religion or even to be a beleiver. We might be able to lead a horse to water but we cannot force the horse to drink. 

The people who are non beleivers who are not even aware of a higher authority, also work in official positions serving overlords on this earth. This is especially so in England = the land that has not only prevented people having their spiritual inheritance, they are officials who are blatant God mockers. In history people have seen the Wrath of God in severity - however returning people to the right undersanding is not likely going to be done in the most fearful way. We might see fires to destroy official buildings.

If people do not pray they are not going to have their prayers answered. It becomes necessary for people to pray their own prayers because prayers from sincere heart are heard and answered. It also becomes necessary for people not to rely on being spoonfed what they pray for in case this is to their detriment. In England people pray to keep the Queen and her family in health and wealth, When prayers are being said by sincere beleivers - what about the poor people who are suffering by the 'corrupt system'?

God is not for one people and not for another. When there is to be correction, if it is not done in some way correction will take place. There is no point arguing about it. God does not argue with men.

There are people who are innocent who have suffered so that the truth can be known to people. In England - the land of injustice is the land the 'crown wearer' resides. It is not known if the British royals have ever brought forth the Word of God? In the Holy Bible the Psalms of David are found. The connection between Jesus Christ; his mother and David cannot be broken. The family descendants are extensive.

England is also a land with people who want to be leaders in our world. It is in this time people are having to see who are the leaders and warned to be careful of 'celebrity status' because this can be misleading. As Malala has shown, her finger is pointing to heavens. She understands the role and responsibility of rights that every child has access to education. Man is not going to rule this world forever by ignorance.

In the ancient times men were told to submit to God and it was the women who have been divinely guided with their spiritual heart. The reference of the woman being the crown of her husband - the crown wearer is given the responsibilty and authority. In a dream I was witness to Jesus Christ giving authority to a young woman who was very meek and reserved. She was from the Middle East. He gave instruction to the man to be in charge of the grain. He asserted to the woman 'make sure he does what he is told'

From looking at the image above, Malala is pointing to the heavens and she is also likely aware of her role in life being chosen by God for a spiritual purpose. She is living this purpose accordingly.

Malala might not be the person who delivers the book but it is her role to deliver the understanding. If we are all to read the same book we will all be given the same learning for understanding. Different messages give mixed messages. If the truth is being silenced,  in some way the truth will become known.

Are people ready to receive the Wisdom of God in Truth?

A New World Religion - A Teaching of Wisdom that will be shared with the entire world. Today education is still prized by many people. Learning about God is still valued by multitudes of people. We have so much more to learn and yet when our hearts and minds are open and ready, this will be.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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