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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Queen by The Grace of God - What Does This Mean?

How many of the British Monarchs have been divinely guided in truth and have brought forth the Word of God, through Jesus Christ?It is with wearing the crown of Asia, I ask this.

Well it is certainly interesting to discover territory named in connection with Minerva. Athena is also a name that appeared to go very quiet in England and I was told by someone overseas they are forbidden to meantion Athena's name. (those controlling overlords who oppress people will remain in ignorance if they keep silencing the truth.Of course with Athena being the name of mybeloved mother, who was 
also divinely guided - a most beautiful regal lady, I was not going to sit in silence!

The Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth II (Colour) 02/06/1953

It is understood that one person wears the Crown of the Kingdom - This has been identifed in England. It is with my personal understanding that the maintaining of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom belonging to Jesus Christ has  been established long ago aback in ancient times when Jesus has come to this land. In the time when the Staff of Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of the Mother of Jesus, it was surely to show that the Family of Christ would continue in England - of in this way the true Christianity could endure. (this is only my interpretation) 

In history there have been laws made to prevent 'foreigners being kings over people and actually this is identified in the Holy Bible. There have been strict laws in relation to the crown and this is because the Queen is influencing masses of people. If behind the scenes there are secret crowning ceremonies taking place, these people are influencing the population in some way. Evidently the British royal family are influencing the masses today.

Queen Elizabeth does not use the title Empress. Instead she is the Head of the Commonwealth. With the Commonwealth Nations also being people, to discover that the Commonwealth of Israel was named and of course we are all Israelites people who have been freed from slavery in ancient times.

A Major concern today is the corrupting of the HOlyLaws.

In finding the video clip of Catherine the Great - Coronation. she is identified as Empress by the Grace of God. The Holy Orthodox Priests are presiding with the Coronation. The crown is held above the actress's head - profound, moving, powerful and passionate. A woman who speaks out about the evil that is being done on Our Sacred Throne. There has been evil taking place.

Queen by the Grace of God means Queen by Right. 

What if the Holy Laws are being ignored or changed?

In some way there is is correction and yet not the most obvious. A new crown has been created in Russia that is a replica of the Empress Crown worn by Catherine the Great. There will also be a mantle and a scepter and there will be people who are watching on with what is happening in our world.

The Imperial Crown of Portugual was revealed to me in a vision - discovering that this is not a crown that is worn in coronations. It is also according to research, belonging to the House of Wettin of whom Queen Elizabeth II belongs. So this could  mean that she is descended from this family line.

So with the filming of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, this was shown internationally - this was shown that any future coronation will not be held privately or hidden out of the public eye. However with the rise of people declaring themselves kings and emperors now. there are also people declaring themseves as Empress too. Just watching a video of a 'coronation taking place. People are reacting to something!

What is happening behind closed doors in the power house?

Actualy we do not know the truth or what is written in the heart of the Queen. She however with her assistants who are many knows everything that is going onbehind the palace walls. The Queen being obliged to uphold Justice and maintain her coronation oath as a servant of God- she made a solemn promise. However God does not just look to one person, He has a great many helpers.

If the Queen fails her people, there are people who are sincere helpers of God who are obliged to speak out and demand correction. It is not treasonous to correct errors, it is an obligation to speak out to prevent the Kingdom being destroyed and actually only a selfish mentality would ignore this!

As people become 'subjects' to the Queen who is chosen by God they would be placed under the protection God and with this carries a great deal of responsibility. If being subject to a Queen not chosen by God, this opens the door for evil inflence, placing people in danger and and even harming others.

Perhaps the Queen will have penned the Holy Wisdom she has recieved in her lifetime to impart to the people after the end of her life...It has been a law that woman are not allowed to teach and yet, Jesus Christ actually prepared Mary Magdalane who became the Apostles to the Apostles. If Jesus Christ is guiding someone in truth it is because this is necessary for personal revelation and also to share.

Royal Majesty is given to uphold the Laws of God. When the Laws have been corrupted, this becomes a critical time that has placed multitudes of people in danger. This has allowed evil to rise.

The Queen is not a false idol. She is suppsed to be the handmaiden of the Lord and reminding people that there is a far higher authority that rules over all of us. The Queen was crowned in a simple white dress - as the Bride of Christ and was cloaked in the Imperial golden robe as seen. in the above video worn by the actress in the crowning of Catherine the Great,  Empress of Russia.

Russia is Motherland. Metropolitan means of Mother City.

In listening carefully to the dialogue of the Queen's coronation, it identfies a Royal and Imperial throne. It is my understanding 'as above so below' meaning that there is a throne in heaven and so therefore there is a crowned person on earth - the throne in this time identified in London England.

Will the monarchy continue in England - God knows!

At the end of the Queen's life there will be a new chapter.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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