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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 4 July 2014

Raymond Aguliera God & His Throne in Heaven

Just finding this video because it mirrors my own experience - that was without vocal communication. It is when we understand that God communicates his truth to many, there is without contradiction.

Back on the early hours of 22nd October 2013, after given two visions of white crowns, this followed with being on top of a mountain facing two illuminated light beings. Above was a body of light with rays shining down on the light beings, also radiating to other beings on our earth, even though they could not be seen. It was upon waking I realised these beings were gatekeepers and I had been summoned there and then. That followed with standing in a vast throne room facing a Crowned King - his throne on pyramid steps.

In previous articles this has been explained and so to discover this video is to share and provide validation. I do not beleive that I am in any way unique in my experience. For there are many people who are being divinely guided and seeing Jesus now. He is ensuring people Know He is given authority as King.

Of the light that has been described - back in October 25th or 26th in 2012, before sleeping, talking with Jesus with my eyes closed, suddenly in the darkness was the brightest of white lights. This was seen travelling from the heavens towards the earth. I was given the impression that Jesus was not going to come 'locally' but was to another place somewhere. If taking the direction that I was facing in bed at the time, he would have been travelling to the North East direction. This vision was given to me by God for a reason.

Just a couple of months before this, a little girl locally had told me she had seen Jesus many times and he spoke to her. She had been bullied and he told her she would be bullied no more. All this took place in the year of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Year. Jesus has been since by several children on land connected wtih the Monarch - the Duchy of Lancaster wearing his crown. He is making His Truth known.

The brother of the little girl was sad that Jesus had not appeared to him when one day before sleeping, he said Jesus appeared in his bedroom and said 'Peace be with you'. He said that Jesus was hovering above the floor and again at that time wearing a crown and a long light cream coloured robe. Asking what happened next, the child said he disappeared through the ceiling - the same way he came. Jesus has since appeared to the boy three times in total. He told the boy that he is going to be a messenger.

Then it was in September 2013 that a four year old who had no idea who Jesus was said he arrived again through the celing. This time he was with two women who he said were both named Mary. In this time the boy spoke of 'Mary his wife' and she was wearing a crown. Jesus was carrying a baby in his hands.Later he said Mary was holding a baby ttoo. Of this, the boy said Jesus told him he has a very important message to give to me. Asking what it was - typically the child said 'Oh I forgot now'.

The thing is that the message is not so important because when Jesus is communicating his truth, he is also communicating the truth of the Father - God Almighty. And the way he has done this is by communicating with the little children. Another young boy was in church when he noticed Jesus sitting in the congretation listning to the minister delivering his sermon. This would tell me that he has been listening very carefully to what is happening behind closed doors in the churches. He knows who is fleesing his people.

In the video above, the light that was shown to Raymond Aguliera on  23rd July 1990 , included in his experreincing hearing the voice of God and the explantation of the Holy Trinity.The way this has been shown is also providing validation with my own experience. The impression I had was of Jesus being on a white horse radiating the most glorious white light. The light was so bright it would illuminate the earth.

In Raymond Aguleira's experience, the light became brighter. It is quite possible that this is what we are going to see with the arrival of Jesus Christ with his glory from heaven. To be able to travel from earth to heaven and return again at will is with knowing everything that is happening here on earth too.

We might be excused for not comprehending that everythng happening on earth is already known in heaven. So imagine, everyting that is going to happen and has been happening is already documented. In our life, every fine detail of this is planned, where we are born, by our parents, where we live, go to school, who we meet, help, befriend and turn away from, what we do and do not do.

We who are knowingly sincere in our fath and have made promises to God, are also His chosen instruments for His divine plan.As a once quite timid person, I have been forced to grow and become sttronger with confronting legal corruption and being told repeatedly to keep going. The Queen took her coronation oath to uphold the Holy Laws written in the Holy Bible;yet for decades this land is with injustice. She is not entirely responsible for her corrupt officials boasting of their crimes. One day an apology might come!

The reason why people are seeing Jesus Christ crowned is because it is with divine timing. This has happened with the corruption of the Holy Laws and blatant God mocking taking place. The return to God as the Ruling authority 'in context' is without extremism, war, injustice and oppressing people. People who have not evolved to realise a higher consciousness do not respect the authority in heaven. I do!

Because of the connection of seeing the same detail in visions - I am sharing this video along with the link to a number of other videos with prophesies and instruction to Raymond Aguleira. Not listenng to these, they might be worth having a listen to with an open mind and remember, the prophets are not to be worshiped - all the prophets of God are a reminder to the people to Worship God, not false idols.

Water is needed  for life, Jewellry is for status.

The mark of the beast and the antichrist crowned.

God's mountain

The Court is in session (the timing of this prophesy came after experience a miscarriage of justice and the corrujpt lawyers and courts in England also sent baliffs to my my home with one days notice. In approaching around 300 lawyers to ask for help, all refused and even said if they went against another lawyer they would never get work again and be paid. They boasted of crimes and never being prosecuted. Diabolical.Their confession was aired  in the open to be heard in heaven. Judgement is due and it will be severe for the simple reason that the Lawyers have taken an oath to God.....(Getting the picture now?)

Prophesy  1621 - Empire will fall

Just before closing - noticing something. While the many prophesies include dated 2013 and 2013, notice the comparison with my personal experiencs. However,it is only in the last 24 hours many prophesies have been uploaded. Oh the precise way that we are guided to discovering what is relevant to know and understand, for this is with divine timeing. There is no more diplomacy. It is time to wake up.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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