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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Robert Davilla: The Most Famous Muslim in USA

The other day I went to a supermarket to change something. Speaking to the owners son (not knowing who he was) after making the change, he put my original shopping in a bag and gave it back saying 'this is a gift' This was totally unepxected - A Muslim brother gave me free food. Asking if I could contribute something he pointed to two charity boxes. The one he did not think I would want to contribute to is the one that caught my attention - the location connected with Prophet Muhammad's night journey..

Speaking about my dream, immediately being offered a chair and something to drink.  He began asking questions and even offered me a job. (that would pay the council tax bill and silence the courrt threats by 'the offcials who are breaking the law' - another court that turns a blind eye to corruption) The staff came to ask about seeing Prophet Muhammad in my dream. This is how I know of this being a wish for many Muslims. I do not think I am particularly blessed with this because it is with a purpose to restore the Order of God's Authority in this world 'in context' and not endure the blatant God mockers in England.

Before leaving a Muslim sister gave me a name written on a piece of paper and suggested I look up this gentleman. She said this Christian man also had a dream of Prophet Muhammad.

 The name written on the paper is Robert Davilla. The difference is Roberts experience, the Prophet spoke to him. Not speaking Arabic - Prophet Muhammad did not speak with me. My understanding is the reason why Prophet Muhammad spoke to this man in a language he was to learn and understand. After his dream experience. Robert began to learn Arabic and is now an inspiration of faith to other Muslims.

The Story of Robert Davilla. 

In this video uploaded on 13th April 2014, The Bayyinah Dream students of 2014 visit Robert Davila and have jummah with him.

Today more people are ready to have a personal relationship with God - with Allah than ever before. Today, more people are having experiences that is creating a shift in consciousness. Imagine that there are people who are born into Christian families and raised with Christian values and yet, they are being inspired by Prophet Muhammad in dreams. I beleive this is another vital link and bridge to unite Christians and Muslim brothers and sisters in peace. The enthusiam of people who are faithful to learn and unite with love is clearly seen.

Robert Davilla's paralysis from the neck dowanrds caught my attention. It is identified that he suffered with some genetic disorder resulting in him becoming paralysed Again it has been shown, when God chooses people for his service, they might be parfralysed from the neck downwards. He knows their sincere heart. My mother Athena was also born in Athena the actual name of the City of Athens, Greece home of the Seat of God's govermemt on earth. She became paralysed when we arrived to live on land connected with the Monarch in England. Being told dark forces rule England is with knowing this to be so. I have had attacks with physical injury.

It is shown over and over that America is important in this divine plan. This time, God has chosen a way to bring about his divine plan in a way that cannot be manipulated by man. It is written on the dollar bill 'IN GOD WE TRUST' so this is an example of why Americans are to trust in God to fulfil his promise.

Robert Davilla has a friend for life with Muslims as a brother..It was his path to change religion and become a Muslim to belong. It is not my role to change my mother's family church, when born to hold hands with people from all faiths who belong to God and bring people together as many different petals from one flower .

In America., Robert Davillo has seen Prophet Muhammad because like other people seeing both Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad because this is the Acceptable Year of the Lord.  Long ago, the people have been given the understanding that we are born to learn our lessons and evolve spiritually. If we do not do the work in this lifetime, how can we possibly expect to realise a higher consciousness and be reconciled with God?

The Story of Robert Davila - Nouman Ali Khan

The most important message is delivred in this video. God did not send messengers so that the people worship them, God sent the messengers so that people worship God. 

Robert Davilla, named as the most famous Muslim in America. It takes courage to be a sincere beleiver and trust totally in God. The suffering servants of God are inspirations of courage with the reminder to people throughout history, many have suffered before so that people could be Free from oppression and slavery. God knows the reason for choosing specific people for His purpose. Robert Davilla is a cheerful soul who gives the example of giving up everything, and yet his life is his faith and prayer to be guided in the right way. 

Robert Davilla is from Fort WORTH. He is WORTHY!  He is reciding in CHURCHTOWN at a nursing home. These places have been named and America is built on Providence. It is heatwarming to see Muslims warmly acccept people who are seeing Prophet Muhammad. Robert Davilla is fulling an inportant purpose with the reminder that is one man can see Prophet Muhammad, other Muslims can too. Prophet Muhammad set the example for all Muslims because he came face to face witht he Lord..this means that other Muslims can too.

|It takes one person to tread a pathway for others to follow. The Orthodox way is direct and this does not need the use of feet or hands to talk with God or to be divinely guided by him, with Love and Mercy. This is one reason why the people of faith who are called to inspire faith are experiencing dreams. God knows his sincerre helpers and the gentle way he continues to guide people to beleive and trust Him is seen. 

God Chose Prophet Muhammad. He also chose Robert Davilla. 

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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