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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Seeing Prophet Muhammad in Your Dreams

There are a number of people who claimd to see Prophet Muhammad in their dreams. Not knowing about anyone else's experience, I can only validate my own. Also in my own experience, this followed immediately after prayer to God asking for help to assist peace between Muslims and Christians.

Because this is such an important subject and one that faithful Muslims have said it is their greatest wish to see the Prophet and yet the revelation came to be because it was the Will of God. One reason this came to me through a dream is to validate that Prophet Muhammad was given instruction to ensure protection of the Orthodox Christians who are not permitted to fight in wars or take up arms.

There are videos of people sharing their dream experience that can be found on Youtube. Seeing the video recording of people who speak knowing the language of the Quran and waht is written in relation to seeing Prophet Muhammad, I wanted to share the followin videos for my readers.

If anyone has had a prayer vision or dream of any of the Prophets, it is likely this has happened for a reason. Having already considered, that in some way I could be related to Prophet Muhammad, this would make sense as to why he could reveal himself so clearly and without words, not speaking Arabic, he could still convey for my understanding his message for this timeline. The understanding was written in my heart. The dream experience provided additional detail that would allow symbolic analysis for more insight.

Here are people who recite meaning of seeing the Prophet.

In the following video, the orator speaks of no one being able to interpret dreams without reading a book. Having completed a course in counselling and psychothera\py, additional post graduate study is therapeutic dream analysis (denied in a court of law to prevent compensation from a car accident injury - the crimes of perjury and legal corruption - lawyers lying to be paid took place. I am still without justice)

Dreams are sacred and require sensitive analysis. In the ancient times, a Priest was given the responsibility to analyse dreams that were connected with God because they casrry messages from God. If a women asks God for guidance that is revealed in dreams, God communicates in the way she will understand. As being put in a positon 'to take an oath to God Almighty, I did so being a sincere servant of the Lord'

In my dream, it became apparent that I was to discover and reveal the Law given by God and this being connected with Prophet Muhammad - a Law Charter that is valid until the end of time.

This is an excellent clear explanation of seeing the prophet.

In my personal experience, being guided to specific information, there is a complicated tapestry that is being shown and learning from this is for my perrsonal journey in life. According to the above video, it is said that anyone who sees Prophet Muhammad in dream will also see him awake and alive. It is also interesting with being very clearly stated that Satan cannot decieve and portray to be Prophet Muhammad.

In dream analysis there are many layers and every element of the dream provides more information. Dreams can be literal and symbolic. Each element of the dream provides more information. Dream analysis is not done with force but with respect to the dreamer who is given this experience. It is a mistake to say this is the only way to interpet dreams when symbolic understanding is known to the soul of the dreamer. By enabling people to understand the spiritual language our souls communicate we discover the message..

There is much we do not understand. More will be revealed.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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