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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 28 July 2014

The Risen Lord Appears to the Apostles

The message is very clear - the Risen Lord appears to the apostles in history and so it will be again in this day. Jesus Christ has been appearing to children because they are paving the way for the new generation. Asking the little one who is Jesus and he said 'The King'. The King of the United Kingdom.

In another time I had an unexpected gift - January when being told it was a birthday present that had to be given urgently and yet my birthday is June. This gift was the night preceeding the Santa Maria fire at Kiss nightclub in Brazil In side the bag was something I had prayed for only half and hour before. There were other bits inside each providing insight including 14 huge red grapes, 14 bloodlines. The morning I woke with the awareness to look again at each gift because they carried a message - the bag too.

On the bag it was written ' Beleieve in Children' - Jesus has shown me that he is using the children as his messengers to bring the adults back to the awareness that this is his time.

Jesus Christ has not appeared to me in person as above and partly insight was given because of a prophesy that two witnesses will be killed. But he has made it known that he is alive in visions during prayer and in dreams. He is with the Fathers of the Holy Orthodox Church and knows his sincere helpers.

History has shown that |Jesus has chosen his Apostles, who have been vital in showing people that to find faith comes with learning too. Sometimes with doubting too. Today he has chosen his Apostles and is preparing people by teaching again. I cannot say I am an Apostle. However creating awareness that Jesus is alive and preparing people to expect his return - he can from what has been told, appear at any time.

In this modern time when people are chatting away on their moble phone, consider this. Wireless technology is being used now and yet, you have a wireless connection with God - Do you use this? You have a wireless connection to talk with Jesus Christ - Do you tallk to Jesus. /Do  you hear his voice?

One time just after writing an article about the diadem, explaining about the crown and the crown chakra, there was a knock at the door. A lady handed me a gift and said 'I had to come and give this to you now because this belongs to you' It is a reclining crowned Buddha in the posture that I often use when meditating before writing and sometimes just being in stillnes (see image on the side of the page).

It was long after this, on 21st October 2013, that I had an experience of two visions with two white crowns, one with tall gold temple structure and gold stars inside. This was followed by a third vision of seeing two illuminated light beings sitting on top of the mountain of light. Then while sleeping afterwards, now 22nd of October I had an experience standing in a throne room, looking at the Crowned King.

As someone who does not want to see spirit and especially to be decieved by demonic spirit, in some way God has ensured that in the way that he has shown in history to the prophets, He communicates his truth in dreams. It is for then the dreamer to understand the message that is being given.

In early 2014 I had another vision of seeing Jesus standing on the mountain with his hands raised - he was not wearing a crown in this point of experience. He was wearing along very light cololured robe. In waking my throughts were Christ has conquered. Just through personal experience with being forced into a court and suffering injustice the officials have refused corrrection of their crimes. In the Manchester Court there has been refusal to retract corrupt evidence, The Queen has broken her solemn coronation oatn ahd yet it is her officials who have done this. If she is a sincere servant of God, she will know my suffering too.

She will know that her officials are boasting of many innocent people in prison and refusing to do anything about it. They boast that the system is corrupt and that all lawyers lie to be paid these days. This is what I was told and this is how low this land has sunken - no care about the innocents being killed in wsrs, no care about what is really happening in our world and no care about the people in this land either.

The end of the Old World Order (this corrupt system) is going to be replaced - the battlign of evil has taken place in history. If we are to look to history - even at the point of birth, Jesus Christ was anointed to be King. His destiny was already mapped out. A selfless being born of the womb of a selfless mother who was also promised to the service of God since she was a baby. Their destiny was interconnected.

The rejection of God has come at a very high price.

There are people who are being enticed away from Jesus. There are people who have taken oaths to be serving people who have gone against him and so therefore are going against God too. Everything that is happening is already known about in heaven. The antichrist is foretold. New Jerusalem foretold. Meanwhile in old Jerusalem, Prince Phillip, the Queen's husband owns a piece of land that also houses the Israeli Government. The building is rented to them. Prince Charles was after this for some years.

The first time Jesus Christ revealed himself to me wearing a crown, he was standing at an open gateway, wearing also his mantle. Golden light was radiating from his body. It was night and yet inside light was clearly seen. At the time I thought upon opening my eyes, this could be Jerusalem, as if Jesus is here.

There does not appear to be the royals eagerly excited for the return of Jesus Christ 'in England. If anything the selling of generations of kings is a bit suspect - why the PR and selling celebrities? Royal Majesty does not exist if the Sacred Laws are rubbished and replaced with laws that go against God's Laws.

What has been done 'cannot be repaired' With the ending of the old, this must make way for the new. It is not known what will happen in England and yet the world is watching on. We do not know what has been happening beihnd the scenes and yet there are people who do know and see clearly.

If you see Jesus in your dream, He is letting you know that He is connected with you and watching over you. If you see Jesus face to face, he is proving to people that he is alive - He is gathering his sheep. In sharing this truth is with people knowing that as foretold Jesus would appear like a theif in the night - when least expected. If you belong to Jesus Christ, he will ensure that you know in some way.

The God mockers in England need to reconsider their ways. There is no turning back now. What has been done has been done. People have revealed what they really are all about. The lives of masses of people is not to be placed with people who have no sense of responsibility, compassion or care. Jesus being a healer - knows the suffering, hardship and destitution people are facing by the antichirst system.

It is written to the angel of the Church of Smyrna (my church)

“I know your suffering and your poverty (but you are rich ) and the blasphemy of those who call themselves Jews of the Judeans, when they are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

Of the poor and struggling, we have been given Christ. We have been given the Holy Spirit as a gift in our Baptism to ensure that we are always connected with him. This was God's plan.

“Be afraid in none of those things that you will suffer; behold The Devil will throw some of you into prison to be tested and you will have suffering for 10 days; be faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life.” Revelation 2:10

Smyrna, now Izmir is situated in Asia Minor - Anatolia and the Roman Province of Asia, along with the other churches. This was ancient Greece and Smyrna being whome to the ancient Acropolis that built over is now a Palace..The devils helpers are many today and they defy God's authority.

“He who has an ear, let him hear what The Spirit says to the assemblies. 'Whoever overcomes will not be hurt by the second death.'” Revelation 2:11

The Spirit is the Holy Spirit of God. The assemblies are the people of the churches - the 7 ancient churches that are identified in the Holy Bible whom we are all connected in some way.

Jesus said 'You are either with him or against him....' if you are not in alignment with Jesus Christ you might be manipulated to be against him and His people - his family are being killed. There are ministers saying people are forgiven for their sins, when it is for the people to seek forgiveness from God. We are to forgive who trespasses against us - they do not know any different. They might not realise that there is a price to be paid when anyone sets out to cause loss, destitution, injury and death!

Long overdue is a big clean up of the system - while already a new establsihment has been formed. The sacking of the war lords and corrupt officials might free trillions of dollars to be usd productively and allow an ethical system to be in place with people who are serving the people instead.

What will be will be. God knows what he is doing. When there is destruction, there is the destruction of evil that is taking place too. If we see war conditions, plane crashes and deaths of multitudes of people - we do not know if these have come about by pacts with the devil. God knows everything!

Christmas is celebrated with present giving and yet Jesus Christ was the gift. How sad that people have been robbed of knowing the true spirituality  The truth shall set you free. In the meantime, David Cameron has refused to return the Acropois Marbles in Athens Greece. Instead on the Royal Duchy of Lancaster 'Athens has been named in England. The Queen is the Duke of Lancaster. 

The Crown of Greece has been denied with a massacre. 

The preservation of the Kingdom belonging to Christ has come at a huge price and yet, it might be that the name of Christ is being used to maintain positions that come with gains too. We do not know what goes on behind closed doors. God knows! The lessons that we are shown today are valuable to learn from as the lessons that have been presented in history. Oathtaking officials are not exempt from learning.

Back in 1990 I was told England is the land of the antichrist. I was also warned of my life being in danger in 1986 and 1990/ Since January last year there was a sense of danger and I heard one day Jesus say 'they are planning to kill you'. He did not say who they were. He revealed himself to me for his reason.

Once seeing Jesus as being a crowned King, how it is possible to accept anyone else as their overlord, after all the Royals in history are under the authority of God. Thsoe who are not obediant to Royal Law said in context, easily ignore the rights and oblgations of people given since the ancient times.

Jesus prepared his people in ancient history. He continues to prepare people, teaching accordingly. Hearing several times 'write for me' - this is not easy when over tired and blocked. A growing amount of shepherds are helping to bring people back to Jesus. Several people are also instructed by him now.

One message Jesus gave to a young boy of 9 when he visited was not to be scared. Jesus was rejected and hated, suffered persecution and even killed - HE HAS OUR BACKS. Of the anointed ones these are poeple who are chosen by God and serving him. Anyone using black magic to harm the prophets are likely going to suffer the consequences....It is not known how many attempts have been made on muy life but there have been times when I did not think I would recover... close to dying. .

I am alive because Jesus wants me to share his truth. 

Today there is not one person who is sharing the truth that Jesus is aive and seeing him. A lot of people are and yet for what purpose this is has not always been clearly understood. It is clearly stated that no one goes to the father except through Jesus Christ - this is to protect people too.

In history Jesus exposed the person who will betray him. Today there are people who betray Jesus Christ while pretending to be serving him in truth and maintaiining His Kingdom. Are they?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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