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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

US Intelligence Chiefs - MH17 Was Hit by Mistake

The Daily Mail headlines today state:

MH17 was hit by mistake': US intelligence chiefs reveal they have found NO direct evidence linking Putin to doomed plane

  • Officials claim separatists didn't realise MH17 was a commercial jet

In discoveringthis video, I am always more inclined to listen to the content and not what people state it is. I want detaitls and facts with what is being said in translated text, This is most important to understand 'in context' because these people are involved directly.

What we hear is the realisation that a mistake has been made. This is in the translation - "It is a civil airplane for sure."

Another Quote 'They say on TV its AN -26 TRANSPORT PLANE, but the say it's written MALAYSIAN AIRLINES ON THE PLANE. What is it doing on Ukraine Territory."

In reply the identification of a war going on

Aso what comes to light - MINERA GROUP is identified. 

Looking on Google search engine, according to the website: The Minera Group is a specialist mining advisory and investment group headquartered in Australia though active in most mining regions of the world.

The website address is .au - Australia. 
Not knowing if this is any way connected.

Enakievo is also identified - a city located in the eastern part of Donetsk region of Ukraine, about 60 km from Donetsk. (In Greek ena is number one.Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine - again not sure if this is in any way connected but these are observations to share.) We can learn more about the locations that are identified including Donetsk -'The city was founded in 1869 by a Welsh businessman, John Hughes, who constructed a steel plant and several coal mines in the region'

Another Welsh connection is provided here. (Prince of Wales - is there a connection or not? People are not speaking out and yet there are ripples of something that is going on. With Charles, the Prince of Wales in his second marriage to Camilla, they chose a Russian prayer in their service and it is likely there is a whole lot more that is not obvoius, or can be revealed in truth. It is masked!

Donetsk is nicknamed "The City of a Million Roses" -( The big war in Europe was named the war of the roses - Royals have roses named after them and connected with roses..

In the heart of Bolton where I live in England is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church situated on All Saints Road - across the road is Crown Street - Is the Crown is connected with Ukrania?. With the Saints being identified directly this is a Spiritual Crown. Queen Elizabeth was said to be chosen by God.

In history, lands have been partitioned and there have been land disputes. More to the point, people have been divided and turned against eachother - even their own family. So whenever there is any military activity happening, we must ask what is really going on and who is the overlord giving orders. Is there a puppet master and master manipulator who stays hidden so not to be revealed. Any miliary attack is on cousins,
 brothers and sisters - humanity are all related in some way. People have forgotten this!

There is a far bigger picture happening in our world and we do not have the whole picture. There are biblical prophesies for the end times. There are wars and rumors of wars. Innocents are being killed.

There are war mongers in our world and people who lust after power. When the crown wearers become the possessor of lands, it is possible that wars take place as a motivation? Today with technology, there is nothing that is not known somewhere. There are people serving the light in truth; others are not!There are also people who are being detrimentally influenced - with a high price being paid.

Just because someone lives in another country and speaks a different language, does not make them bad people. or the enemy. It has been identified in the video that ;there is a war going on'  It was also said by the men shooting on the ground that they did not know it was a commercial flight.

History has had soldiers go to war for their overlords and follow orders. What is rather confusing in this flight is that the solders were told it was a vehicle plane - (could have been carrying military..) they were told it was marked as Malaysian Airlines - by the translation and I would need to be 100% sure for an accurate translation by someone who knows the language. If this is so 'someone has lied to these men'.
The people who took action 'if the plane was hit by a missile', will have to live with the cause of death of these innocents. The people in our world are learning a very painful lesson now. As the escalation of killing and bloodshed is being brought to everyone's attention in the media, it is now time for people to realise that war is no the way. Blame is not the way for peace. The end of warring must come now!

When there is war there is easily retaliation. This airplane carried passengers from many different natoins and with great emphasis do not let these such indicents excuse another world war. Of generations of people, are a people who have known lving in fear of the enemy and war conditions. Therehave been many millions of poeple who have been killed in genocide already - do not let history repeat itself.

Mistakes happen. Can any lessons be learned from this!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

 Read full Daily Mail article here

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