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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Being Asked "How Do We Know God's Truth?"

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about experiences with Jesus when I told her, whatever is revealed in whatever way from God will always be validated. Explaining to her that I think one of the main reasons Jesus is revealing himself to me in dreams and visions is to assure me to stay strong in him.

It is not for my personal purpose that he has been seen in dreams and visions, or hearing his voice or to write down his messages heart to heart, soul to soul - messages from the Holy Spirit within. Jesus has not sat down with me yet, in person face to face and communicated man to woman. However, he has gone to the children and communicated messages and even telling them he has a message for me.

Explaining to my friend, as an example, I spoke of having several visions of different crowns. As the crown sits on the head and it circles the crown chakra, the point that our connection with the heavens is with being enlightened, as a symbol, we are directly guided by the Father and by the Holy Spirit. I cannot explain how I was given visions of crowns because they were all unexpected and shown as if real, somewhere.

Talking about the heavy gold crown with a rope detail, a big red stone and also the two tables that have the Ten Commandments written - in this vision I was given the understanding that this crown was being given to look after - presumably for Jesus Christ because he is the King I recognise who was given  Authority. But moreso and especially now, he has revealed himself to me in visions wearing his crown.

Explaining to my friend that an internal epiphany - vision from my mind's eye is as it is in real time. Whereas a dream might be prophetic of what is to come or times gone past. As a child I had many prophetic dreams and what was to come to pass, happened within days - so staying with this this theme to explain.

 One example: Jesus dressed in black standing with Holy Orthodox Priests talking within, what appeared to be the location of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. I knew it was Jesus and a golden light emittted from his heart and spread to become in the shape of a big gold cross on his body.This dream happened 9th May 2013. A few weeks later reading an article published 10th of May the Police in Turkey confirmed  an assassination plot on the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I was reported. Bartholomew is the Spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians, Jesus has shown me he is with Bartholomew and guiding him in truth.

In this experience I know he is preserving His Holy Orthodox Church - my church and also he is preserving, guiding and protecting his leaders - his chosen people to ensure that we are not taken away from God and protection because this is a birthright we have been given. It is not anything superior, it is as in prayer being
answered is the pure spiritual food that saves us and reminds us there is a God looking after us.

I could write a long article today about this. What is most important that whenever God the Father or Jesus Christ the Son is communicating with people and in fact even his mother the Holy Virgin Mary, they are all  giving an important message. This is usually applicable to our own experience and if there is reason to share this, you/we are instructed to accordingly.

The problem is people want powers too much. When anyone says they are guided by for example the Holy Mother, and it is not for me to say they are or not. But if we consider that the Vatican does not recognise all messages have come from divine beings as being divine revelation (for humanity)Whereas they do recognise some people receive personal revelation. And so to give an example, the message I am understanding in my heart is for mankind to heal their differences and have tolerance - not to be going to wars for kings who have not been chosen by God. I was not born to be under the authority of anyone other than Jesus Christ - I do not give my life to Satan or anyone who serves Satan, or who made pacts with Satan

My role in life has been with many experiences of prayers being answered and hearing the voice of God within my being through the Holy Spirit, a gift that is given through the generations in the Holy Orthodox Church. As everyone has a soul - the soul is connected to God. It is through your soul that you can communicate with God and Hear His reply. My role becomes relevant to inspire faith and remind people we are more than a physical body and when this body perishes our soul will return to God.

While my friend is a seeker or knowledge I had to explain that I am not The Teacher. My experiences are valid for personal understanding and sharing the truth of my experience is to inspire faith and have people turn their hearts and minds towards seeking The Truth from The Teacher - Christ; not someone who does not have this authority - who might lead people away from our souls being saved, if this makes sense.

The easiest way to explain to have spiritual understanding being given from God, is to pray to God. If you seek to be guided in truth, over time you will gain understanding of what is relevant to know at the time too.  God does not just present a leaf and say this is the tree. God will show you that the tree came from a seed and roots grow and before the tree started to grow the ground was prepared. The climate allowed the tree to grow....but He also is the grower of trees and so what is planted by God is meant to be.

If you do not pray, you are not going to have your prayers heard and answered. If you are being asked by someone to include them in your prayers, or you choose in your heart to pray for people because it feels right within your being this is your choice. When see see that transformation has taken place or just what you asked for happened, then you know that prayers have been heard and answered.

If you are being led into a prayer and this is not where your true heart sits, then as beleivers you can easily be used as an instrument to be as people who belong to God and also to Jesus, especially to Jesus because he has said whoever prays in his name he will do it to glorify the father. So imagine someone taking people who are faithful; yet they do not have sincere heart towards God, the people might easily be led to praying for other people and even praying to God through Jesus to ask for something to their detriment.

With everyone being given Free Will, if someone is leading people in a prayer to go against God and what He has already ordained for mankind, the leader of the prayer is at fault. We are not given permission to spiritually misguide any people who belong to Jesus Christ - only to guide people to him.

There is another factor to take into consideration, when praying to be aware what you are praying for and asking for. If someone has hurt you, it is not a good idea to pray for the harm, suffering or down fall of anyone because it is you who will be accountable if this is acted upon....And as we do not know that God really does see and know everything, he knows who is wishing people bad, plotting the down fall of anyone, planning to take over lands by deception and even to prevent people knowing the truth.

There is in place in England a system of enslavement...And it is for this reason that Jesus is revealing himself to show that he really is the Good Shepherd and he will lead people in truth, in whatever way he can. And as there are people who say two witnesses will be killed, perhaps this might be one reason why Jesus does not reveal himself face to face to me to sit with me- or perhaps I am not worthy- or not ready.

The analysis can take away from what is most important.

My friend is from India and her religion is very important to her. And I said to her, as she knows, Jesus came to India for the people in India - to show that they belong to him. Already the people in India were given the knowledge of the soul. When I say they belong to Jesus, they belong to God - not William (the conquerer)

The people who belong to God, belong to Jesus Christ. And the people who joined to his family by adoption was a legal process before he was born by his parents marriage. So if we want to, everyone can choose to belong to Jesus and though him belong to God. Arrogant man wants to rule over God.

With being shown several crowns, including white crowns of enlightenment - the most important and significant crown shown to me, is the gold King's Crown that has the two tablets with writing that appeared to be in Hebrew and a big red stone to be situated above the brew chakra. The red stone is also significant - I do not know what it is. 'Red emerald' came to mind. Just in looking now there is

' To date, there is only one known location of gem-quality Red Emerald gemstones in the world: The Ruby Violet Mine, in the Wah Wah Mountains of South West Utah, USA.'

Going back to a previous article, when the Tabernacle in Provo Utah was destroyed by fire,, inside there was a painting that partly survived of just Jesus returning. The part of the painting that shown angels was all burned away. When I had a vision experience, of seeing The King sitting on a throne, on top of pyramid steps I did not see any angels. Perhaps he sent them away to help the people. To say that I have seen angels in this instance would be a lie. What is most important Jesus is showing himself as being alive.

After writing an article, from an interesting (relevant)  report, I wondered what was the cause of this destruction. Was this fire at the hands of God because He was not happy with what was taking place, Or, was this a reaction - arson, someome reacting; or with malicious intent. with the land. Or was this a power cut - where electrics is power, and so the power, the authority who has been managing his church - was this being cut and if so there will be a reason. If this is the case there will be a reason that Jesus knows because he has shown in this picture above to survive the fire, and God the Father knows too.

While the interior of the temple was destroyed, look how the structure externally not only survived but was raised up on stilts. I am sure that there will be some relevant scripture about this.

I do not believe from this destruction with God's intention was to utterly destroy the Mormon Temple, but to return the Temple to how it should be with correct worship and sincere prayer from the heart from all the assembly gathered. Collectively a congregation in one spot magnifies the prayer power So imagine gathering sincere believers all praying for huamnity; for peace our world and for healing for all people in all nations, what possibility will come.. It is most important above all to take heed to the words you say in prayer.

The night I wrote about the Provo fire, I had a vision of Jesus just as I was closing my eyes with his arms out as if he is returning - as if in this painting, the skies were blue. He is very much  alive. I took this as a token of his appreciation of writing for him,also to comfort me with being made ill in this ongoing legal struggle.

Going back there was a great fire in Windsor Castle (1992). When I saw this, I saw it as the end of the Windosr's ruling over the land and people Are they sincerely serving Jesus Christ? This is His Kingdom. Did the British establishment remember that Jesus is the King of this Kingdom. If so, where is Justice?

On a final note, with the red tone in the gold King crown it is revealed this stone, if a red emerald would most likely be mined in Utah as quoted above. The fire took place in Provo Utah. And I think there is a very clear message for the people in America that Jesus Christ is the King of America and Head of The Church.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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