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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Business Insider16 CEOs Who Were Greek In College

Well, after waking up today from another dream with Jesus - it is complex and I will have to share the one on 17th September 2014 first. But this is not going to be in this article, If anything after writing down notes, making something to eat and following the dream from yesterday doing some research, I discovered this article, when sitting down with a cup of coffee. The headline reads

16 CEOs Who Were Greek In College

Fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon Students

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity

Quote 'While Greek life is often associated with toga parties and beer pong, professionally your Greek affiliation can work to your advantage.
Greek networking is HUGE. When you join a Greek organization, you join for life. You probably didn't realize that accepting your bid on Bid Day would lead to such an extensive network'
With TKE identified above in the photograph, this is important:
The headline of the list reads as the title heading here.
Listed among the names is Howard Schultz Charirman and CEO of Starbucks. His College is listed as Northern Michigan University. with Fraternity/Sorority: TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon. 
With living in England, with also so many place names the same as England, there is an evident connection and so there is also the Greek connection identified here too.
Robert Kraft Chairman and CED of New England Patriots. who is listed with Columbia University and Fraternity/Sorority ZBT Zeta Beta Tau.
John Brock III Chairman and CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises - interesting with their commercial work bringing people together without war....Remembering the initial sons 'I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Generations down the line the message evolves.
Indeed our world is transforming and there are more peacemakers than there are warmongers - there are more people who want to be educated and to contribute positively to this life, than those who are destructive and want to sabotage everything including the future of mankind. 
With an educated generation, people strive for higher goals and usually with business success, is meeting the needs of the people. If you have a product to sell, a service, manufacture and supply must also meet the demand of the customer. 
I had a thought a couple of years ago if there is a way to provide something like £1 a week or £1 a month internet - better to provide free internet.....and not having the resources or technical ability - earlier in the year looking that there are very low internet services, but they are connected with telephone contracts that is not quite what I had envisioned...oh well.
With 7 billion people in the world - imagine the profits that are being made by the service providers now and yet, internet is the most valueable educational tool for adults and children. There is too much excuse of money needed to provide education - and yet, education could be brought online (if it is not already) and a structure of learning a wide range of subjects provided accordingly.
If this world is going to be money focussed as a priority (it is bad enough with a low mentality of self appointed rulers over lands who make the laws for profit in England, for people to live by with their court fines and threats of prison too - (prisons are profitable or they would not exist either)
The low mentality is ignoring a far higher authority....
Educate people and enable people to learn, grow and evolve - then we will live in a world that is moving forward - that is like a wave or energy that impacts everyone. Enable people to develop their strengths and their chosen reason for being here will also be fulfilled too.
Looking at some Youtube videos and listening to 'gentle natured people' talking about their gifts of creative expression in art and craft works, there is some tremendously exquisite work out there. Hand made and traditional quality surely has more value than the mass produced - often of a lesser quality. And just in looking at this, I am inspired too. We do not always see the possibilities of what we can do.....and now I am stuck because technical limitation is not my forte.
The big successful companies did not start off this way. 
The visionaries started somewhere....they did not let go of the vision. The people who succeed often have a purpose....perhaps they are serving humanity in some way, or will be as their destiny. We must think we know what we want to do and yet, this life is just the journey.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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