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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dragon in Cloud, George - Fireworks 4th October

Just earlier I was reflecting on a message given to me heart to heart by Jesus yesterday, that I will publish afterwards. Then a thought came to mind about my dream with Jesus on the boat - this has yet to be shared  Being a bit behind, every experience has a reason and delay allows more understanding.

Looking up to the sky while the sun is set here in Bolton, the colour is grey, with various shades of darker grey clouds. Doing a double take - looking out the window and then looking again, in the dark clouds was the shape of what looked like a dragon in an almost white colour in comparison.

Thinking I may have got it wrong, looking again, St George came to mind and remembering that Saint George killed the dragon. Could this be a coincidence, I really do not know at all.

Then seconds later there is a mass of explosions like fireworks. not seeing anything in the sky. sounding like shooting or a mini war taking place - It is not 5th of November yet. Every year the Houses of Parliament, with the reminder for the House of Commons and House of Lords to serve the people in their best interest as a priority also applies to the Monarch too. It is October 4th

(again another firework that sounds like a gun at editing at 23:29 - one scriptural message reads 'Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, Matthew 23:29. and another explosion at 23:33.

'Fill up, then, the measure of the guilt of your fathers. 33"You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell? 34"Therefore, behold, I am sending you prophets and wise men and scribes; some of them you will kill and crucify, and some of them you will scourge in your synagogues, and persecute from city to city,…' Matthew 23:32-24

Earlier explosions 'sounded like' a battle of shooting taking place. Rather fireworks than a full out war that could happen but God will choose how to deal with the wicked in this land His Way.

It is not known if this timely audible experience is just a symbolic connection in connection with the Dragon and Saint George who is the Patron Saint of this land.

Just looking there is a 'White Dragon Society' in reality.

Articles say the White Dragon society are secretly fighting the illuminati - they fight for the good guys and are connected with Asia. I am not going to share the links of people who are stating something that I do not know if their information is fact without proof. In my articles, my constant quest is in arriving at the truth and the small snippets of truth that is revealed is a very small part of a much bigger picture.
Wikipedia writes: The white dragon is symbol associated in Welsh mythology with the Anglo-saxons

In Welsh legend, the white dragon was one of two warring dragons who represented the ongoing war between the English and the Welsh. The white dragon represented England, as opposed to the red dragon of Wales

The battle between the two dragons is the second plague to strike the Island of Britain in the mediaeval romance of Lludd and Llefelys. The White Dragon would strive to overcome the Red Dragon, making the Red cry out a fearful shriek which was heard over every Brythonic hearth. This shriek went through people’s hearts, scaring them so much that the men lost their hue and their strength, women lost their children, young men and the maidens lost their senses, and all the animals and trees and the earth and the waters, were left barren. The plague was finally eradicated by catching the dragons and burying both of them in a rock pit at Dinas Emrys in Snowdonia, north Wales, the securest place in Britain at that time. .....................'

'The ultimate source for the symbolism of white dragons in England would appear to be Geoffrey of Monmouth’s fictional History of the Kings of Britain (c. 1136), where an incident occurs in the life of Merlin in which a red dragon is seen fighting a white dragon which it overcomes. The red dragon was taken to represent the Welsh and their eventual victory over the Anglo-Saxon invaders, symbolised by the white dragon.....'

'In February 2003 during his enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral ArchbishopRowan Williams wore hand-woven gold silk robes bearing a gold and silver clasp that showed the white dragon of England and the red dragon of Wales.'

'In 2014 the Royal Wessex Yeomanry adopted the white dragon as the centrepiece of their new capbadge.'
Make of this as you will and do keep an open mind. 
With the Earl of Wessex being Prince Edward - unless titles and seats now changed in the royal household again? The game of thrones is being shown with reason and with the theme turn played  outside Buckingham Palace. With the Queen visiting and sitting on the Iron throne situated in Belfast Ireland, perhaps, and I mean perhaps, she is showing there is some truth to the storyline.

On Wikipedia this photograph appears. Notice the making of a boat with shields 'symbols' - symbolic. Notice the flag over the inside - perhaps a statement is being made about the boat owner ruling over these lands. The trees and shrubbery growing inside the boat, indicates the symbolic representation of the land inside the boat - Think about this carefully.

A boat named ORMEN  at Stamford Bridge Yorkshire. 

In the Tower of London, Wakefield House is named and Wakefield is in Yorkshire. Going back in time Constantine was declared Emperor at York in Yorkshire who the city Constantinople was named after. This was built over Byzantium - New emperor, new name.

Wikipedia writes of Ormen (looking to learn more)

'Ormrinn Langi in Old Norse (The Long SerpentOrmen Lange in Norwegian,Ormurin Langi in Faroese was one of the most famous of the Viking longships. It was built for the Norwegian King Olav Tryggvason, and was the largest and most powerful longship of its day. In the late 990s King Olav was on a "Crusade" around the country to bring Christianity to Norway. When he was traveling north to HÃ¥logaland he came to a petty kingdom in today's Skjerstad, where the king named Raud den ramme refused to convert to Christianity. A battle ensued, during whichSaltstraum, a maelstrom that prevented reinforcements to the king's men, forced the King to flee. He continued up north, but returned some weeks later when the maelstrom was weaker. The king won the battle, captured Raud, and gave him two choices: Die or convert. The Sagas say that Olav tried to convert him but Raud cursed the name of Jesus, and the King became so angry that he stuck a "kvanstilk" (a pipe) down his throat and put a snake into it, then a burning iron to force the snake down his throat. The snake ate its way out of the side of the torso of Raud and killed him. After the victory the king confiscated riches, not least of which was Raud's ship, which he rechristened Ormen (The Serpent). He took it to Trondheim and used it as a design for his own new ship, which he made a couple of "rooms" longer than Ormen and named the ship Ormen Lange.' 
The fourth crusade sacked the Patriarch of Constantinople - so even though I know nothing of history, being guided to discover this information is revealing an ugly history.
Just before seeing the dragon in the cloud, I typed the words 'Miracle survival - The Crusader Car (being in a freak car crash after nails dropped from a truck that pulled in front of me. Trying to work out if the crusaders would save my life, or are they the enemy - (just my process at the time) What happened in reality, I was to experience the power of God save me - not expecting to come out of this experience without being seriously injured if I had survived.
With the fireworks, at 20:16 another explosion took place So I am going to take these two times and see what is written in relation to these numbers revealed. 7:10 and 20:16. (also looking at 2016 is revealed - a date that has yet come to pass. 

With a sickness in my stomach looking up the date 710 (the link below identifies significant events in this time.) Just writing about the Patriarch of Constantinople, it is written:

October the 5th is tomorrow. On 9th May 2013, later learning that the Turkish police reported an assassination plot against Bartholomew ! I pray this will not come to pass. For he is being watched over by Christ being HIS Ecumenical Patriarch, guiding the Orthodox Christians..  

To continue with times and what is revealed, what comes to mind, Godless man has changed the time and the Law so I will take the time and revert it back to what God has authorised.
'And they cried out in a loud voice: “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne,and to the Lamb.” Revelation 7:10
'Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death. 2 Corinthians 7:10
God's Law is Holy
9was once alive apart from the Law; but when the commandment came, sin became alive and I died; 10and this commandment, which was to result in life, proved to result in death for me; 11for sin, taking an opportunity through the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me. Romans 7:9-11…
'But after his brothers had gone to the festival, then he (Jesus) also went, not publicly but as it were in secret.' John 7:10
There are people who seek extraordinary powers. Prince William and Kate Middleton both said they wished for the power of invisibility. With God being all seeing and all known, there is nothing hidden that is not known.
The message in this scripture reveals the confrontation from Jesus to those who seek to kill him. So this is a vitally important revelation now.
There is a prophesy about an anointed one, being killed, Jewish tradition write of being pierced. Could this include being pierced by pins, ie via an effigy, or even having nails bursting the tyres on my car at high speed. (ouch)
Jesus was never a threat to anyone. He was born for the people, not to sit puffing up his ego and laughing at those who are downtrodden.
Challenging the Law ruffles feathers but if I say to anyone who is Jewish, is not the Sabbath supposed to be a day with thought focus on God, actually there are different views. Jesus Healed on the Sabbath, I am sharing revelation to me on a Sabbath, it is not work. 
For the Holy Scriptures 20:16 it is written.
The Parable of the Vineyard Workers
15'Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with what is my own? Or is your eye envious because I am generous?' 16"So the last shall be first, and the first last." Matthew 20:15-16
Just thinking about the explosions of fireworks sounding like guns.
It is written also here - hopefuly instead of a war taking place:
But as for the towns of these peoples that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, you must not let anything that breathes remain alive. Deuteronomy 20:16 (imagine being obliged to follow that and the fear of those who know the scriptures that this will be carried out)
Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss. Judges 20:10
Are the left handed connected to the White Dragon Society? Apparently Prince William is left handed - but that does not mean much, so am I.
First hearing of of the White Dragon Society from Benjamin Fulford. Alexander Romonov turned to the camera and said 'Aunt Elizabeth Isis is very upset and wants her crown back' - Who is who, a crown has been revealed here.
Benjamin Fulford, representatives of the White Dragon Society and "gnostic illuminati"
According to Holy Scriptures the wife is a crown to her husband. 
With world media message being very  strong emphasis with intention to destroy ISIS, I could not help but wonder is this is because of association.with a crown being identified here in this instance.

Seeking the right guidance from Jesus early in the hear, and what he wants me to know, the message was given 'They are planning to kill you' - NEVER have THEY (as people, or groups)been identified and it is not for me to know. What I do not know I can be protected from and I do not seek to know. There is the awareness and sensing danger, with extreme stress and chest pains - being careful.

It is not as if Providence is not at work or that truth is being hidden. In some way what is important will come to light. This year St George features on the sovereign coin. Is this another sentimental portrayal or is there something significant to understand? (Ephesians 6)
Staying with the numbers 20:16 seeking understanding..
Looking at Revelation 20, the verse stops at 15. The scripture is about ceasing the dragon which is Satan, that ancient serpent and throwing him to the bottomless pit. (read the full scripture prophesy below)
At precisely 20:19 the sound of someone driving off in the car with the wheels screeching, perhaps in a very bad mood. How totally unrelated events might also bring a truth that is hidden to light. The increase of danger and injury is more today than ever before-but I must trust God.
When it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” John 20:19
Jesus made his appearance to a young boy locally and greeted him this way. He told one child 'they are not going to bully you ever again'. This is a child who I did not know and was guided to share this message.

Lightning over Chippenham, Wiltshire

This photograph was published on 19th September, two days after my dream of Jesus being on a boat arriving to and walking on land...This image was taken over Chippenham, Wiltshire, the county where there have been, over the years a number of crop circles reported. 
To continue with scriptures with the 'time revealed today':
18 When the people saw the thunder and lightning and heard the trumpet and saw the mountain in smoke, they trembled with fear. They stayed at a distance 19 and said to Moses, "Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die." 20 Moses said to the people, "Do not be afraid. God has come to test you, so that the fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning." 21 The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was. Exodus 20:18-21
If UK  lawyers and judges refuse to work for justice, who will?
 'because they rejected my laws and did not follow my decrees and desecrated my Sabbaths. For their hearts were devoted to their idols. 17Yet I looked on them with pity and did not destroy them or put an end to them in the wilderness. 18I said to their children in the wilderness, “Do not follow the statutes of your parents or keep their laws or defile yourselves with their idols. 19I am the Lord your God; follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. Ezekiel 20:16-19
When the Lord says turn Right, he does not mean turn left! When we follow the instruction given by the Lord then we understand why He is Right. Not everyone wants to! 

Trusting God is not easy -ONLY He is Right, for HIs Reason. This world was not given for a small group of people to possess eternally  while they keep the rest of humanity oppressed.
So easy is this world ruled by tyranny and taken over by dictatorship. A child told me a couple of years ago he does not like David Cameron and said he is a Dictator. I do not ignore the children's voices although I am interested to know how thy arrive at their thoughts. Not going to repeat what he said but since this time, perhaps the child was right after all. Children are guided too. 
The Divine plan is greater than the Diabolical plan.

Yay look what I just found - could not have planned this.
Keeping my heart close to Christ who has shown he is real and alive. He knows more of what is going on and I am just shown a little of what is relevant to know and understand, personally. Sharing this! It is difficult looking at information and learning about what is relevant, to gather what is relevant. Take care. 
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
No Copyright infringement intended.

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