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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dream: Contronting David Cameron Antichrist

Last night I had a dream...did not note down everything, so my apologies to share this in snippets and from recall. Such dreams are not easy to remember in the entirety because it was like a mini-movie, there were people, scenarios and situations that take place.  I do not understand it all.

In my dream, somone was going 'down south' by driving a lorry. Not remembering the location, I said can you take passengers because if you can I want to come with you (to be at the destination for a reason at that point I did not know or understand)

Next sitting in a place where there was a dark wood oblong table and bench type seat on one side. On the other were chairs. In our company was also 'Hilary Clinton' (strange) and a man from overseas who introduced himself that I cannot say where he was from, but his name had an ending like sky.  There were at least four of us in total if not five. Hilary was wearing a black velvet type elegant dress with a rolled shoulder (might be symbolic) She went off with three people to another place, whether a meeting, for a walk or whatever I do not know. Her presence in my dream is for a reason. For she is in some way connected with the South of England with being there.

Next, the part I remember more. I am speaking to David Cameron. (in the dream there was a glimpse of the Queen but I cannot remember more detail about this either. *what I do remember is most important and sharing this because a full scale confrontation took place in the dream*

I had asked David something, and already having the deep frustration with the lack of care for the people and injustice that is still unresolved, I know this needs to be confronted. Not jusrt for me but for everyone else. In my dream I told him 'you are supposed to be servants of God and you are not'

2You pretent to be beleivers and then go against what God has promised. You deny Jesus is even returned. Millions of people have been killed (by this time I am yelling at him) Millions of people have been killed - do you even care David. No you do not. I dont know what you are caring for but y ou are not serving God. You are serving yourself. What are you protecting.. THE THRONE HAS BEEN OVERTURNED - even though the Queen has not been removed from her place. Face it David because  you are not sincere. YOU ARE ANTICHRIST! He was protesting and said 'I am not'. (in that moment as looking at David, I was looking at a baby that looked like him....)

In my lap were letters type written on blue paper.Next he was trying to grab that letters from my lap and I was not letting go of them. He was pulling so tightly that the papers came a little torn and bent but I did not let go of them at al (evidently the paper was of top quality - then woke up)

This is my dream and it is not the first time I have seen David. Long ago some time after he first came in office we met in a hallway and went to a room. It looked like a university setting because behind the glass square window we could see a room full of men in a tiered setting facing towards there the lecturer would be standing.sitting.  So we are in some ways on the same path.

David has been instrumental in trying to change the law for ~Royal Succession,. while singing in Westminster Abbey in his role as Number One Minister in England. So to challenge him is something that he would not like especially as he has been in his role going against What God has ordained. He knows that the illegitimate bloodline cannot succeed tot he throne. Also if that was the case, then by making this so he would be by Royal Decree of allowing this, placing himself in the role of being a King and lawmaker in this land (laws to people's detriment have been made. Unjust laws)

The Church of Man is not the Church of God. He knows.

A few years ago I was instructed to contact someone in person to correspond directly with the Queen and not only will my letter be read but I would also get a reply.

Not knowing if the letter in my dream was in any way connected but I was given the impression, while the royal family are protected by the ministers, the royal familyu and the ministers arenot protecting the people as their role requires. When blocks are placed and 'if I was to go through official channels to communicate with the Queen. it would be by David Cameron.

The man has shown himself to be 'dismissive of the millions of people being killed and so I really shouted at him but he was nott listening. He was protecting 'someone' and so probably this is why I had said openly the throne was overturned - THE THRONE IS IN HEAVEN!

The baby face facing me at one point was about the same age as baby George..and even had a look of him. The problem is that this corporate establishment is denying Jesus returning when they should be serving Him with love and not on their terms but in the best interests of the people.

There are a few times I thought about writng to David but my dream has shown me a man who is paid to do a job and not willing to listen. The decisions that have been made to the detriment of mankind cannot be changed and neither can the millions of people who have been killed. Anyone who is human with all reasonable faculties could not justify war whatsoever.

It is with great emphasis that I have said the Queen has not been removed that being Queen Elizabeth II. She has obligations to fulfill. There is indication that she is already aware of what is going on and if I had difficulty with David Cameron, does he listen to her.....Perhaps he panders to her in her position but perhaps not.. There is something being shown to me about man and the baby face.

With travelling in someone elses vehicle on the road in my dream, although I do not recall taking the journey, I am not sure if this actually happened. Dreams have shown me that  have been in different countries and lands even different dimensions - being in the Throne Room of the Crowned King sitting on Pyramid Steps the night before Baby George was baptised....

God knows who is sincere, and who is not.

The antichrist is also foretold. However it is written in the Holy Bible that anyone who denies that Jesus has come in the flesh is antichrist.

A photograph of windswept David and yet it is unlikey there would be a picture published of how angry he was at me confronting him in my dream - shouting at him. He was furious. His ego was why he was furious and he is not listening to the people he should be listening to.

If the Queen is sincere in her faith and communicating with Jesus, he will be speaking with her and revealing himself as he is with me. And she will also be under clear instruction by him. Only she knows her truth and David Cameron and if they have both communicated about this.

If the Queen has seen Jesus, David might have denied this.  I really do not know their truth. In the Wikipedia bio, it has written that he is from an illegtimate bloodline of Wiliam IV. It is not known if we are related - we will be in some way but not knowing how. The genealogy is not important. 

Sharing this dream is not easy. But is was for a reason to know.

Time will tell what will transpire and if He will Repent.

David and the royals need to remember this world was not given to them so they can do as they will. This world was given by God so that all humanity and live and thrive.


Wheere is the love....Where is the love for the people?

Perhaps with the article yesterday in England writting about 3 parent babies - this would explain just one of the messages given that THEY have gone too far. What THEY have done cannot be undone. And THEY are never revealed by name but surely THEY know who they are.

They who sit in their lofy postiions making laws and threatning people are so arrogant and caught up with their station that they forgot, we who are human beings born knowingly that we belong to God, are by their hard hearts and stiff necks entering battle with God by going against him.

I am just a very weak physically human being. When the British establshment want to return to the right way perhaps this will be done when THEY turn their heart sincerely to The LORD!

We are all here for a short time..Something is wrong when people who have not evolved spirituallhy are being promoted by people who are willing to bow down to them. Think about it.

The agenda for man to rule over God is arrogance!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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