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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Glastonbury World Tree & Peace Pole Glastonbury 2013

Just wanted to share this video....while looking for something else, the finer details revealed is why it is being shared. The people who remember the cut down tree, known as the Holy Thorn Tree in Glastonbury, this evoked international response to what happened, and yet, there is reference to a tree and trees being cut down in the Holy Bible. So this is interesting to also make this discovery and share.

In the video, what is interesting is the World Tree has been cultivated from one of the branches of the tree that had been cut down  It is also with being brought to my attention by observing what is being revealed in nature, during 2012 a load of baby Hawthorn trees have been growing locally in Bolton.

Perhaps we forget the seeds that each flower and fruit hold and perhaps we can take nature for granted too. But what we have done is forgotten that the Creator created nature for everyone.

In this revealing time, there had been in the Jubilee Year masses of trees cut down in England. Speaking with an elderly man he mentioned there were people in uproar 'somewhere'. So what happened to pacify them the planting of new trees took place and then the trees all died. There is a message there for sure.

Speaking with the son of a lady who has lived in this area for about 40 years, he said 'this land used to be barren. The trees just started growing'. Seeing the new growth taking form, I can believe.

Walking with a lady from India she was astounded  that Bolton could have this green land and she said it is so beautiful - it is like God's garden. So I told her the story about the trees appearing and said actually it is God's garden....although only a matter of time before man desecrates this, I hope not!

The green spaces and trees are vital oxygen suppliers.

The World Thorn Tree has been planted in a car park. One of the sore issues impacting people today other than ruling over lands and people by deception are the unjust laws being made - they are evil. One of these laws relate to parking. Where are the trillions of pounds collected from Road Traffic Offences going? Well the heart to heart message from Jesus identified Tax collection with the devil himself.

Everything has been foretold that is happening, the good and bad.

In the movie the Omen - Damien Thorn was named. Actually there is the building of a new cycle track and in speaking to officials, I was told the person in charge is named Damien. In telephoning the office to speak with someone, a man with an American accent answered - The antichrist is not revealed.

In the movie there is a child that dies and another child is given to the mother instead. The child has powers and these powers have come from somewhere. Today there are as with the cultivation of trees and plants, experiments and cloning of animals and humans. This is not a child formed naturally.

Being born in Thornton Heath - Thorn Town is named here.

Just finding this video to share posted by Mike C

Glastonbury Somerset, England.
Saturday January 26 2013.
In Magdalene street, a new Holy Thorn peace tree was planted, with the World Peace Pole situated next to it. I hope they work.

There is the North Pole named and the South Pole too. In this time the most important pole to be named is the World Peace Pole and it is shown to be connected with Magdalene. The Tree planted and intention of the people decide the future of what this will be. England is not a place for Satan's rule.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria


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