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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Jesus The Chosen Message 24th October 2014

This is a heart to heart, soul to soul message from Jesus earlier today. The time the message was finished was 13:42 and so I want to identify relevant scriptures first to share. We can also get an appreciation of what it means why Jesus has said, As it is written, so it shall be done. (see my previous article about this)

Regarding the previous message, Jesus makes it clear, the one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. What comes from Jesus will continue - He will continue to cultivate the garden with Truth.

Bear in mind my situation is with receiving a High Court in Leeds warning and they want me to enter contract, when they hold corrupt evidence and have declined to reject it. They gave me 8 days notice to serve a summons or appear in Leeds Probate Registry when I am debilitated with chest pains. And this is for an international dispute there the lawyer who wrote, has taken on the dishonest client with a 13 year unpaid legal bill.

It is known that I cannot force the law courts in England to address crimes taking place they are partaking in. They have refused and so commit the crime. But I write openly to demand my birthright be given and they must also recognise any historical Royal titles too. THEN I can influence the law to protect people and ensure the establishment in place does not allow corrupt lawyers.  Being the eldest daughter of a legitimate bloodline - The Queen knows! A law was made by Royal Decree.

Remember the stolen Acropolis marbles? God Knows!

So with the Scripture quotes with 13:42 it is written:

They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matthew 13:42

And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue, the Gentiles sought that these words might be preached to them the next sabbath. Acts 13:42

 And the time cometh that he shall manifest himself unto all nations, both unto the Jews and also unto the Gentiles; and after he has manifested himself unto the Jews and also unto the Gentiles, then he shall manifest himself unto the Gentiles and also unto the Jews, and the last shall be first, and the first shall be last. 1 Nephi 13:42

The 'Quran' comes to mind and 'Surah 13:42'

It is written: 13:42 'Those who were before them plotted; but all plotting is Allah's. He knoweth that which each soul earneth. The disbelievers will come to know for whom will be the sequel of the (heavenly) Home.'

So this is what is revealed from the time at end.

The message given to my heart from Jesus says:

My darling one, you are brave and yet so weak within now. What can I do when the enemy of yours and mine attacks so harshly but to wait and I will repay them for the harm they have done. Know that whatever your suffering, it is made worse because you care and are careful. If you did not care and were blind to consequences, this would not touch you as it has. 
The price of the soul that is enlightened is seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing because you are warned instinctively.
The Father said you are not going to lose your home and so trust this because he knows the truth of everything. Place your heart in me and trust me because I have seen the evil that they do behind closed doors. 
My people are not going to suffer forever in this place of evil intent. What Rule do they have but refusal to do right and when they judge it is for a price. They judge with dishonesty and destroy lives for a price. Even the Jews that were of old had a conscience of being dirty money and they will not handle what is soiled. 
The wickedness today is at any price to control and gain disregarding the consequence. They want to play Kings and Queens and Rulers but are incompetent do do right and that is why they are not chosen. They ignore the authority of God and His Laws and that is why they are not chosen. So yes people react. 
The stolen land and deceptive rule endures even to deny people their right to a simple life unless they pay. What is that all about? 
A church is derelict because there is no spiritual food and no people come to the wishing well where the waters flow because they wait in hope that their masters will call and take care of them. They wont. 
My darling you have seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears. The reason why this evil must end because humanity cannot thrive. 
They will catch you like a snare to a rabbit and seek to devour you because like history they believe power is from someone, not looking to the source of power. 
They have ignored the fundamental requirement - pure heart and pure intention and that is why they are lost. 
The empty church is without God.  The people who ask my faithful ones and the children of God to pray for their health, wealth and long life. They destroy yours my special one. This is not the sayings of The Father and the Mother of Crowns was supposed to look after people, especially you. 
The church  is a building - a safehouse for prayer, that has become a place with distant memories of something among so much bloodshed and war. 
I asked for the gathering of people to me, not someone else. I asked for the loyalty of hearts with truth - not for oaths to be taken to someone else. 
The Father warned and warned and they do not take heed to the warnings he has given.
My family belong to me by birthright and my family by adoption are mine by choice - their choice; so they are not trapped in a circle of unrightness and evil plans to the demise of others.
The magic wand is powerful when in the hand of the initiated wizard who made powers his goal, but he did not consider the price on his soul. 
So much good can be done but the plans for war and control are not good at all. 
My people have their faith in me, not knowing how I will act and if people pray and talk to me, I will listen. I hear their voice and tears.
Also I hear the voice of the wicked ones and they will one day reap their just rewards. 
Keep seeking the simple life without stress or worry because you are almost there. 
The time will come when I will make sure the meek will inherit the earth and the rulers who rule will wail because they did not listen to the warning signs. They will survive in their body only for a time and the people will see when justice in righteousness prevails. 
There are no mistakes. Let them see the truth, read my words and learn to hear my voice. First they must know I am alive and then they can learn to recognise one who was never sent to harm them at all. 
Then  and until then you will suffer all of you and see they do not care because they believe they will never get caught. They believe they are untouchable. They believe they are above The Law. They want to be Gods and yet the reject the Father and me'

While this message was given to me personally, what is given in these messages is to share openly because, as has been shown in the Holy Scriptures the same message is shared with everyone. You might read something in this message that speaks to you personally. You might believe and even still doubt, but the reminder is given, be sincere in your heart and talk to Jesus. He knows our doubts. He knows what has been done so that man can rule over people and man knows to do this he must reject God.

There are peoples saying 'I am saved, I am saved' not even seeing that the evil one is thriving in this time. blind to the 'influence over people' or rise of evil influence in our world. It is far easier to live in a world with rose coloured glasses and ignore people's suffering and yet  if you do not feel from your heart, how can you be spiritual and with the power of Jesus healing, be asking him to heal too.

Please pray for me, that my struggles are overcome and my international legal situation is fully resolved without any further cost or injury to myself. My thoughts and prayers are with you too. I am praying for everyone with sincere heart in Christ that their prayers are heard and answered.

There are people asking for evil. No More. The End.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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