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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Jesus Heart to Heart Message 5th October 2014

This is a message I was given on 5th October 2014. The time of finishing the message was 8:58am. To first go into the Holy Scripture with the time number revealed, This is what is written:

 “Very truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!” John 8:58

It has been shown delay in writing here, does not change the truth, If anything dream messages brin what I am meant to know and understand, the dream about Greece was shared because of what was revealed.

In my focus on Jesus I ask what He wants me to know and this is the message given heart to heart, writing down word for word:

Sweetheart, listen to me, you are my darling one who I have hurt and let down. You repay me with hurting me and we are equal now. We have a mission against the lord of darkness and my people are more important than our differences and pain. 
Pauline you must listen and learn very carefully now. I will be specific. Where I can explain I will explain. Be the observer for me and speak the truth of what you see for me for this is all you can do now.
Write for me dear one and I promise you that you will see me soon in your vicinity. 
I have had enough of those who pretend in my name. I shall risk my life again so they know me to be real and not a fantasy used to pretend control is given when it is not. I know you suffer hardship and I know they refuse right by you but bear with me my lovely, because I am going to make them pay back everything they owe. They will not know what has hit them.
I warned long ago what they started has no point of return. They have gone too far and it is not by my hands that they reap the consequences of their evil deeds in my name. They will not use me ever again.
They have been warned before. So this is what people will see; then they will understand the LORD has gone away. The LORD giveth and the LORD will take away. They will wail like babies because they did not listen to my warnings. 
The people are so blind, they are caught up in evil plans and they cannot be rescued if they are blind and reject me Pauline. What am I to do? Force them? What is the point?
You see the gullible look to follow the leader - they distract from being led away; to the point of no return.
Lead the people to me - show the way. 
Keep reminding people of your experiences and then they will wander and seek other people who are warning the same. 
I cannot rescue my lost sheep if they reject me Pauline. What am I to do? My Father loves his children equally and now an imbalance has been created. 
It is diabolical my dear - diabolical indeed. And yet there are tests going on to see how far someone will go and what they will do. It is a sick mind who is doing this. And the more the light shines. death and destruction of the evil one thrives as a destraction from the truth. 
His time is short and I cannot tell you any more.
Read the Scriptures and be guided as you have because these messages were given to you to document on record. 
Dear one can I help you heal your heavy heart from burdens? Please trust in me more because while you trust and you believe, you are hesitant to place all your trust in me. I know your weakness and pain and I know your tiredness and suffering, but the tears you cried from desperation and self- pity are no more. You have become stronger within even though you think you are weak. Pauline no one could go through enduring pressure and trauma without being affected in some way. Your physical condition drastically deteriorated and yet in your debilitation you searched to know the truth from the Father and how you can help mankind. You gave up your life so we could work through this difficult time together. If you had not suffered, you would have taken a different path and I needed your faith and stamina to keep searching for the truth to show it took 52 years before I was to reveal myself in a way you would recognise. But you knew my guiding voice inside your heart. This is the Spirit that lives inside you forever more. 
Darling all who belong to God have the Spirit and will see me if they just seek to let go of their wicked ways, fear and hate. 
I am of love. This is who am I.

The term of endearment 'darling', is one that I use sometimes to people I care about deeply and this is how Jesus will be speaking to other people who are hearing his voice too. Trusting in his gentle way is easy, to place my complete trust in Jesus in every aspect of my life, is not easy, being in this precarious situation and yet I endure....continue sharing, living and breathing to deliver his message so that people will repent and return again 

This time on earth is very short, itis a time to do the work on the self, to become selfless and to reconnect with our soul. If we do not do the work and learn our lessons in this life so our soul evolves. how are we going to ascend spiritually. At least today people are more eager to seek the Teacher and yet, there is concern with people teaching not leading people to Christ. 
Jesus had already revealed himself to me a few years ago, and in 2011 during meditation for healing I saw him on the cross and he looked over to me, it was a bloody and horrific sight to see him in this way. Next I was watching a group of women wearing very pale blue and white - a woman was teaching the ladies. Next I was looking down from heaven to a golden earth. 

In 2012, he revealed himself in inspired painting. In one he is sitting crowned on a throne and another he is talking to a woman, wearing his crown. The following day I was invited to go to a charity shop a distance away and a book came to my attention standing out from hundreds that where there. 'It was titled 'I am with you always' encounters with Christ.

By now everyone should have a personal relationship with Christ and yet not everyone has. People are spilling their wallets to pay preachers and ministers = are they asking for your money or are they giving you the food from Christ? If they are telling people they need to fund the ministry - they are liars. Jesus went out in the wilderness and he did not place conditions on the people who were willing and waiting to listen to him. He did not mislead people.

So there are going to be some changes. 

What will be is how the man decides, not me.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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