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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Jesus Message Heart to Heart 1st October 2014

In seeking guidance to share from Jesus just now, this is the message that is given late evening, before the 2nd October 2014. As there is always some relevance in the message that is for personal understanding, there is reference to the 1% and being given on 1st October, shows a connection.

October is the 10th month and again we see number 1 is featured clearly. Ten is also a sign of completion where in also the tenth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet is Yod. 'Yod means 'arm' or 'hand' and its form suggests reaching toward heaven. In addition the letter somewhat resembles a man in prayer.'

Number one is a number to indicate the beginning again.

Feeling very tired, weak and with heart heart strain....I endure.

This is the message Jesus gave me heart to heart today:

My darling, You are brave in your tiredness and there is nothing I can do for you but insist you to rest. Go forth and see what is being presented now. For change is certain to come about when you open your heart and mind to embrace that change. New days ahead and a new dawning of an era for humanity as I have promised my people; and yet they forget the warnings not to be tempted to go down the dark path. For there is no return from that destruction. You should be seeing this clearly now; and no one will listen  if they are distracted from the truth.
The great deception to mankind includes distraction and that is why everyone must learn their lessons. Let them come willingly and learn from me Pauline because I am not looking to entertain the mockers, whoever they are. 
The lesson in the university of life is progress and yet like in an undisciplined school, there are pupils who distract to prevent learning. They have some flaw or healing need they ignore and it is their shortcoming for attention that they deprive other people. 
I am not going to prove myself to anyone. 
If people will seek the truth, the truth will be revealed.
This is it now. Multitudes of people are ready to listen but they are also being distracted from learning the truth, just like the rebel in the classroom who disrupts learning.
Neither will I prove myself to be a circus act or will I be put in a position that the people who need me the most will doubt me.
You know Pauline by your experience that I will reveal the truth when you seek truth and I will comfort you with my love even from a distance. How can you share the message to the people is with reminding people I am alive for my family who have been at risk of perishing from the enemy.
The one that is not seen is the one who is conducting the orchestra of confusion and this time the master of deception is not going to win over me. 
Pauline I am not in competition with anyone. 
We are born to bring humanity home after they learn their lessons. Help them see this sweetheart. If the simple lessons cannot be learned then how can the most complex understanding of the evolving soul be understood. What The Father wanted has been for everyone to evolve spiritually to know Him and then as physical entities with a spiritual essence the creation of an evolved species can take this world to a new learning and higher dimension. I was brought home for a focus point, when my body could have remained. And yet still man chooses to deny The Father because he wants to rule instead. The only way to break this egotistical mindset is to lift everyone's focus to The Father and that way - there is a chance to save humanity from the fall.
People will not believe but if they do not pray and see they will not believe. Before you knew in truth you faith, you had experiences that have shown you we are listening and working for mankind constantly. 
There is no point speaking about advanced understanding to people who are mockers and scoffers. The rebels do not want to know and have to learn their lessons.  
If 1% are ready for me, I am waiting for the 1%. 
Tell them I am listening and when they seek me with sincere heart, they will find me. I will reveal my truth to them and clearly they will know me too. Thank you darling one.

As the royal God mockers in England look on at the impoverished and pitiful state of people, they did not understand the meaning of the Holy Scriptures. They have not been given the spiritual understanding . They did not give the food of knowledge. ~Their system impoverishes the people without care.

It is written the branch that did not bear fruit will be cut off.

Did the royals bring forth the Word of God to share openly?

How can people who deny the Living God in England be ruling over any people? Well the message was clear for the rebels who distract because that is the way they can  prevent progress. And the  increase of military and armed police; with instilling fear and man's laws is how they stay in control.

The 1% might not be the political elite. Each person living in this world has the God given birthright to pray and  seek the truth from Jesus Christ. Each person has the right in their sincere prayer to seek forgiveness and repent from wicked ways too. But this must be done with sincere heart to have meaning.

Each person has the right to read the Holy Scriptures and to pray to gain understanding of what is relevant to know today. By now with all the preachers and ministers of religion, the world should be filled with spiritually enlightened people, all who have a personal relationship with God. Why don't they?Actually with what is
happening today is necessary for everyone's learning. The same lesson repeated again.

The 1% Jesus is speaking of refers the people including you.. The 1% who Jesus is speaking with include the homeless and destitute, the ones who have searched so hard in their prayer even with suffering and personal challenge that they have become ready to listen and to trust that God really is a God of Love.

The 1% are not those who disregard the needs of the people.

Do you know that government officials are supposed to be servants of God.But if they reject God they need to be careful that they are not going down a pathway of darkness and destruction with no return. If  unjust laws are made to the detriment of people how can they be sincere servants of God.

 The Wrath of God  is not without reason or warning.

Your right to belong to Jesus is with your Baptism. You were promised and placed under the authority of heaven before you were born. The Creator knitted you together in your mother's womb.

The most precious gift of life is the miracle of life.If each and every child was raised knowing they are loved and wanted, and each mother knew how  special her role as a mother, her heart will be warmed by this gift of motherhood. We are all God's children, even if people are confused by this.  God has not placed any
people of wealth, especially stolen wealth as being a criteria of importance over anyone else. If anything anyone set to be in a position of responsibility also will know the meaning of accountability too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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