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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Son of Rothschild & House of Jacob

Earlier I had the urge to read about hawthorn berries and if they can be eaten...that was after dandilion leaves came to mind. Remembering watching an elderly  Greek lady being filmed with Joannah Lumley, in Greece, she picked up the greens from the wild and cooked a very simple meal on a calor gas stove. Perhaps I might have more chance to survive there than in this God forsaken country - then again I am not so sure. Survival with extreme stress due to legal corruption with homeless threats is very difficult. 

 Actually with Jesus revealing himself to me, He is with me.....or at least watching over me. If he is with me, he is with you too. He knows his people and our hearts. However, He is watching what is happening with the blatant God mockers too in England. So with oaths of loyalty and the church of man presented as being the Church of God, in the ancient times tables were overturned in the temple of the moneylenders, much evil is going on today. What is foretold is a flood will take place...the washing away of the old, for the new!

Anyway got to be careful not to be long winded...

I found a website and just reading the paragraph had one of those jaw dropping moments - meant to find this, meant to share this openly. Will quote the paragraph:

'The other thing that intrigued me as a kid growing up by the tree was that the writer Nathaniel Hawthorne had the same name as the tree. I’ve never met a Mr. Catalpa, Mrs. Hackmatack, or Ms. Oak. Truth be known that author’s family name was Hathorne. But, one of his ancestors was a judge in the Salem Witch Trials. The speculation is Nathaniel change the spelling of his last name to distance himself from that infamous incident. Indeed, just as he had an ancestor who judged “witches” at the trial I had an ancestor convicted at the trials for witchcraft and hanged (Susannah North Martin.) Over the years I have met a few Pynes, Apples and one Dr. Maples (the forensic anthropologist who identified Pizarro’s remains and those of the Russian royal family. We met under unusual circumstances. If you want to know, email me. He wrote “Dead Men Do Tell Tales.”)'

Nathaniel Hawthorne, 4 July, 1804 – 19 May, 1864

Nathan the Prophet is important in history as far as identifiying a bloodline....And the information that came to me is with what I was guided to find and connect the dots.

The Prophet bloodline is significant even in this timeline.

King Solomon's Brother was named Nathan, born in Jerusalem.  The name Jerusalem is City of Peace - Salam means Peace.

What has become known as the Holy Thorn Tree is a Hawthorn Trees connected to a bloodline - an ancient bloodline. It is also discovered that the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus is from the line of Nathan.

So there you are, this was discovered today and to show how thousands of years pass and yet some things do not change We are reminded of the past, in this time with names and places too.

What will happen today to the Witches.....God is the judge..

Black magic is being promoted, openly today. For years Black Magic chocolates have been for sale. It is impossible to ignore that evil times are here again. What we do not see, we do not always know.

The wizard wand waving royals is no secret. The Holy Bible writes of Spiritual Wickedness (Ephesians 6) This was emphasised at Margaret Thatchers funeral service.. We know evil is happening. Having been physically injured, my mother was paralysed from the neck downwards. If, as Jesus says 'they are planning to kill you' ,not revealing who -this might even be because I am born in a Royal bloodline!

Rocking the boat about legal corruption is nothing. A hard faced officials who boast of their crimes also boast of the bigger picture happening in our world. Geographically much is happening and in the bigger picture, the oath taking minions actually are deliberately kept blind to keep conforming.

Because we might not know of the bloodline chosen by God to maintain His Laws, what is known and written in the HolyBible - the Jews have been entrusted with the Oracle of God.

And so, as there are Jews who  pray and have their minds completely focussed on God, there are people who are being divinely guided too. Most people understand God's Providence and the people from history,  know miracles have taken place. The problem is we are living in a time of deception, and so God reveals His Truth accordingly. It is also written the people will be deceived - to learn their lessons.

Just thought it was interesting to discover the name Nathaniel and Hawthorne together. One of the Rothschild boys is also named Nathaniel. His father's name is Jacob and so in today's time, there is a connection made.
When there is something important to be known, it will be revealed accordingly.

Above the name Nathan is explained historical connections.

'According to Wikipedia :Jacob is the eponymous ancestor of the Israelites. According to the Book of Genesis, Jacob (/ˈkəb/Hebrewיַעֲקֹב Standard Yaʿakov[1]) was the third biblical patriarch with whom God made a covenant.

In the Hebrew Bible, he is the son of Isaac and Rebekah, the grandson of AbrahamSarah and of Bethuel, and the younger twin brother of Esau. Jacob had twelve sons and at least one daughter, by his two wivesLeah and Rachel, and by their handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah. The children named in Genesis were ReubenSimeonLeviJudahDanNaphtaliGadAsherIssacharZebulun, daughter DinahJoseph, and Benjamin'

Before the birth of Benjamin, Jacob is renamed Israel by God-  Israel means Struggle with God and so with the name there is always the reminder never to forget why this name was given.

While the State of Israel has been named, the House of Israel cannot be ignored and this is how the family are identified, with descendants scattered around our world today.

Conflict was presented in history to be settled in the end.

'Isaac grew old and became blind. He called his son Esau and directed him to procure some venison for him, in order to receive Isaac's blessing. While Esau was hunting, Jacob, after listening to his mother's advice, deceived his blind father by misrepresenting himself as Esau and thereby obtained his father's blessing, such that Jacob became Isaac's primary heir and Esau was left in an inferior position. According to Genesis 25:29-34, Esau had previously sold his birthright to Jacob for "bread and stew of lentils". Thereafter, Isaac sent Jacob into Mesopotamia to take a wife of his mother's brother's house. After 20 years working for his uncle Laban, Jacob returned home. He reconciled with his twin brother Esau, then he and Esau buried their father, Isaac, in Hebron after he died at the age of 180

Because there is history, there is also the possibility of repeating lessons in history. Creating poverty so that people give up their birthright and become inferior slaves, has already happened. Forcing people to give up their birthright using corruption in a law court to do this is happening too.

The name Nathaniel in Hebrew means Given of God.

Wikipedia writes; In the Gospel of John, Nathanael is introduced as a friend of Philip. [1] He is described as initially being skeptical about the Messiah coming from Nazareth, saying: "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?", but nonetheless, follows Philip's invitation. Jesus immediately characterizes him as "Here is a man in whom there is no deception." Some scholars hold that Jesus' quote "Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you", is based on a Jewish figure of speech referring to studying the Torah. Nathanael recognizes Jesus as "the Son of God" and "the King of Israel".

We are all who are believers trusting God in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in - as in we know there is a far higher power, but we also know there are people who go against God.

When I look at the face of Nathaniel Rothschild, the man's face reveals a shyness and yet being of the family, he would have never be snort of admirers. Funny how shy people can put on a persona and yet the true heart of the person can stay hidden. A man who will become his father's heir and  successor, has known the price of making the wrong choice in his personal life. Not knowing his faith or his truth, even people who make the wrong choices in life, can also have pure intentions too.

In the highest echelons of life, not only who is who is known, but what is going on too. Early in the year, I had the impression that people within this family have a purpose. If Nathaniel Rothschild is a man in whom there is no deception......wait and see what will transpire in the divine plan.

It is only when Jesus revealed himself to me  alive in a vision with my eyes closed, I could not deny
seeing him standing at an open gateway, I did not expect this (7th January 2013) The timing though was for a reason. If the blatant God mockers in England reject God what am I to do?

In my heart to heart, soul to soul message from Jesus, he reminds people that he is there for the 1% who seek to know him in truth and if people reject him they must learn their lessons. But if people are sincere in their heart and intention, he is going to make his truth known to other people too.

The Hawthorn Tree is also known as the Holy Thorn Tree. So with the name of writer Nathaniel Hawthorne bringing to light one of his ancestors being a Judge in the Salem Witch trials, today it might be that Nathaniel has a role 'being a decision maker' I really do not know...

The truth as it is has been told before by Nathan Rothschild

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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