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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Rowan Williams:The Bible & The Responsibity

In his last words in this short video message he states:

"Human writers are used by the the Holy Spirit to speak the words that will bring Jesus's presence clearly before us. That is in the accounts of his life and the accounts of the experience of the people closest to him."

The title of the next short video is named as:

Lambeth: Rowan Williams Draws a Line on Episcopal Church

Discussing same sex blessings....

After explaining, his final word is 'I am not very happy about that'

The rights and dignity of people is not being dismissed here by anyone. There are people who are bound by oaths of allegiance and secrecy and discretion who will never speak out openly.

Speaking with someone recently, he said he left the church because his friends are gay. He does not know their story. He said they were good people. God knows all our experiences and suffering. He knows who have gone down a self destructive path and why. He knows the children who have been abused too.

When exposure of sexual violations taking place to children in the church, this was the tip of the iceberg to what is happening in society behind closed doors every day to millions of children. It is terrible that the House that is supposed to be a safehaven for everyone, became a place where evil lurked. It was exposed.
The Church of God is a healing church and those who harm people will be removed.

There are delicate areas to address and yet if the basics are ignored and people not protected, it is so wonder, learning a little about history in England that people have become fearful of man.

In this video Rowan Williams speaks about Islam.

Around our world as people are turning their hearts and minds to God, they are being inspired accordingly. If people are raised up to look to a higher focus, they are not going to be functioning with a lower destructive agenda and least of all be involved in extremism. (who are these people 'subjects of' because that is the master they might be forced to serve - a human being with a human agenda far from the divine plan)

Those who want to control people might be living their own lie. With watching extremely patronising  police control people when actually their actions were the cause of riots in this land, with their uniforms following their orders they are blind and doing what they are told. Armed police who carry out orders are dangerous. Living on land where people are kept down because of the hierarchy place, this is outdated and serves no positive purpose whatsoever. Tyranny has taken hold as foretold  Islam has been blamed.

Every Muslim waits for Jesus to return. Did you know this?

When the angels communicate they say :WE: and as all are connected to God, they are messengers of God and deliver the same message and truth through the generations that is relevant to know. Divine revelation is given to the chosen and those who are spiritually enlightened by God for his purpose.

What does to mean to belong to God -answered.

What is true faith and why is it so difficult?

In history the prophets and Saints have been killed and so the people who could bring forth the spiritual experiences to enable faith to be realised were silenced...Today there is a revival and all over the world people are studying the Holy Scriptures again waiting for Jesus to return.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury on Prayer.

People say that religion was created to control people. NO actually religion was given to remind people that there is a far higher authority and that people can have a personal relationship with Christ.

Unfortunately there are people who want to gain/ maintain positions of power and control that obstruct progress. It is such a mindset that veer this world into darkness and chaos. The distraction can only be for so long, eventually what God Wills is going to be done, even if the egos in this world grind their teeth.

This is an excellent lecture in it's entirety.

Rowan Williams: Faith, Force and Authority

What not everyone realises, we are living with a very Patient God who knows our weaknesses. If you are denied the right to communicate with God in peace, with peace in your heart and mind, then this would explain why people are prevented to connect the understanding and notice the messages He gives.

People speak of God 2000 years ago and even 1600 years ago and yet God is a living being NOW. For some reason people have been distracted from knowing that by focus and intention, by circumcising their heart to turn towards God asking to be guided in life in the right way, with sincere heart and intention this will be done.We cannot be responsible  for someone else's process. We are responsible for our own.

God is not for one people and not for another. People perhaps have not  grasped how God communicates His Truth and His Divine Plan and for that we can be easily excused.

To prevent the truth that is being given by God to be delivered, this is how we could understand why people enter a battle with God but they will never succeed, certainly not this time. There is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit around the world for people to know that Jesus is alive and to return to Him in truth.

It is not known why Rowan Williams resigned early from his role as the Archbishop of Canterbury and yet access to his teaching and understanding is found on the internet to be accessed today.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury held the role to be the man who would have crowned the future Queen of England - as the Primate of the Church of England. It is not known his reason for his leaving, but I believe that if people who are serving God in truth, to stay when there is building of a structure based on lies to the people in the name  of God, it would have ruined his credibility as a teacher.

It is no coincidence that Emiritas Pope Benedict XVI declared in his retirement that God told him,it was time to go. Today his successor Pope Francis 1 has declared this is the New Church.

 Not everyone will turn a blind eye to the lie. Prayers and seeking divine guidance, the right way to go and to trust, with still serving as being called to serve- it is easy to distance from evil plans.

Human power and abuse of force is the problem in this land.

Those in power who abuse might be better to start at the basics and pray sincerely to know the meaning of Divine Power instead of pretending to the world that there is a Right to Rule over People.

The reactions in our world are to those who misuse power.

The unavoidable address of the law being applied,in England is with a reminder that Lawyers both in London and Manchester have corrupted the court with refusal to correct their crimes.

We are in a time when people are learning important lessons. These same lessons have prevailed in history and warnings were given not to worship false idols. Addressing the  Law to the British establishment the realisation that God is totally being ignored here now as being THE AUTHORITY.

Ambitions for man to rule over God has been fulfilled here.

These are signs of the times. The problem is in England, sadly.

Rowan Williams - The Finality of Christ in a Pluralistic Society

This again being a most profound and excellent lecture. One that is worth listening to again to take in the entire message that is being delivered beyond the words that are being spoken. .

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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