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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Timothy's Dream of Jesus and the Interpretation

Guided to discover a video message and then to access this particular page which has an abundance of messages to Timothy from God. It has been noted on my previous article that God does not change His Truth and when there is something important to deliver there will be emphasis on this.

The message from Timothy in the Holy Bible is especially relevant to sharing the Word of God freely and also that it can be used to learn from, correction and also for teaching. The copyright restriction placed by people who are not bringing forth the Word of God today, might explain one of the reasons why there is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit where people are having dreams and divine revelation.

It is in this way that the Lord is preserving humanity.

What is most relevant about Timothy and the new revelation given is that he has also published a dream. This is a dream that validates as I realise that he is also being divinely guided by Christ today.

Spring/04 Timothy’s Dream About Jesus

I was standing in the middle of a small street, in the downtown area of a town that looked European (I wasn’t sure where I was). It was getting dark. There was no one around but one other person standing near me, about fifteen feet away. This person didn’t speak, nor did I know who it was. I then noticed a large board standing up, with only a few bricks holding it up at its base. I knew behind it was a moving truck, but I couldn’t see it. Then it hit me... Jesus is in the back of that truck! I ran over calling, “Jesus, don’t leave!” When I reached the big wooden board, I noticed I had a brick in my hand with an arrow on it. I placed the brick at the base of the board. Then the truck pulled away. I was going to run after it, but there was a barricade in the street blocking me, so I yelled, “Jesus, come back!”The truck stopped and began backing up. I noticed the back of the moving van’s door was made of glass. Behind it sat Jesus in a nice chair. Several others were in the back of the truck, seemingly sitting higher than Jesus, (similar to stadium seating, but in the dark). I couldn’t see them very well. When the truck stopped, it was still about twenty yards away. The door opened and Jesus jumped out. He was dressed as a modern man and clean-shaven. He beckoned to me and said, “Come to Me, Timothy.” I went around the barricade and ran to Him. When I reached Him, I both fell down and fell at His feet to worship Him. He touched my head, then lifted me up, and said, “Join Me in the truck. I have much to tell you.” I sat on the floor of the back of the truck, and He sat back in the nice chair. I stared intently at Him and listened with all my might, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not hear Him, even though I saw His mouth moving. After He finished speaking, we got out. We were then standing in the street again. I ran over to Him, and put my arms around Him, and squeezed Him as hard as I could, never wanting to let go. He hugged me also, and while pushing me back gently, said, “Timothy, you must stay here for a little longer... I will return.”He got back into the truck, and it drove away.

After the dream, I woke up to give my son a bottle. During this short time, I prayed that The Lord might tell me my dream’s meaning. When I fell back to sleep, I had exactly the same dream again, but this time a voice said, “Listen, while I give you your dream’s interpretation.”

This is the dream interpretation given back to Timothy.

From an Angel of God, the Interpretation of Timothy’s Dream

The road, in which you stand, is a crossroads in your faith, and the man near to you represents The Holy Spirit of God. The board blocking the vehicle, holding Christ Jesus, is that you now know the truth but do not yet see or understand it, for your faith is weak and may fall for it is only held up by two bricks. You have the third brick; its arrow points the way, for the path is straight and narrow. Place it at the base of your faith, so it is strengthened. The hidden moving van leaving, then returning at your call, represents that Jesus is among you unseen, but now is gathering those who belong to Him. The door of glass is that you will come to see Him in your understanding, and that He will return and every eye shall see Him, but first He will fill His truck with all who are His and take them with Him. The people in the back of the truck are His angels. The barricade in the street represents those things and those people blocking your way to The Lord, which you must overcome to be close to The Lord, to do His will. You falling at His feet is your worship, and also your stumblings in your faith because of sin... Jesus will lift you up each and every time. Jesus inviting you into His truck means you are now His, and you will soon go with Him. The seat, in which He sits, is the Mercy Seat. Him speaking to you is two-fold, for He will be speaking to you unheard by others, and not yet understood by you, for you have not yet partook of His Word, which He has called you to devour day and night. Then will you hear and understand Him clearly. You both stepping from the truck is that your time has not yet come to go with Him. He will still be with you in spirit. Your strong, loving embrace is that you must hold steadfast to your faith in Christ, and never let go, for you now stand alone in the street again. The path before you, only you can choose to walk...

Look behind you, Timothy, The Spirit has not left you...

You are not alone.


5/12/04 A Conversation Between God The Father and Timothy

[God The Father] Timothy, listen as I speak. The time draws near, when you must speak to those around you My word, the Word of God. You shall bring many to Christ. Many will also come against you, and stone you with the words of their mouths.

[Timothy] How do I speak what I don’t know?

[God The Father]
 On that day I will give you the words, for your mouth is not your own, but My mouth; and your mind, not your mind, but what I have given you.

 What should I do?

[God The Father] Until then, you must devour My Word day and night, as a starving man devours bread.

[Timothy] When is this day?

[God The Father] This you can not know, until this day has come upon you.

[Timothy] I’m scared. I fear speaking in front of people.

[God The Father] Were you not scared before the races of your youth? Did you not prepare day and night, for many nights? Was not your race won and your fears unfounded? Was not your race worth your time and energy? Is not the task, I have set before you, many times more important, many times more rewarding? You have said yourself, you want everyone to have what you have.

[Timothy] What if people try to hurt me?

[God The Father] Do not fret for The Lord’s hands are upon you, and no harm can come to you, for I am The Power and The Glory.

[Timothy] Are there others like me?
[God The Father] Many have I called as I have called you, more than you can number, to do the same as I have asked of you. Do not share these words with others until the time appointed, but write them down and share them with your wife only. For she has been your strength in your time of need and she will aid you in making your path straight. For I have laid it before you, but you must take it... And I will provide The Way.

Notice the date - I am not sure if this is the 5th of December 2004, or 12th if May 2004, either way this is the preparation of the beginning of the end and in particular the year 2004.

By this time Central London County Court with the District Judge and Manchester High Court had both accepted corrupt evidence they have persistently refused to correct their crimes against me, by lawyers here with the use of corrupt dishonest evidence provided and supplies to the court. They threatened me with homelessness and sent baliffs to my home. Bear in mind I am a totally innocent person and traumatised, with one days notice with the court issuing a warrant to force entry into my home.. In an earlier article I wrote of crying and praying to God for help and heard HIS VOICE.


The voice was out loud and penetrating of The Father - Commanding, with authority that no one would dare even deny this or stand mocking God that is for sure. It was days after this that I asked God if he wanted me to share His Word with people I will be his instrument to deliver the truth to people and the word was inspired in this time, writing word for word what came to me. 

As Timothy would have been hesitant to share, I was  being very reluctant to share openly in England especially in my profoundly weakened state fighting for my life. In this time it needs to be said that I could not speak through losing my voice from trauma and was mostly bed bound for over three years.

So the timing of Timothy's dream and being guided in Truth by Christ is actually one of the most significant discoveries and sharing why His messages are given and shared openly freely to reach as many people as possible. This time God is not tolerating the God mockers any more hurting his people. 

The Wrath of God is overdue and I have been given the understanding that everyone is going to be returned to know and Fear God in one way or another. The mighty will be brought to their knees.

God bless you Timothy

And Thank You Jesus again for your validation. 

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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