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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

£3.3m Deal Branson Controls Trains London to Scotland

The Daily Mail headline reads: £3.3billion East Coast deal gives Branson control of BOTH main routes from London to Scotland as Government promises 'fantastic' deal for passengers and taxpayers

A consortium involving Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Trains and transport group Stagecoach has won a £3.3billion contract to run the East Coast main line from next year.

The decision means that the two primary rail routes between London and Scotland will be operated by the same two companies. Stagecoach and Virgin have controlled the West Coast Main Line since 1997.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said it represented a 'fantastic deal' for passengers and taxpayers and would mean new trains and better services. 

The £3.3billion deal will give Branson (pictured) control of both of the main lines from London to Glasgow

The figure 3.3 is interesting as this is a figure that is precisely measured in the width of a former old railway track that became a bridal path and now a cycle track. Nothing is coincidence.

People have told me that Queen Elizabeth once travelled along this old railway, with the people gathering and waving their flags......then it closed down. I was told there was  a train crash too, not able to find the actual information of this right now but people had been killed.

With Richard Brandson using the Virgin name for his business, he has not only make his fortune, but also transforming the railway services too.

Remembering watching an interview with one his peers at school, and I am not sure if he said this to Richard himself or just thought it 'Richard will either become a multi-millionaire or be  in prison. The brightest of people often have the most out of the ordinary ideas...Is this man driven by money? Or is he driven by ideas? We really do not know. What is known he has a purpose in this timeline.

The £3.3 million deal for Virgin to control London and Scotland

Read the full article below and lets see what unfolds..

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Pauline Maria

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