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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 28 November 2014

A Thought about Yahoo Re-appearing Again

A few weeks ago I had sorted out the computer, reloaded everything because of viruses and tend to use Google search engine, because of being used to it....Suddenly Yahoo appeared.

A few times I thought about writing this...but got sidetracked.

Why the sudden appearance of Yahoo and why the name?

YAH is a name of God......did you know this?

The internet as we know it WWW. was thought by Tim Berners Lee to be a way for people to share information and access information. People have created this. People are heads of corporations and various services and professions who also advertise services and provide information too.

It was not in the divine plan to keep people in the dark.

Educated people become so by learning....

There are people saying that there are people who do not want humanity to evolve - actually this is necessary for the survival of the human race and future generations...

I do agree there are some things that those in the know do not want people to know. The reason is because bubbles will burst and illusion will be peeled away...The masks so many people hide behind are not unique. We are all individuals. Very few people know their true self and so a status is important.

Behind every status is a human being with flaws and weaknesses...No one is perfect. No one expects perfection. But when people are sincere something amazing happens, this gives other people permission to be sincere too. It is difficult sitting in the company of the insensitive and uncaring, It is difficult learning about the most diabolical abuses going on in our world...But with Yahoo we are reminded, God Rules.

Some time about in one of my heart to heart, soul to soul messages with Jesus he spoke of people not caring about other people and being given reason to start caring...This lesson is manifesting in or world. And in facing difficulty and with threats of homelessness with these ongoing legal battles that I want over, the reminder of a far higher power watching over us all is given - even with Yahoo every day.
Not having the technical know to get started...I have a domain name that I want to start up as a membership network - with membership to ward off the scammers. The membership was in mind to promote levels of sharing expertise, trade and business networking..Perhaps it will happen. Just thinking about this with the Yahoo name...this is slightly different. It could work as a team. It is not the right time yet.

Not knowing if Yahoo was named with God in mind...

Everything happens for a reason...the name is huge today.

In my title named 'A Thought about Yahoo Re-appearing Again' - remember this is the time when Jesus Christ is to return and re-appear to people...Nothing is coincidence. In the most unexpected ways we are given the signs and messages, the reminders and even indication of what is going on....

Sometimes we need to read beyond the lines...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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