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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Child sees Jesus Wearing Crown Bolton 24th October

On 29th October, I was with a friend from India when young children came to say hello. The five year old announced he had seen Jesus two days before wearing his crown. My friend was most surprised.

She asked me about experiences and I had just spoken about being given visions of several different crowns. In particular I described a heavy gold King Crown that had a big red stone, a rope design around the circlet and also the two tablets with the Ten Commandments written in a foreign language. I had presumed this to be written in Hebrew. The understanding given was that I am being given this crown to look after. This King crown I understand belongs to Jesus Christ because he has been given Sovereign Authority.

What was not expected was the child speaking about his experience and yet, this is a child that Jesus has chosen to communicate His Truth and validate that he is not only knowing exactly who I am, but the child has been instrumental to bring messages to me. One time he spoke of a very important message that Jesus wanted him to tell me and asking the child what this was, he replied 'Erm I forgot now'.

In this visitation Jesus was holding a baby in his hands.

So going back to what the child described happened on the 24th October, he said he saw Jesus go over to a horse that jumped over a fence and it was injured and (his words had died). He said the man riding the horse was on the ground. He spoke of Jesus going over to the horse and healing it. The horse then stood up. He spoke of also going over to the man reaching his hands towards the man who then got up. The child said the man got back on the horse and rode off.

Asking the child how do you know it was Jesus, he said he was wearing a crown. Describing the crown he said it was silver with points, with a big red stone and a cross on top. Asking if they spoke together he replied No. Asking who was with him - he replied his dad (who did not see Jesus or what happened) Asking what Jesus was wearing he explained a blue t shirt and brown trousers. Defining the brown colour, he was able to say it was darker than a plant pot. The blue tshirt was not deep blue colour.

The child said he saw Jesus at Blackshaw School.

Who am I to argue or deny what Jesus is revealing to children. I am just sharing this message that was given, knowing that it was given for a reason and knowing that Jesus, is communicating with this child and other people today. Perhaps the message that was timely arriving was to prove to my friend that not only does Jesus perform miracles and shows the innocent ones his 'life giving power', the most significant element of this experience also came with the crown being described and again the silver crown was identified.

Silver Crown is a unit of currency. Sterling Silver also identifies Sterling in Scotland. Not able to say for sure about the red stone, already seeing the red stone in the gold crown, a crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II also has a red stone. 'Red Emerald' came to mind some time ago and I did wonder if the same is set in the crown. If this is the case, red emeralds are mined in UTAH (in an earlier article I had written about the Tabernacle fire at Provo and part survival of the painting that just reveals Jesus Christ return.

This Silver Crown commemorates the Silver Jubilee in 1977, the year I was partly living in Greece. By then I had been sitting on the steps of the Acropolis and experienced a connection from the heavens in this place with a profound sense of belonging to this place and the people. At that time I had not been told about the great fire in Smyrna or knew about the ancient Acropolis in Smyrna - my grandmother's homeland. These temple buildings are connected with the name of my mother Athena - Athens is named Athena.

So while the world has a few people of integrity watching on to what is happening even here in England, the persistent refusal for the British establishment to return the Acropolis Marbles, seemingly does no ham to anyone and yet it reveals blatant arrogance of the God mockers known to the world. Instead of allowing people to live in peace and know the spiritual laws in context, the laws for profit and going against God thrives because positions of power and gains has superseded doing right by everyone..

If Queen Elizabeth is sincere in her faith in God, Jesus Christ will be communicating to her very clearly too. She most certainly would understand my circumstances and know that I have been under attack by unseen forces and had freak car crashes too. There are people who seek the power of invisibility and such powers can be used to harm anyone. Physical injury includes being pushed down the stairs. I have also felt as if being beaten by a rod of iron and stabbed repeatedly (seeing deep bruises on my legs for days afterwards) After this experience I was unable to walk for several days and since have had pain...

Injury might be by black magic using an effigy..God KNOWS!

God really is the ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING ONE! The creator of all seen and unseen, knows all that is happening. There are people who are willing to give up their soul for powers. Their choice. And as evil is warned about - spiritual wickedness by rulers in this world - read Ephesians 6. This indicates that people have made pacts with Satan for powers but no surprise really. Jesus Rejected Satan.

When Jesus reveals himself wearing his crown speaking to the children, they pass on messages that would be seen as being most important, One child who asked to be known as Michael. was told by Jesus he would be his messenger and to remember that he suffered too. Jesus told a seven year old girl she was blessed after speaking to her several times. One Christmas morning Jesus appeared in her bedroom and she casually greeted him with Happy Birthday Jesus. This same child had a dream in August 2012 that Jesus has a home in Cornwall. As 2012 was the Diamond Jubilee Year celebrated by Queen Elizabeth,

With Prince Charles being given the title Duke of Cornwall. the British royals have always known that one day Jesus will return and the hierarchy in the Church have also known this too. They know if God is ruling over one land, He is ruling over all lands. Charles is the Patron of a charity that is named 'God's Acre; - so being in a joint role with his mother, the steps have been taken to assure their family succession, a position of gains and yet, having known of decades of injustice in this land, is the devils court in this land too?

One would think that the people and officials would be excited and eager to know Jesus Christ is appearing and speaking with children and adults - after all, if this is a Christian Land, they might be ready to learn of the true Christianity, one that promotes love and not war and conquest lands with weapons of war. God does not do deals with people for favours and He seeks no reward. Even if the evil one was to give up everything stolen from people - there is no guarantee he will be able to enter heaven. But the evil that exists is depriving people of being allowed to evolve and live in peace. The evil one has thrived for some time.

Anyway the sharing of the experience of the child is delayed in being documented...but it has to be published here. And it is interesting because a horse died in Australia - why would Jesus choose to bring to life a horse with no pedigree of value in the eyes of those who value the status and gains, other than to prove yet again that he will always be with the poor people and those who are sincere in their heart.

In an earlier heart to heart message recorded some time back, Jesus has said he will not be performing like a circus act and he spoke of only 1% of the people who are ready for him and sincere in their heart. If Jesus was to bring to life a horse that has fallen, collapsed and died that has been used for racing - would the owner and the gamblers have any value of the miracle taken place or even get the message?

Thinking earlier of the man who was disabled in the ancient times and Jesus went over to him, instructing him to stand up and he did....a man who could not walk did. And in bringing humans to life - from sleeping state to waking state this was because it was the Will of God this happened. Not everyone wants to be brought to life again or seeks to have everlasting life in this physical body....but we can consider that there are people who live well over a hundred of years and in ancient times people lived for several hundred years.

The poisons in our food and water is contributing to illness. Right now with the extreme stress I am suffering strain on my heart with chest pains but I know also that in being silenced, people are not learning that Jesus really is alive and making his presence known. He wants to save souls not for people to perish.

The way Jesus is reaching people; preparing the next generation is through children. When the generations that are alive today have gone, already the new Kingdom is being established. The precision of detail that is being given to the children to understand, is also with specific children chosen as his helpers. The role to inspire faith in adults again, is not by children who are indoctrinated by any religion, but with Jesus being the Teacher a role that he has already held and continues to hold. Seek the Teacher to know His Truth.

On the day Jesus healed the horse and raised the man up from the ground, there was a commotion with the landing of an air ambulance - learning via a former high up officer in the police that they might have been marking out emergency landing spots. As these eurocopters are flown by military, it was at the time thought to be a military exercise....even though the air ambulance service is presented as 'a charity'

Cost of Jesus to raise a horse up from dead to alive and help a man back  on his feet again - not a penny. The cost of run an air ambulance is £1.5 million with much emphasis there is no government funding. Not sure if this is because they are keen to fund war and not to heal people as a priority.

Of the crown that the child said was worn by Jesus he did a little sketch and it appeared to be in this shape.
Silver king crown icon, 3d image.

The child drew the situation of the red stone and then a cross just above this. The finest of detail was shown and remembers. With the cross I thought of the Red Cross, a charity that operates with volunteers collecting donations - there is no limit on what directors earn from running a charity. In the case of the British Red Cross, Prince Charles is the President. So perhaps Jesus was making a point to be discovered with this crown and yet I am just considering what is presented and what is relevant to know.


In just finding this cross it is of most significant for it is the Red Cross of Constantine United Grand Imperial Council Knight Grand Cross - Constantinople was named after Constantine, before this Byzantium was named. It is inside the Patriarchate of Constantinople I saw Jesus speaking to the Holy Orthodox Priests guiding the Spiritual Leaders in a dream. He was wearing black and from his heart a golden light expanded to take the shape of a big gold cross (9th May 2014) He is certainly aware of (the originator) of the assassination plot against HH Bartholomew I. 

Not every minister of religion is serving God in truth. It is for everyone to realise the error of their ways. Not every minister of religion is guided by the Holy Spirit of Truth. Pope Francis I warned The Mafia to repent or they will go to hell. The Mafia do not rule over God.   

A website link is provided of he report of the Admire Rakti - the horse that collapsed and died from heart failure at the end of the race in Melbourne Australia. There is another incident where a horse was also put down after an injury. The report identifies the mystery deepens. Just from what was taking place in England, the mystery of Jesus wearing his crown, makes sense if there was a planned military exercise masked as a charity saving lives at the time.

Many people 'forgot Jesus is King of the United Kingdom.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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