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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 21 November 2014

Duchess of Alba Could Have Been Queen of Scotland

Have you ever read a report and know there is something else that is significant to know

The Express  reports with the headlines: The lost Queen of Scotland? How the Duchess of Alba could have held the Stuart crown

It is written to quote this article 'AS the Duchess of Alba took her last breath this morning we examine her centuries old claim to the Scottish crown as a member of the House of Stuart.'

The Duchess of Alba had a claim to the Scottish throne

The article writes the Duchess of Alba had a claim to the Scottish Crown. The identification of the lineage in Spain is being revealed today - when this is most interesting, because of historical events.

To continue 'The 87-year-old billionaire from Spain was said to be one of two main contenders from the Stuart dynasty, whose Scottish monarchs transformed the country during their time in power.

The Duchess of Alba might have argued she had the strongest claim.

During the Scottish referendum, First Minister Alex Salmond always insisted that Queen Elizabeth II would remain as head of state after a Yes vote but others were not so sure.

Some Scots looked back fondly in the history books to their Stuart kings, the first of whom was Robert II in 1371.

By the 17th century, they ruled all of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.'

If I recall there were laws in place to prevent 'foreigners; meaning people born outside the United Kingdom from inheriting the Crown. These laws may have been removed today. There is certainly some drama going on in the world. Not all is clear - again succession is being brought to light..  

The Duchess of Alba is pictured with Prince Charles 

Quoting the details information written in the original article:

'In 1603, James VI of Scotland became James I in London, unifying the two crowns. His son Charles I was executed and Charles II ascended to the thrones after Oliver Cromwell’s inter-regnum.

Charles II’s brother, Roman Catholic James II, 

then ruled until the Glorious Revolution saw him depart the British Isles.

The last Stuart monarch was Queen Anne, who died childless in 1714.

The Crown passed to the House of Hanover, but the Stuart line continued abroad.

Respected Telegraph commentator Peter Oborne during the referendum wrote that David Cameron might have thrown a spanner in Scotland’s constitutional works.

He wrote: “Will the Queen be allowed to remain as Scottish monarch? “I have no doubt that the Queen herself would strongly prefer that she did. 

“But it is not simply a matter for her. She is constitutionally obliged to take the advice of the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

“Cameron has already denied Scotland the pound sterling. He is entitled to deny the Scots the House of Windsor, especially since the Scots had their own separate monarch before James the VI and I unified the crowns of England and Scotland in 1603.”

He said the closest in line is Franz, Duke of Bavaria, descended from Charles I’s youngest daughter Henrietta.

However, Franz, 81, who suffered at the hands of the Nazis, has always downplayed his interest in making any claims on the British or Scottish thrones.

Mr Oborne said that would leave the door open to the most titled woman in the world, the Duchess of Alba, whose official name is  Doña María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, Grandee of Spain.

As part of her name suggests, she too was able to trace her line back to the Stuart dynasty.

The Duchess of Alba was the most titled nobleman or woman in the world, with more than 40 honours to her name according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The head of the 539-year-old House of Alba had been a duchess seven times over and enjoys the privilege of not having to kneel before the Pope.'

The Duchess married in 2011 for the third time to a civil servant 24 years her junior and was one of Spain's most famous and richest people, with her wealth estimated to be worth up to around £2.9 billion pounds.

The Duchess of Alba's wealth includes thousands of acres of land and hundreds of paintings and historical artefacts.

Among them are Christopher Columbus' first map of America and a first edition of classic novel Don Quixote.
Prior to her most recent marriage the Duchess of Alba's children tried to block her plans to wed Alfonso Díez.

It was reported that her claims to the House of Alba wealth would be lost if she married the civil servant.

However, the Duchess of Alba bypassed her children's concerns by giving them their inheritance in advance.

She later claimed that she was still in control of her fortune.

She said: "I made the shareout because I wanted to. Nobody pressured me. Anyway, as long as I am alive everything remains in my hands."

Reflecting on her wealth, Mr Oborne joked: “If she became queen of an independent Scotland she would be in a position to bail out the Scottish government financially.”

With Queen Elizabeth II now in her twilight years, time will tell what will be. Reading that David Cameron has already denied the Pound Sterling, this reminded me of a dream that followed with a news report of Queen Elizabeth visiting Scotland, if I recall for the Ceremony of The Keys.

In my dream I was standing with other people on a vista point. In front of me was a big silver car that had a big £ sign on the windscreen that looked to be dark red. Waking up I thought of Sterling Silver, Sterling Currency and this would make sense with the £ sign. With the royals there is a Royal bloodline that would relate

Scotland has featured in the Da Vinci Code while a film it is published for a reason. With Roslyin Chapel in Scotland, in this film there was the identification of a preserved genealogy of an ancient bloodline. And what is most important about this bloodline is that it goes back to ancient times and God's Promise to people.

For myself personally, it is interesting that what was being revealed to me a long time ago, while not in the practicaly genealogy records that are known right at the top - the connection to England and the United Kingdom, with Spain - but most importantly to preserve the Holy Bloodline for the return of Jesus Christ.

A long while ago I read an article that people born outside England would not be eligible to be be Queen of England and the United Kingdom. This might have been reason why the Duchess of Alba while meeting birthright criteria was not Queen of Scotland. Instead she has shown Spain is most significant and with her funeral standing by her coffin side by side paintings of Jesus carrying his cross and Mary wearing her crown and mantle.. 

On the side,each side of the coffin was a footstool with something on top, that I thought 'the holy belt of righteousness'. The footstools were made in imperial purple material. Everything has a reason.

The Queen is said to be Custodian of the Crown of David. While there are other Queens. The coronation, followed by lifting unto a seat on top of pyramid steps. Elizabeth was preserving God's footstool on earth and from what I understand when God chooses, He remains the authority over all of us.

Earlier today I was thinking about Juan-Carlos perhaps to write to him, because of the ongoing (13 years) inheritance dispute that I was forced into with fraud upon the court and perjury is involved. I did not tell the Greek Court or English Court about the Spanish paternal domicile of origin, from my father.

In returning this Kingdom to Jesus Christ, there is only so much injustice and blatant God mocking that is going to be tolerated. God loves the people and the Laws written to protect people were given. When the laws are corrupted this creates chaos and innocent people are hurt and made destitute. There has to be correction and God only knows His Plan and He is guiding his sincere servants accordingly.

In history there has been bloodshed on these lands and in Europe too. God's way has ensured that people have married in history and in the marriage union bringing lands and people together. The future is already decided from what has taken place in ancient history. The pathway is already laid down.

The Duchess made an impact on the people in Spain. The meaning of being Royal is not always understood because it is more than being of a family bloodline, it is especially if we are  enlightened to be divinely guided by God (the concern is when this is being condemned in England) The Imperial Crown should be connected with Jesus Christ after all this is His Kingdom being looked after or at least should be.

The spiritually enlightened ones are evolved souls. And if people are born spiritually enlightened there is no death - there is the time when the soul is set free to embark on the next part of their journey.

Before I close a thought came to mind earlier today 'James Stewart' the famous name in movies and yet, it isintersting while sounding the same, people are being brought to remember, even subconsciously the name because it has reason. Elizabeth Taylor being famous - Queen Elizabeth being world famous.

If we go back in time, the cousin of the Virgin Mary Elisabeth was the person who recognised Mary was carrying the Holy Child in her womb. Today in a totally different era Queen Elizabeth and  Doña María bring a reminder for the continuation of the Levite family of ancient history.

One tree has many branches....One family tree and yet there was a division in the humanity family tree. The way of uniting this complicated family of ours and returning on the right path, we will be shown. A lady is no longer here today as the Duchess of Alba and yet she is also a reminder that life does go on.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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