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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rape War Crime: Joan Collins & Brave Miss World

There is another article in the Daily Mail....Joan Collins speaks out. The 81 year old actress has spoken out about being raped by the man who was to be her husband. She was just 17.

Joan Collins has spoken about her ordeal by Maxwell Reed in 1974 on a new documentary tackling sexual violence. At the time she was a virgin and guilt was the reason she married  her perpetrator.

Joan Collins has written about her ordeal in her autobiography. The article writes she was drugged and raped and yet somehow this lady has put on a smile for the world and got on with her life.

Joan Collins in Brave New World: The speaks on camera for the first time about being raped by her future husband Maxwell Reed in the inspiring  documentary 

Acting, this is a profession that allows people to get in touch with their own feelings while acting out roles. For a long time rape and abuse have been silenced and not talked about. .In this time, men and women who have been through these experiences are being brave and uniting together to heal together too.

We cannot imagine the situation of any man who stole the innocence then the woman victim puts herself in a position to live our years with her perpetrator. This happens in other relationships too.

The film Brave Miss World sees former Miss World. Linor Abargil who was raped in 1988, travel the globe meeting fellow victims. Linor Abargil was raped six weeks before being crowned,

Linor, who was raped just weeks before she was crowned Miss World, talking to Joan on the documentary

Since this experience the former Miss World has made her life's mission to encourage other women to speak out. There is a global healing need that will not be silenced.

Breaking the silence to end silent suffering is the step required that can allow healing too. Staying in a place of suffering, shame and fear prolongs pain and anguish. 

Linor, 34 a mother of three, has since found religion and swapped bikinis for a head scarf

Linor at 34 is a mother of three children. The article writes she has found religion and swapped her bikinis for a head scarf.  With women uniting together and tackling rape, woman can be empowered too.

Linor Abargil (left) and Brave Miss World director Cecilia Peck, daughter of legendary actor Gregory Peck

Linor Abargil pictured with Cecilia Peck, director of Brave Miss World and daughter of legendary actor Gregory Peck.

There is great concern in England where even gang rapists, a group of men were reported to  have had sexual intercourse with a young 17 year old at the same time - The court let the men go free without reprimand or correction.. Did the loser pay the legal bill too?

Actually I confronted this writting to Tony Blair back in 2004. This was in my letter when asking for help for justice but justice never came..Perhaps he was too busy with the wars.

 When money talks, and if preserving the famous and wealthy in such deprave acts, the Judge in that case  just has made this world a very dangerous place by his decision. If a Judge who is taken his oath to the Queen, her heirs and successors allows rapists to walk free, that judge has made rape being legally and socially acceptable. Did lawyers get paid too?

The film shows Linor's meeting victims including American college students, young South Africans living in poverty (above) as well as high profile women

Lindor states' It made me grateful to live in Israel, where I was able to convict my rapist. In India, in Pakistan and many other countries in the Middle East, if a woman spoke out about sexual violence she would be treated like a criminal herself. Those are the places where there is still so much to be done,' she says.

'But most rapes are committed by someone you know, in the family, in the workplace, in the community, in school, and this makes it very hard to speak up.'

For Linor, the most powerful tonic during her ordeal was the support of her mother. 'Without my mum I could never have recovered.

'She gave me support from the moment it happened. She never made me feel ashamed or that it was my fault. I wish every daughter who survives a rape or assault, has a mother like mine.'

In war, rape has escalated and there is the most disgusting and diabolical mindset who think nothing of using and abusing women then discarding them as trash. Just that any man can do this speaks more about what he is about  There is a mindset that promote rape because is is with intention to takes the power of woman aware..Rape is about power and control. 

Too many times the vulnerable innocent are blamed...

There is a spate with drugs being used, and drinks being spiked. One time I was out 'drinking tap water' and put my glass down for 5 minutes if that. I noticed a blue colour and only took a few sips..Moments later the room was spinning. So what effect would this have on someone drinking the whole lot. No one believed me and that made me realise the danger.

In early 2003 I began preparing the ground for an international healing resource for people with eating disorders...My plans were halted. The perjurers dishonest  barrister even denied my professional qualifications. Eager to be paid he lied in court  FRAUD! The law firm that hired him requested my certificates..LIAR LIAR LIAR the abuser projected aggressively 

Between 2003 and 2009 I discovered the need and high ethical standards to be put in place for professionals - I recon 90% of the lawyers in UK do not meet this ...said in context. I discovered the need and learning about peoples experiences with date rape drugs too.

When the law courts are protecting rapist something must  be done...Alteration of the structure in place is to address the needs of anyone who has been violated. The perpetrators of rape who get away with taking women, even by using deception often use this tactic again. A society where a high percentage of males have no regard for the women might be because they were raised not knowing respect for a mother. To heal any illness heal the root cause. 

If we are stepping into hospital and the doctor is busy focused on how much money he will make out of you, how do you know that he is going to be taking care of your well being as a priority? If lawyers work in the legal profession, serve Justice not rape again!

In learning of a rapist in America who got a very long prison sentence, the message might have been clear to warn.  Rape is not acceptable at any circumstances...

Justice and punishment should never  be about profit as a priority. Once people grasp this especially lawyers and Judges, the implementation of correction and ensuring the victim gets help, support and any other need can be recommended without further injury.
How picks up the pieces to heal the broken hearted. Who  builds up confidence of those who have been violated. How many more children will be born from women and children  who are raped during war conditions too. There are men who instinctively want to protect women and children from these situations...It becomes necessary to empower women now.

There is a healing revolution that will not be stopped.

Peace be with you 
Pauline Maria

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