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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 28 November 2014

Return of Yeshua to Israel - Jewish Orthodox Initiative

When sharing any videos, particularly that are relating to lands and people, faith and the prophesies that are given, it is especially important to remember that Jesus is Jewish from his birth. So while there are people who reject Jesus, it is because already the Jews were given the Torah from God.

Even with Jesus coming to fulfil The Law, there is so much more involved that is relevant for understanding. The uninitiated might be insensitive to tradition and even biased towards one people over another. If I want to understand the Jewish perspective on faith, I am going to seek to listen to an Orthodox Rabbi.

This video is with subtitles, and so it allows the viewer to read and take in the message that is being presented. Jews are prepared to recognise Divine Providence, while there are other people who remain blind. And when someone who is being made aware of what it is that is meant to be known, there is also a responsibility to share what is being revealed too. As with the Law that is written, it is for the people who have been given the understanding to interpret the message and recognise the signs.

In this video it is interesting to discover as it is written 'So first of all Judea, Samaria and Gaza spells by acronyms Yeshua, even in right order; for some reason they took down the letter 'vav' that connects.

'his name (in Jewish tradition) we call him Yeshu'

.....and it should pass over from the government of Esau to the government of Israel'

'We need to know there is Messiah son of David " and I shall pour upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem spirit of grace and supplications and they shall look upon me that they pierced' 

Uriah the Hittite is in Gematria "Righteous one of the generation"

'the sages say 'because their sin is unknown their end is unknown'

'If God made the Rabbinic establishment to climb upon a tall tree, then he also made the ladder for them to come down, there needs to be the possibility for landing for all the Rabbinical authorities to this reality, and relating to this subject publicly, a discussion without cursing.....'

Rabbi Ginsburg opens his mouth and stands openly on this matter. It is going to be a great turmult of God.    
......'Rebbe says that "Esau" is ready, he only waits for us to be ready. So why "Jacob: isn't ready, there is s "Jacob" that is far way from the Torah and Commandments so he is surely not ready: but there is a "Jacob" that is apparently close to the Torah and the Commandments, but his Torah and Commandments are in "Egypt" of holiness, within the contraction, within the forbidden so he himself is imprisoned. All the time he is imprisoned he has no common language and ability to communicate with people of Israel and the land here, and surely not with the nations of the world....And we will finish with this thought that King Messiah should come and redeem us and bind us to him as bride and groom on the wedding day, and we should be ready for that marriage, the people of Israel with the King Messiah to be 'with the king in his rule, to be partners of this new creation of the King....

And according to the new Torah, that is the power of permission, that is a Torah that doesn't threaten with a "belt". Lets say one more simple word, when is the time to talk to "Esau" (Christianity)? Literally in the moment the "belt" of "Esau" is made towards us.....Way was it taboo all the time? To make with him negotiations and also speak of subjects that are connected with his culture, that for any religious Jew is Taboo even to talk about.....why? Since he symbolised the "belt", and that is what the Rebbe says: In the moment the world changes and "Esau" isn't that tough any more but his "belt" is made loose, indeed the "belt" made loose on his also a sense, and it is possible to err about it.........;

......To Zion shall the redeemer come, we should merit the true and full redemption through Messiah our righteousness speedily for real even today 19th of kislev, Lechaim'      

What is necessary to understand, Jesus is coming for all people and in our segregation, ,it is mistake to use him as a weapon to attack another people - he did not give this permission to anyone. Jesus was and is today still The Teacher and perhaps people today are more ready to receive him.

Just a final point to reveal to people in the last screenshot in the video is the dome on the rock. The golden dome is symbolic of a crown and the reason this building was put there is to mark an important and significant time of history where again people were reminded of the authority in the heavenly realms. Until the people are ready to understand and willing to stop arguing, then there will be tensions.

God is not for one people and not for another...

In quoting some of the words spoken in the video, it is not quoted in the entirety. Whenever discovering a video or documentary with subtitles that has wise elders speaking - think twice before passing it by. Rather a world with humanity realising that we are one family then endless conflict of wars...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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