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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Succession Law Greek Monarchy - Modern Greece

In discovering this article,  I have decided to copy and paste here the details. This is because there is concern of an abolished Monarchy, with a former King who still uses the term King of the Greeks.

Being born from the womb of my Greek Athenian mother who was the daughter of a Greek born Citizen of Athens, perhaps the world remembers the stolen acropolis marbles from the temple  in her name. It is also with experiencing ongoing legal corruption; involving perjury in the Greek Court and English High Court - legal corruption is defined with lawyers submitting dishonest evidence for financial gain - their fees.

With my Greek grandmother's family having come from Smyrna, it is in this ancient place that Biblical and prophesy has been referred to for the people and the churches. And if we lived in a world where all Kings and officials were sincere in their faith, there would be no deception to people, injustice or war.

Because there are people who reject the Most High authority and the Laws that were given to protect people and their rights, we are all given FREE Will to keep the authority of God and not man. If man rejects the authority of God so easily he can overlook the Living Lord Jesus Christ over His People.

In trying to understand a little about history, there is concern with plunging Greek people into difficulty is an act that could be influenced by the most diabolical power, to accept a Godless King. The Holy Bible writes in the Book of Revelation of those who say who are Jews and yet are not, they are off the synagogue of Satan - the distinction being made that there are Jews who are pious who seek to do right in the Eyes of God and they are also God Fearing - knowing since ancient times the Wrath of God is severe.

When man is making complicated laws then at least this is for the rights of people to know about and understand. If the laws are not in agreement with the Divine Plan they will  be destroyed.

London has exercised an authority to decide laws and partition of lands to create new states. This has been seen with the creation of the State of Israel a homeland for the Jewish people and this was seen to be done by Royal decree meaning it is unchangeable. The formation of New Greece came by a treaty.

The Succession Laws of the Greek Monarchy



To be completed.

The first dynasty (1832-62)

Modern Greece emerged from a war of liberation from Ottoman domination (1823-27). The state was founded by the Treaty of London of 1832, which instored a monarchy. The crown was offered to Prince Friedrich Otto of Bavaria (1815-67), second son of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. His father accepted for him, the Greek National Assembly ratified the choice in August 1832, and he reigned under the name of Otto I of Greece, at first under a Bavarian-led regency (1832-35), and later in his own name (1835-62). Greece remained under the protection of Great Britain, France, and Russia.

The law of succession (specified in detail in a supplementary article to the convention of 7 May 1832) was semi-salic. The throne was hereditary from male to male in the legitimate issue of Otto, else in that of his younger brother Luitpold (1821-1912), else in that of his youngest brother Adalbert (1828-75). Luitpold's issue succeeded in Bavaria in 1913, when the last descendent of Otto's eldest brother Maximilian was deposed. (See Paul Theroff'sOnline Gotha entry on Bavaria).

Otto took possession of his new kingdom on 22 Feb 1833.  Under pressure, he granted a constitution in 1844. He was deposed by a revolution on Oct. 23, 1862.

Under the terms of the succession law, his claim to the throne would have passed on his death in 1867 to his younger brother Luitpold, who was regent of Bavaria from 1886 to 1912; and after him to Ludwig who became king Ludwig III of Bavaria in 1913. At this point, tracing the claim becomes problematic.
Article 8 of the 1832 convention prevented the union of the two crowns on the same head, and the supplementary article of 1833 prevented the union with any other crown. Otto's renunciation of 1836 deals with his claim to the throne of Bavaria, which he did not renounce fully but merely postponed behind those of his younger brothers. Should their lines become extinct, the crown of Bavaria would pass to a junior branch of the house of Greece, or in absence thereof, to Otto's uncle Karl (who died in 1875 without male issue) or to the ducal line of Bavaria.

Had the Bavarian dynasty remained on the throne of Greece, it is likely that Luitpold, upon his "accession" in 1867, would have made a similar renunciation. In that case, the crown of Greece would have passed to his eldest son Ludwig in 1912, and the crown of Bavaria (say, at the death of king Otto in 1916, or even when he was deposed in 1913) would have passed, according to the terms of such a renunciation, to Ludwig's second son Karl Maria Luitpold (1874-1927, without issue), then to his third son Franz Maria Luitpold (1875-1957) and his extant issue. Meanwhile, the crown of Greece would have continued in the line of Ludwig's eldest son Ruprecht (1869-1955), his son Albrecht (1905-96) and the present duke of Bavaria, Franz (b. 1933). Franz's heir presumptive would be his brother Max-Emanuel, who is without male issue, and after him the claim to Greece would go to the line of Franz Maria Luitpold.

The second dynasty (1863-1974)

After Otto's deposition, the Great Powers committed themselves to finding a new king who did not belong to any of their ruling families, and offered the throne to the second son of Christian IX of Denmark, Wilhelm (1845-1913), a minor at the time, who became king under the name of George I, king of the Hellenes (instead of king of Greece). A new constitution was promulgated in 1864, and revised in 1911.

George I was succeeded by his son Constantine I (1868-1923), who reigned from 1913 to 1917 and from 1920 to 1922. His second son Alexander (1893-1920) reigned from 1917 to 1920, then his eldest son George II (1890-1947) reigned from 1922 to 1924 and from 1935 to his death, and finally his third son Paul (1901-64). A constitution was promulgated in 1952. Paul's son Constantine II (b. 1940) succeeded his father, but was forced into exile by a military coup on 13 Dec 1967. The military regime abolished the monarchy in 1973. Democracy returned in 1974, and a referendum rejected the restoration of the monarchy.

See Paul Theroff's Online Gotha entry on Greece for the dynasty's genealogy.

Convention of 7 May 1832 between Great Britain, France, Russia, and Bavaria

(Source: Hertslet, vol. 2, p. 893, 919)
[preamble omitted]

The connection between Great Britain, France and Russia protecting Greece, might also be with precautions taken that would prevent anyone cheating their way to be be a ruler over the Greek people. .

The Holy Scripture in Daniel 10 identifies the Prince of Greece and Persia. Michael is named as the only one who supports Christ in truth. Consider this - Michael  Jackson owned a crown, throne chair and mantle 'for a reason'. Seen by many people as a Prophet, Michael was not silent about real issues in our world today. In the Jubilee Year, his THIS IS IT tour is when land should return to the Holy Laws and yet because this was ignored, the reminder of war, injustice, famine and the this earth being destroyed was shown..

Back in 2004 Athens Olympics opening ceremony a lady portrayed as pregnant descended down a ramp, the orators used the word 'Hades' Her Royal Robe was removed by an angel. Her womb was illuminated in light - a spiritually enlightened baby was shown to be born connected with Athens Greece. Broken marbles were raised up and put back together - a symbolic action seen to mend the elements of Greek history. What was also shown was DNA Helix - a bloodline connected with ancient Greece..

It is also interesting that Emiritus Pope Benedict XVI was Bavarian. A few years ago I was given the understanding that He was an important instrument to gather the flock from Germany 'in peace'. when an ugly history has reported the most horrific and diabolical acts to kill people from the tribes who knew the ancient Laws and also the three crowns. As the Jews have been entrusted with the Oralcle of God we must ask, why woud anyone want to kill multitudes of Jews other than to silence these people.

In my growing up years, my parents had fiends from Germany who were involved in business - if they lacked integrity they would not be regarded as trusted friends.  For some years I have a dear friend who is part German and Scots descent, who also looked like Diana when younger. In a dream Jesus showed Arabians bring given bread and wine by Jesus indicating also they are his blood relations too.

Enlightenment comes from Jesus Christ himself.

Today the Acropolis marbles that were stolen, are not returned. There has been indication that conditions will be attached to their return and including the giving up of any title....No clarity was given if meaning hereditary titles/or any legal title that would be historical and connected with Ancient Greece. Within the pages of the Holy Bible, many truths are found and tribes are also identified for a reason.

When man or woman is placed as the head or authority over people who have not evolved spiritually, the decisions that are made to the detriment of people are the sign of the times. Man has decided wars when  God has united people and lands together with love and marriage. He knows who is sincere. He knows who is obedient to Him - this meaning who is hearing His voice clearly and His instruction, not just relying on written scriptures.. And at any time God can flatten palaces and mountains and He will.

I am witness to people from India in pain because children have married outside the tribe and yet have the understanding that in the divine plan, God is always going to reconcile His people to Him with the children and grandchildren from these unions. Alexander the Great, born to Phillip II and his wife Olympias became King over a territory from Greece to Egypt and into northwest ancient India. In the ancient times Jesus Christ travelled to India to ensure the people from India came into the fold being his family.

A monarch might expect to have the right to live above the laws for man, but actually they are not above the law whatsoever. In England, Athens is now named on the Duchy of Lancaster with Jesus appearing wearing his crown several times to children on the Royal Duchy of Lancaster -He remains obedient to the Father and he also remains to be keeping his promise to the people. He is the good shepherd.  

After the great fire in Smyrna in 1922, officials involved were executed except one. Already a vast number of innocent Greek and Armenian Orthodox Christians were killed in a genocide agenda. Prince Philip's father was protected and saved by the British establishment. When Phillip married Elizabeth, perhaps the British establishment thought people would forget. God does not forget. Everything has been written.

Last night I was told in 1955 English soldiers went to the Sinai Peninsula assuming to control of the area and this was after Elizabeth was crowned. Even today, sometimes wealth and titles can be illusory. There is no law that is legitimate other than The Law given by God and even that requires careful thought. And if officials understood The Law they would be trembling in their feet not taking up arms for war.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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