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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 17 November 2014


The video title is THE HOURGLASS IS EMPTY - IT HAS BEGAN. Being guided to find this today and this being a very recent message that was given to Julie on 20th October 2014.

The video was published on Youtube 12 Nov 2014

In looking to find the latest message that is given to Julie to share, I have also shared the website link below so everyone can access this freely. We who are guided by God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are being challenged with spiritual warfare to silence us. Still the truth cannot be silenced and in my absolute exhaustion I have found Julies videos.  

The message given by Jesus for his people is the same he gives for everyone. He has many helpers now. Not everyone is hearing clearly or delivering HIS message. Julie has been chosen to deliver the truth and put out there the words that the God mockers and scoffers might ignore. 

The video above shows Jesus uses the word 'wailing' and this is the same that he has given to me too. He also uses the expression God mockers - because there are those who believe they are untouchable and it is these people in particular that he is aiming this term to belong to. The bringing down low of the mighty is also written in Holy Scriptures. The evil that is prevailing today is foretold.

Tuesday 11th Nobember 2014, Julie was given this message. It also also with the 11:11 the master numbers to show that in this measure there is quality on both sides as we can see. 

As it happens the other day I was guided to find the following message and so I will share again with the text message written on Julies website. Evidently it is important today.


'Daughter tell these words to My children. The time is now in which the government of My Kingdom has been established on this earth. You who have been chosen for this time of now have been strategically positioned and stand ready to receive further instructions. My Bride now rises as My Council of leaders in this place and in the lands across the earth. She stands ready in full battle gear anticipating the directives of her Captain. All of the armies of heaven await My commands as well. You will rule and reign as it is My power and authority given to you to establish righteousness and holiness in this place. The time of fear and doubt, disbelief and uncertainty are long gone for you now hold My eternal perspective in all things. You function as One with Me, One heart, One spirit in Our Father. We wield Our swords mightily to establish justice and render punishment where punishment is due. You My Bride have been given the positions of great leadership during these turbulent times. Stand tall, stand firm, stand fast for this is your highest calling. I have set you apart, ordained you and sanctified you to establish My Kingdom government for these times. All that has led you up to this point is now in the past. You must have complete trust, complete obedience, faith like a child and the desire to serve with all your heart for the time has come to take back what belongs to Me for My Kingdom. Never grow weary My saints, never grow weary for My grace is always sufficient for every task and it is My strength that proves true through your weaknesses. Surrender all, continue to follow every lead to the minutest detail and your journey will be light for I carry your burdens. Raise the flag of victory within your spirits for We will take back what is rightly Ours for the Kingdom. All will know that the GREAT I AM has spoken. Be merciful, be compassionate but continue to run the race that has been set before you knowing that victory is your outcome. I ride with all the armies of Heaven to meet you and together We will bring the lost home. Adorn yourselves with the garments of praise and thanksgiving crying holy is the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world for all time, who's name is FAITHFUL and RIGHTEOUS and TRUE and who wears this on His robe for all to see. The Heavenly gates have opened children, They come, they come! Hearken unto My voice for you who dwell under the safety of His wings shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty and you will say to the Lord, I am your Refuge, Your Trust, your Hightower for this is who I AM. A great and glorious time you have been chosen for, so rejoice and never fear for your Master holds all in His hands. Bow down and worship the Great I AM for your King is come, HALLELUJAH!

With seeing Jesus standing at the open gateway wearing his crown and mantle 7th January 2013, I know the King is Alive. He has made himself known to me now because I belong to Him. This is because of the precarious situation that I am enduring in England with God mockers and refusal for justice and corrupting the Holy Laws. So I keep speaking out and reminding people that Jesus really is alive. He CHOOSES His handmaiden. He knows his sincere helpers too. 

And actually back in 1990 I was told the antichrist is born and my life was in danger then so I have had no choice but to trust God. 

Julie who has been given the messages above is living in Florida USA. I thought it is interesting that she has been having messages from Jesus from over 20 years but also that he instructed that she is to move...(I have also had a message that would require locating about going to Greece and an opening will happen....) It is really more uncanny because in Bolton England Orlando Bridge has been named and Orlando is in Florida. Also when going to court back in August there was a banner sign 'AMCO Rail and I did think AMERICAN RAIL COMPANY...that would be uncanny, at Trinity Street Station.

God will in his own way bring his truth to people.

Traditionally Jubilee relates to Jubilee Law and the Law of Return. It was in the Jubilee Year in 2012, Jesus first appeared to a child in Bolton on land connected with Queen Elizabeth II - Land of the Sovereign title Duke of Lancaster. He appears on land that maps out the whole of UK (as other places have). In walking this land I have claimed the land and United Kingdom for Jesus - this is after officials have openly said 'this land is ruled by dark forces' 

With living in Lancashire, Greater Manchester - in Manchester Town America, this is where Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith, who also has been in the Presence of the Lord - the prophesy of two witnesses being killed took place then. The Latter Day Saints and the Mormon Temple was brought to attention when the Tabernacle in Provo Utah was destroyed inside. Surviving was a painting that showed the fire burned away where the angels were, and yet the face and body of Jesus was untouched. In writing about this, that night he appeared in a vision with his arms stretched out as has been shown in this painting.

I do not feel elated or excited about these experiences because they are happening in a time when evil is prevailing in this world and being under spiritual attack with physical injury. They offer me comfort to know Jesus is alive and I just continue, with sometimes no energy made worse with the strain on my heart. But hey, when I think of what other people have been through, my suffering is nothing.

Years ago I was warned that people are using black magic to kill people and yet there is a price. What is sent out will return. So people who are chosen by God are also being divinely protected - it is with being His Helpers here on earth.  The spiritually blind, deaf who do not hear the word of God and the dumb who are unable to deliver the word of God have the opportunity to learn from the Holy Scripture and seek with sincere prayer for the truth to be revealed. 

I have a deaf friend and the other day thought, I am sure Jesus could help her hear and that the deaf people will hear. We communicate with me doing sign when I said something to get her attention. and she replied 'don't shout'.' - how much she hears with a hearing aid is not known. But I hope she will hear without this. Jesus has also appeared in her dream at Easter and shown her that he is giving bread and wine to Arab boys, pointing saying 'this is my blood' and 'this is my flesh' - my understanding is conveying ARABS ARE HIS FAMILY!

And just to show in faith to the believers in England, historically it was said Jesus arrived in England in Somerset with his great uncle Joseph of Arimathea - uncle of his mother Mary. So for Jesus to appear on land that is named to be connected with Somerset - the careful planners know what they were doing with this...He is making his truth known. He is 10 steps ahead of devious man on this land.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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