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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Anonymous UK & BBC Global Control System

Anonymous - Message to the UK government (2013)

Anonymous Message to the BBC November 2014

The reason I am sharing these videos is because voices are speaking out. It is true. this is a system that has looked to serve its own interests - disregarding the needs of the people, in many cases. A system that is only now expecting historical crimes of murder of children and paedophile rings - Satanic rituals when they know this is still going on today too.  No one can save the soul of those who do evil in our world.


Anonymous Members Being Kidnapped By Men in Dark Suits

Anonymous Blows MH370 Mystery Wide Open

It is not the first time that groups of people have been killed - The information within this video if factual is revealing. As we are to look to Mr. Rothschild in his elderly years who is his heir and is he a peacemaker? 

I do not agree with all that is said as being factual within this video, for instance a billionaire would want power and money when he already has this... But a thought had come to mind, some of the people who are speaking out might actually know what is happening behind closed doors too. They do not want to be identified.

Anonymous get asked their NAME by the PO-LICE

Not everyone has worked out what is happening in our world.  People think masks are stupid and yet masks are being worn - as seen  recorded in the film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman - EYES WIDE SHUT. 

The corruption of the laws are with the police not even thinking about the law. 'Obstruction of Justice is a crime commited by lawyers and police who refuse to serve Justice - they are instructed, I was told, not to touch certain cases.  The laws for profit today are, as a police officer said paying their wages'. It is necessary for people to wake up and see what they are doing. Do not forget the wars based on lies killed multitudes of innocent people.

V for Vendetta is a film I have only  seen a couple of years ago. In this people were wearing mask andunited and yet face to face with police who are armed dressed in black. The people have a chance to find themselves and be free - because one day this corridors of abusive power will be no more.

This is a bloody scene in V for Vendetta - to show the bullies with their weapons will all set on one man and they emptied their guns to kill him. They knew also their fate and there are people in our world who are highly skilled and have mastered mind over matter too. 'Ideas are bullet proof'

Who is the Bishop in England not being so holy?

V for Vendetta: The Dominoes Fall

The flaw is in the system and in the psyche of people who work within the system - the hierarchy of that system that has been structured on greed and lust for power, inflated egos and losing sight of  serving people in their best interest as a priority, if it really ever was there at all. It is a calculated move to keep people down and place people in social experimental programs. The destruction of the system in place is happening from within the system and people remain blind thinking everything is fine. It is not.

This land is ruled by dark forces officials have said.

If this is what has been said, they know the truth.

Around our world today multitudes of people are gathering peacefully, and yet evidence is seen of police with shields and pepper spray even weapons to  intimidate the unarmed people. What I learned in life no matter what we face there is always someone in a far worse situation. And the biggest bully in this world is one day gong to face his greatest fears too. The ego is a false persona. Thought is thought.

Then said Jesus to him, Put up again your sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. Matthew 26:52

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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