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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dream Castle Church & Rich Men Poor Donations

Just recording this dream here waking up on 19th January 2015 from a dream that I did not write down.

In my dream I was looking at a white church that looked like a castle. Externally it did not look like a church building and yet it was distinctively a castle from the understanding given.

In the next part of the dream there were two or three men who looked to be Latin with dark hair and eyes, They had a tanned complexion. The impression I had were they businessmen who were not without financial means and they put on a respectable front. One had a roll of papers in his hand as he raised it up towards a table, I noticed 'and heard' a few coins drop. He was giving a donation in the church.

The man was holding up the roll of paper so that no one could see how much he was giving and no one would question him either. No one would dare to. My dream was as if I was a witness to this in real life - a man of quite stocky build - a big man although I cannot say how tall.

In my previous article, the Queen returned to the Church of Mary Magdalene and this same Church by name is found in East Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. The building is white with golden onion domes on top being crowned with a cross. We are as people with many layers to our being. And we have to peel back the layers to reach the core self when we discover our soul. Sharing is with this understanding.

Inside the castles there are chapels for prayer.

It is not the first time I have been shown in a dream a white castle and yet cannot say if this is connected as the same place. In this instance the tower was very clear and so I am going to share discovery.

In my dream I did not see any other building, it was as if standing in front of the tower than can be seen in this image. Reading more about what is written to discover 'the chapel' that is within.

The Fantast castle is placed in the central part of Vojvodina, about 14 km from Bečej on the way to Bačka Topola, It is only 60km far from Novi Sad and 135 km from Belgrade. The entire complex covers an area of about 65 hectares and includes a castle, a small castle, a St. George chapel, stud farm of race horses and park. The Fantast castle was built from 1919 until 1923 and during its construction it has been mixed various architectural styles for example a tower and four corner towers were built in the Gothic revival style, and both entrances were made in the neoclassical style. The castle is surrounded by a low wall with two monumental gates, made of wrought iron. In the early 80s of the last century it has been adapted and transformed into a hotel Fantast. It is named after the famous and very fast stallion, who is buried on the Bogdan Dundjerski property.

'Names after the famous and very fast stallion' ..

Learning more about this from a website link below...

The Fantast castle, known as the Dundjerski castle is the most beautiful and luxurious castle in Vojvodina, built by Bogdan Dundjerski.
It was built in 1925. on the model of the French castles of the time in the neo-Gothic style with a dominant tower and four corner towers.
In the castle complex there is a church dedicated to St. George, which was painted by a famous Serbian painter Uroš Predić, a good friend of Bogdan Dundjerski.
According to the legend Bogdan Dundjerski has never been married but had three great loves: women, horses and wine. Bogdan‘s big love was certain Mara, wife of Bogdan’s blacksmith. Bogdan fell in love with Mara at his property where she often came with her husband. When the blacksmith realized what was going on, it appeared a big problem but Bogdan found a solution. He gave a blacksmith 21 acres of land and some money and the beautiful Mara became a hostess at the court. In front of the palace there was a pool which was often filled with milk by Bogdan, they say, and Mara would bathed in it,… and when Uroš Predić painted the castle church, Bogdan had only one wish – that Virgin Mary gets Mara’s face!
Bogdan Dundjerski was a big fan horses and he had a stud farm with 1400 horses. Among them, the most famous horse was Fantast who took all the prizes and trophies in 1932 at the Belgrade Hippodrome! 

A famous horse who took ALL THE PRIZES was meant to be.

What comes to mind is a vision in my minds eye one night back in October 2012. I had seen Jesus returning on a white horse and the whitest of light expansive aura raidating from him that would illuminate the earth. The light was as bright as the sun as we see it. Notice the sun shines as white light and not as yellow - the way this is often depicted in images. The sky was black - it was nigh time and so he was easily seen.

With the horse winning so many prizes, perhaps this is why the royals love their racing and this being very serious business it seems. Evidently this horse was meant to be buried in this place. 

I cannot say if there is any connection between the man holding the roll of papers and dropping a few coins, even to be connected with this building - but it is certainly an interesting discovery. Perhaps something will appear in the news that is relevant to know. Perhaps it is just showing that there are men in our world who are too preoccupied with making money for big toys and fast cars, to remember that the Lord Gives...

How many men ask in prayer for something and then forget the reason they were given what they were asked for?  People who are blessed with family and health, might not realise they have wealth. People who have earned or gained their fortune are in a position to do much to help people and the most needy. There are people who are skilled who can teach skills - this allows progress and continuity.

The roll of paper the man was holding as as if a magazine. It is not known if he was ashamed to admit to his company he was giving only a few pennies, or because he was pretending to give so much more. 

Perhaps my dream is just showing me how God sees everything and he knows what is written on our hearts. he knows our insecurities and even our doubts and failings. He also knows the great pretenders too..

What came to my mind in a positive note a Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic in 2011, also an Orthodox Christian. What caught my eye is this tall clear pyramid structure with the clear orb as a crystal ball.(In another dream I was shown a similar tall structure of pink crystal frame with an ornate pink diadem on top)

Montreal means MOUNT ROYAL. 

Just looking at the name Mara Bogdan to discover a known name today (no coincidence) - Ion Bogdan Mara (born 29 September 1977 in Deva) is a retired Romanian footballer.. 

Looking further I discovered a video Bogdan Mara goals for Iraklis -(Heracles) On his shirt is seen Attica Bank. Attica is a historical region that encompasses the city of Athens, the capital of Greece. While in New York, Attica is named, so is Athens and so is Greece..... 

Remebering also Deva as a geographical landmark.


Deva Minerva Plan (reconstruction)

Deva Victrix, or simply Deva, was a legionary fortress and town in the Roman province of Britannia.[1] The settlement evolved into Chester, the county town of Cheshire, England. The fortress was built initially by the Legio II Adiutrix in the AD 70s as the Roman army advanced north against the Brigantes, but completed over the next few decades by the Legio XX Valeria Victrix.

Slightly off course geographically and yet is relevant.
In Chester there is a building named God's Providence House. Outside it is written God's Providence is Mine Inheritance. This was discovered after I had been given two suitcases with X taped on and inside during moving the picture frames had all broken but two - one depicting Jesus Christ on a cross with a white dove and another with four shells...Later realising these were connected with a crystal paper weight of Scotland.

Please do keep an open mind...there is a reason that dreams are given and messages for understanding are going to be presented in a way that we will eventually gain the understanding. 

Last year while at a friend's home, her boyfriend leaned back, she fell and his prized ornament of Saint George slaying the Dragon broke into pieces. In tempter he threw it in the bin and shouted at my friend when I comforted her and said it is not  her fault. Taking it out from the bin (not nice I know) I bought some super glue gel and carefully pieced it back together - the evidence of truth might be destroyed. Truth cannot be destroyed.

Saint George the Dragon Slayer on his white horse.

To discover St. George's Chapel named in the castle, is unexpected. Shifting again focus geographically to the heart of Istanbul, where the Patriarchate of Constantinople is situated inside St. George's Church.  

I do not know the reason this dream was given, but what is relevant to know and to be discovered will be revealed and there is the opportunity to learn also from what is being shown. Dreams carry messages by the symbols within the dreams and can have many layers to learn from. Some dreams are prophetic. But what it seems to be a church that is not collecting donations might be because wealthy businessmen have other priorities.

Faith is not something that can be taught. Faith in experience!

The prophesies that have been written and given over the course of history, only become fulfilled when they have happened. What God has ordained will happen. The reason for the prophesies of God have been given is so that people will renew their faith and turn their hearts back in the right way. We must stop testing God. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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