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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Duchess Accuses Kew Gardens Copied Treehouse

Well it is a day where little things have happened and I have yet to write another little observation today when, during writing my previous article I clicked on a link to see this photograph.


The headline reads: Duchess of Northumberland accuses Kew Gardens of 'copying' her treehouse idea - The 6,000ft treehouse is one of Alnwick Castle's most popular attractions

A few years ago I encountered a most gifted designer of tree houses on the internet - what a fabulous idea. Is the house that is suspended off the ground and made to be a personal residence, when on vast landed estates, exempt from taxes? With the cost of living and house prices going crazy, perhaps building a tree house is an option. The people who have lived out of cars, might find they are breaking man made laws for profit with the requirements to tax and insure a car, and that is with a current MOT too.. I got a fine when my car was not being driven due to illness..but then again, the God mockers make unjust laws too.

Who are the actual lawmakers in this land?

The article related to the photograph above states:

It is a dispute about a treehouse that threatens to divide two of Britain’s finest horticultural institutions and pit one of the country’s most distinguished aristocratic families against the former chairman of Barclays bank.
Granting an interview at her family seat, the medieval, multi-turreted Alnwick Castle, the Duchess of Northumberland has accused the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, of “copying” her idea for the treetop walkway that graces her 42-acre garden.

Not only that, she also claimed that esteemed banking grandee Marcus Agius, ex-chairman of Barclays and current chairman of Kew’s board of trustees, wanted to imitate the ideas that inspired her 6,000 sq ft treehouse – one of Alnwick’s most popular visitor attractions.
This was disputed by Kew Gardens last night. Officials at the south London horticultural bastion claimed to have had the idea for a walkway three years before the duchess opened hers. Kew also insisted that while its managers were indeed looking at ways to “refresh the walkway experience”, it was too early to say whether a treehouse would feature.
According to Her Grace’s account, Mr Agius, 68, who took a principled decision to resign as Barclays chairman following the bank’s involvement in the 2012 Libor rate-rigging scandal, appears to have shown great curiosity about her treehouse while visiting Alnwick Castle as part of a shooting party.

The Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens

The treetop walkway in Kew Gardens - a bridge between trees is revealed with the reminder of trees also being symbolic of family trees. Bridges have been built to connect lands, to bridge over traffic, railway stations and one never really knows if there is a hidden reason for this erection being built in this particular place.

To continue the article it is written:
'As Jane Richard, a stockbroker’s daughter, she married Ralph, the second son of the 10th Duke of Northumberland in 1979, joining the illustrious Percy family, whose members have been immortalised in Shakespeare’s Henry IV in the form of Harry Hotspur – as well as participating in the Gunpowder Plot and leading a rising against Elizabeth I.

When Ralph’s elder brother Henry, the 11th duke, died in 1995, Jane Percy became the Duchess of Northumberland and found herself living in England’s second-largest inhabited castle (after Windsor). She resolved to turn the then derelict garden into “a contemporary pleasure garden”.

It now attracts 800,000 paying visitors a year, and is said to be Britain’s third most-visited paid-for garden behind Kew and Wisley in Surrey.

The treehouse, 60ft above the ground with its own restaurant and “roaring log fire” was opened to the public in January 2005. A network of aerial walkways was attached.
Three years later, in May 2008, Kew opened its own £3m, 650ft-long Treetop Walkway. Tony Kirkham, head of Kew’s arboretum and project manager for the walkway, insisted, however, that he came with the initial concept in 2001 – and his inspiration had nothing to do with Alnwick.. 

He said: “We came up with the concept for our own walkway in 2001, trialled a scaffold version in the gardens in 2004 – which was a huge hit with visitors – and opened the Treetop Walkway in 2008.

“We drew our inspiration from the wonderful, large-scale walkways that are found in Australia, South Africa and Indonesia and the Forestry Commission’s Tree Top Way in Salcey Forest.” Read full article below...

The year 2001, is also the year of 9/11....

Symbolically connecting these lands together would not really be a surprise. The idea to create a space in England - ie Canary Wharf, naming Canada Square and in London, Manchester is a clever planning department 'under the watchful eye from the heavens...With New England named in coincidence at all.

Whatever the reasons for these buildings, they are shown to be profit making and while only seeing the outside, there are surely more people who will be seeking eco living. Just yesterday I was thinking if I had a bigger garden, I would have a large spacious room made from wood - not just as a summerhouse, although it is rather cold here in winter.

These people who are building, are inspiring possibilities that other people can copy...A raised building when there is a possibility of a flood in this land, makes sense. Now we would have to look to the scriptural prophesies to understand the warnings . What would be the cause of another temple/church to be destroyed...Can destruction be averted? 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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