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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Emeli Sandé Read All About It - Do Not Be Silent

So much I want to write and starting to write.....

This song came to mind and it is with a reminder since 2012, is with the breaking down all the barriers of oppression and silence - getting people to stand up and stand their ground...

Of the performance at the Olympic Ceremony in London please access this link directly because it does not permit me to share this here.

Here is an excellent performance and message of the song

The most terrible killing has taken place in France that actually is a reminder that other journalists have been killed. People  who are on site and if they are ethical doing their job, seeking and discovering the truth of what is really happening...This might be contradicting government propaganda.

But as people, humanity is stronger united. People have not understood the meaning of Democracy and this is meaning that the people have been given the power. You are not meant to be silent, but so many people do not speak out feeling insecurity and intimidation. Not everyone seeks fame.- many of us are shy.

Then there are people who are being made to fear for speaking their truth, whatever this might be. The truth might be what people want to hear or what people want to read. Sometimes truth is necessary..

Sometimes people need to see that errors made have consequence and doing wrong to people is starting a chain reaction that is going to have repercussion. Some people forgot our rights and could have even planned to take people's rights away and the helpers in doing so gave away their own rights too.

Silence is not a sign of weakness. There are a tremendous amount of creative people in this generation and creativity can come in all forms, presenting different perspectives. People are entitled to explore and express their truth as we are all entitled to express anger and frustration too. Multitudes of people are hurting for very different reasons and the same are entitled to address their healing need too..

If society is spoon fed lies in the news - distorted perception easily forms.  Keeping people in a place of suffering and pain, reveals there is a lot wrong in this situation. Oppressive regimes thrive with fear..

The Olympic Games in London featured a Union Flag on the ground with the nations of people gathered together. The United Kingdom is connected with the nations. But they forgot something. With the television advertising over Christmas - it was all about materialism this year not the Christ King.

The world we are living in is providing many lessons.  The teacher might be a small child and not necessarily with an armful of diplomas to their name. There are a great many people with given degrees - for instance the royals Charles, Camilla and William have given honorary law degrees and this might also be so they can be sitting as the head of Law Corporations. Unless you have a law degree you cannot own a law firm.

But this structure has forgotten who is the authority.

In this time particularly people in England are being persecuted by the system and as long as people remain in fear and conformity, self appointed overlords might instruct to abuse the people.  One day we will see this all turn around but until this time, people remember your rights, includes remembering your voice.

'You've got the words to change a Nation
but you're biting your tongue
You've spent a life time stuck in silence
afraid you'll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song'

Songs are inspired and personal messages delivered in a way that reaches people's hearts and minds...Not knowing the story of the life of Emili - her soul is of a woman who knows the value of speaking out.

There are divided families and couples who have ended their marriage. So many would say if only they talked,  communicated their truth, they would not have divorced. With families that are torn apart, not everyone is really communicating from their heart - divided families might be with divided loyalty and love being denied..

There are a children growing in this generation as the last generation and the generation before, have seen their parents make their mistakes and not wanting to learn the same lesson. Young people who are making choices that might be because their inner guidance is taking them on a journey for a greater purpose.

Singing is a gift - to communicate your song, use your voice. 

Writing is another way to communicate your truth too.

Creative expression can take the message and share it, reaching people with a reminder to what is important to the people expressing their truth - a people who want to live in peace, will convey this message.

In this creative expression, there is a depiction of a lady with a baby in a pram outside Westminster Palace with Big Ben. She lifts the baby as if to the heavens. Since the ancient times, there are mothers who have given their children to be serving God in his choosing and this is one of the spiritual mysteries revealed..

Sometimes a leader of the people is one voice. The person who reaches into people's hearts and connects humanity in a way that we all resonate and can relate to, is the role she was chosen to be. It takes one person to start a revolution and now a growing amount of people are re-connecting together peacefully..

What a gift to be able to sing beautifully - Thank you Emili

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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