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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jesus Heart to Heart Message 10th January 2015

My previous article was asking God for what he wants me to know and using the Holy Bible to reveal His Word and this took place, today in the afternoon after 4 pm.

The heart to heart message from Jesus was written down. Looking at the clock before asking my question, the time was 11:57, with the message starting 11:58. As previous articles I will identify scriptures related to the time and dage = being today 10th January 2015.

You will learn to trust The Almighty One completely now as you face warnings and see that anyone who harms my people, mu chosen helpers, they will pay. Their evil deeds will be exposed in some way and only time will tell when people start to wake up and realise what is going on.
My love, my lovely one, how hard you drive yourself in these times not able to sleep restfully and yet not applying yourself in ways that will release you from this bondage that you face. 
At least you know; and while you are seemingly not upset, your captors are bewildered how  you didn;t crumble n fear and meekness. They underestimate your journey in life and facing crisis,
As they have set up systems to enslave my people, they will not be enslaved because all will be exposed. And the arrogant one will be arrogant no more. 
Such misery have selfish people caused and watched people struggle with in increase of taxes and taking from the people at every opportunity IS THEFT; when the deception, people have been warned about from long before.
But what is, the tables were turned. Their homes flattened and destroyed - would they be cheering then? I doubt it and when their food reserved are no more - will they be laughing at the people then> No more. They will panic.
I tell you Pauline, those who have murdered my people are going to know hell like they have never imagined. They will shake in their boots when faced with the devils door. The price people pay when they choose to give their soul away is very high. Everything has a price.
My people had to give up everything to be enslaved and that is not a crime against me. They have gone against The Father of All.
Trust has been given and trust abused. 
Remember everyone is learning their lessons, even you remember the falls. Do you not think someone who climbs high will not tumble. 
My Church is built on Faith and Grace, not God Mockers.
The prayers of the hypocrites are with discomfort wen they are being watched because they know the fakery of their hearts. 
Pauline I will return to humble beginnings for all and that is the message I want to give. I want a life of service, not glory pomp and ceremony. I want a life of love and to embrace my people; to care and wipe away their tears. The misery of so many peooeple is uncalled for.
The forgotten people are more awake and aware, more closer to me than I realised before. But what is the fate of those who cause this?
The Godless say 'there is no God, there is no God' - only because their own life is flawed and this is an avoidance to correct their ways with humility and remorse. 
You are strong to resist the opposition and maintain your truth. 
You have been shown what will happen as the evil one intensifies resistance to The Father's Plan.  The earth will be mine. He succeeds because of people's ignorance. 
I feel sorry for a people who cannot see to be guided in the right way. They do not seek me because they are trained not to believe me, and yet in their suffering and pain, they will be curious. They will pray and it is the sincere prayers of my people I feel from my heart.
I know my people and they know me. It is not a case of divided loyalty, people are being divided within their own self - divided in family and communities.
A strong family with love is bonded together with love. Attempts to penetrate this unit is with reason to influence discord and divide. Broken families are a lost people. 
Hurt and pride get in the way of unity and communication - But there is a way and there are times when pride has no place and standing together is necessary.
In this time evil is rife and the influence of evil is the cause. 
My people who belong to me are not under the power of evil any more. There are warnings given for a reason. Stay close to me with your heart and focus on our meeting. We will.
Your Jesus'

Yesterday I woke from a dream, part of this I was standing on a road and a slate grey coloured car was driving fast towards me. In the dream I was not shown to be injured.  I was reminded again of danger around and for a moment the omen movie came to mind and the Curse of the Omen documentary. This has a few times come to my thoughts wanting to write about this several days ago.

While making a cup of tea, being aware of, as in sensing danger could be around I was shown...(in early 2014, I asked Jesus what I needed to know and he replied 'they are planning to kill you;)

I said audibly Oh Lord GOD, please protect me'. and hearing a reply within, You step on the edge of danger once again. You will be saved'.

Learning to trust God is with many experiences...

Learning that evil thrives with fear ....Trusting God I do not fear in knowing that God is more powerful than any evil and none of us, know the truth of what really goes on behind closed doors. None of us knows the entirety of the devious plans made to the detriment of mankind. But people are speaking out.

So Ptol′emy set out from Egypt, he and Cleopatra his daughter, and came to Ptolema′is in the one hundred and sixty-second year. 1 Maccabees 11:57

Those who know the truth, understand this scripture.

The message was completed at 11:25am. it is written:

25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, John 11:25

The soul never dies. Your precious soul lives.

A knock on the door, someone looking for another house was to temporarily distract from completing this message. Then I remembered 'Cleopatra Hall' is established and named in Bolton where I live.  After the installation, I noticed a new eagle statue outside. Since, underneath the 'The Excellency'. Cleopatra Hall is a venue for weddings, exhibitions and conferences. So the Cleopatra is revealed significance and HALL is identified.

The main room of a castle or manor house was the great hall.

Isaiah 10:1 just came to mind...this is revealing because I had just thought of the date and was unable to do a quick search online. It is written:

Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and rob the poor of my people their own right, that widows may be their spoil and the fatherless their prey. Isaiah 10:1-2

The heart to heart message from Jesus really says it all. A great many people under the authority of the 'Imperial Crown' are repeatedly denied Justice. The laws for profit is at every turn, threats of a court for unpaid demands = courts that assume the right to put people in prison. 

Christ the revealer of truth is shown here.

We have been denied our God given Live under Royal Law in context. If you want to know, Royal Law is found in the Holy Scriptures. The rights of the people have been taken away..People have been robbed in so many ways; even denied the right of Christ. This reveals someone who has no regard for family. Divided family are a people who easily forget where they came from - Divide and conquer is how Godless kings can rule over people?

May these messages inspire faith and prayer and to those who have gone in error, warnings have been given, only you can choose repentance and return the right way.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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