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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 5 January 2015

Lebanese Muslim: Who Hated Christians and Jews. Jerry Rassami - From Jihad to Jesus

Understanding why so many people feel hate, Jerry speaks of his own experience where his hatred was rooted in fear. Hatred can be rooted in pain and unless healing is allowed, pain will endure.

In the ancient times God prepared the Jewish people so that they would receive the Messiah with open hearts. Not everyone did. I believe that the Muslim people were given instruction too, and I am told every Muslim loves Jesus and waits for his return. Not everyone is open to this with a loving heart.

History has known wars, suffering, devastation and hate.

Will we know a new era of peace between the nations that will endure...It is up to the people to break down the barriers and if oaths of allegiance is to people who are turning you against other people, who are your family - like it or not we are all related, then examine in your heart why you allow divided loyalty.

When individuals hurt us - address that. But to blame multitudes of people for the errors and transgressions of the few, this is wrong thinking. Rivers of tears have been cried over the generations. So much blood has been shed over the millennia that the sea could be red and there have been signs to remind people.

War is not the way to peace. Fighting brings more pain.

If your Master turns you away from goodness, you  will suffer.

People suffer for Jesus and yet, faith becomes stronger.

The people who are sincere in seeking the truth and turning their life over to the Lord, they become his helper. One Muslim doctor contacted me with lots of questions and when I answered he told me I was wrong repeatedly So having studied to assist healing - I told him about aspartame in food when given to rats showed brain tumours - he did not want to listen to that either. He is deaf to the warnings to save his people who might show these signs over time. Multitudes of people will have brain tumours today.

The Muslim man asked me about Christians referring to God as Father and that we were wrong to do this. I never gave this any thought before and decided to ask God - who I refer to the Father as God and the reply came to mind,the reason why He is the Father 'I am the Father of the Universe'

First of all Jesus is not a possession to anyone.

Jesus is showing he is more than capable to communicate directly to people, the sinners and in a message the other day even to communicate with the enemy if he so wishes - His enemy, the antichrist.

People easily forget - Jesus is from the Middle East. People might ignore that  marriages between tribes has brought people together. Also as we do not know anyone else's truth, wherever they are from unless they speak from their own experience. Let people be allowed to share this openly, in this quest for faith

Jesus knows his family by choice, birthright and adoption.

People have forgotten that we are his family by Legal Right!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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