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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Man Finds Jesus Rock Buried in His Garden

There is an interesting news article today.

'A man digging a toilet area for his dog in his back garden had a holy surprise when he unearthed a large rock resembling Jesus.
Property developer Phil Coby found the Christ-like stone two-and-a-half feet caked in mud underground by his home in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire.
When he gave it a good wash he realised the boulder had a similar shape to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.
"It's been in the earth for God knows how long. It was covered in muck but straight away I knew it was unusual,” the 54-year-old said.

"I just pulled it out of the ground. I was digging a hole for a dog loo in the garden and found the rock in between two tree stumps.

"It was buried next to the roots of the trees. It must have been found for a reason. Other people might have thrown it away but I gave it a good rub.

"I showed it to my son and asked 'who is that?' He said 'Jesus'."

In the precision of what has been revealed to me, this would be typical to be discovered in this place and in this situation, plus with the recognition from a child.
One man between two factions of people - family trees. Jesus is the person who unites these people who have been divided by man and divided against each other.
The discovery of this rock in Scotland was surely meant to be because Scotland is also known as the Highlands and God's Land - God Most High. This world was entrusted to His Son and the people east and west, north and south scattered still belong to him.
One of the roles the Queen has is to been to preserve the Church of Scotland. While the church is a physical building, in ancient times a church was an assembly of people. 
In Spring 2013,  Barack Obama was given a 2000 year old rock from Jerusalem with a microchip implanted with the Declaration of Independence of the States of America and the Israeli Declaration of Independence, this would take people back to a time when Jesus was walking on this earth as the embodiment who spoke the Word of God the Father.
So what a most profound time to discover this days before Epiphany Day, this is when the divine being is revealed to the person or people. The timing of this is perfect.
In earlier articles I have written about seeing Jesus on early hours of 7th January 2013 - with Epiphany day being on 6th of January. In this vision that was revealed through my spiritual eye, he was standing very clearly wearing his crown and mantle at an open gate. Behind him was light and from his body, his heart, radiated bright golden light.
These discoveries might not mean anything to non believers and some people are confused. They do not know what to believe. A religion is a teaching. Faith is in trusting and knowing - faith when prayers are answered and these experiences, are a reminder of something that cannot be controlled by man but a world of wonder that has so many mysteries that can and will be revealed when people are ready.....
And it is often the people who are doubters, or do not know about God - or have no faith at all, who are often instrumental to have experiences and share the truth. This is how it was in the ancient times. Jesus did not set out to impress anyone. Just to bring people back to the truth and to know there is a far higher authority ruling over all of us.
Faith can be inspired and it is sometimes the small things that happen, that can bring the greatest impact. There was a report long ago with a potato and lines that spelled out in Arabic Allah. The reminder that even everything God is watching..especially those who are messing about with their genetic engineering on our food to our detriment.
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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