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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Apparations and Messages: The Blessed Moher Mary

If we consider why people are having  visitations,dreams and visions of Jesus in this time, we cannot also ignore that there are people also having Apparitions and messages from the Virgin Mother too.

When a King has been declared and is alive, no one can take his place. And with Mary being chosen, something happened  back in the ancient  times, when she went to sleep, the Holy Mother was taken up bodily to heaven so tradition has maintained. Mother and son are together

In earlier articles I have written about the then four year old having a visitation wit Jesus holding a baby in his hand. He introduced 'Mary his wife who spoke with him. He also said there was another lady in the room too. Asking who this was ' he replied 'Mary too; This is a child who did not know who Jesus was and does not understand 'King' but when asking who Jesus was, he replied 'He is THE KING'

In finding this video documentary people are sharing their experiences in particular connected with the Virgin Mary and if we are to see and hear what other peoples experiences are, these are not imagination. The people are being reminded that these people belong to the Holy Mother and Jesus Christ.

There have been miracles that have taken place and the spiritual mysteries are maintained. As the Godless ones continue to deceive the people, the reminder of who is given authority is given.

What is most important to consider with so many orphans in our world, so many people are hurting and abandoned, so many lost people., God provided that humanity has a Holy Mother and Jesus to turn to. The prayers with sincere heart are being heard and so are those that are not.  In a time when evil  has been prevailing, God know what is happening on earth and the plans made to the detriment of peole.

When people have their experiences of personal revelation, sharing this is to perhaps remind people of the truth in this timeline. Messages have been given by the Holy Family for repentance and return the right way. The people do not belong as slaves to the godless ones...Man does not rule over God.

Sharing this video is because it provides some testimonies and there is discussion of the scriptures too. Because of history Jesus has shown himself to the apostles after the resurrection,  then of course he can appear at any time in this timeline too. How belong to Jesus belong to Mary and wo belong toMary belong to Jesus too. And to belong to the Holy Family the poeple belong to God.

Jesus has made it very clear he has not given permission for the British royals to Rule over his family. He has not given permission for anyone to rule over his family. Our parents are supposed to be our caretakers but they have notalways been because of weaknesses and circumstances. Noice that there will be someone who most people can turn to but who can people turn to with their most private need and hurt.

The wiping away of tears is foretold will happen...

Do keep an open mind with any people who claim to have visions and messages from  heaven and that is to not be so quick to dismiss them either. Where there is truth there will  also be validation.

These experiences are happening because they are meant to be happening and being shared openly for everyone.  We are foretold the coming of the Lord and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth..

In my personal experience on 25th March 2001 during healing prayer and mediation, I was given three visions, the first seeing Jesus on the cross. The next was a lady speaking with a group of women dressed in light blue and white - Mary appeared to be teaching the women. In the third vision, as if looking towards the earth, from above, the earth was gold and people were standing with their arms raised towards the heavens - they were bathed in golden light too. These experiences are spiritual experiences.

If we have personal experiences and someone does not, consider this - there are people quick to reject these and these people are not reliable teachers. Here people have been given drugs and psychiatric labels because they have prayed and even spoken of seeing Jesus. God has a plan to preserve His people from the enemy. They are defiant and arrogant. Those who rule by deception and war have done so before.

Jesus did not ask anyone to kill  his people here or overseas.

The wizard wand waving mother 'is not even serious'.

In whatever way God will make His Truth Known and  before Mary was born, she was already to be known to fulfil a purpose that was to be a servant of the Lord ;in her own right..To compound her role, She was the one that was chosen to carry Christ in her womb. She also was divinely guided by God and she was an intercessor for prayer for the people too. She continues to serve in this role.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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