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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 16 February 2015

Dream Update (Rothschild Banking Revelation)

Quite recently I had a dream that was documented and analysed to some degree and shared openly. In this dream the understanding was given about the roads and parking...perhaps the laws too.

The connection was revealed also with the Railways - with the Channel Tunnel also connecting in France and so therefore the rest of Europe. In my dream at first I was parking 'for free' in a Private Car Park and then 'as if viewing down from the building seeing the road leading into this 'Privately owned land'. Perhaps this is to show the intelligent people in our world are just one step ahead of the devious ones...

In the next part of the dream a man was thanking me for everything and in opening his wallet to take out some cash - there was a thick wad of notes, I turned away in embarrassment. He then said 'I do not want to embarrass you but I have made a deposit in your account as a token of appreciation' (or words to this effect). The figure was mentioned of £1.000.000 - I was not able to protest.

In my dream it had been done but in reality it had not. The realisation this is connected with the Rothschilds came with the analysis revealed and connected with France. Remembering also the statement made by a member of the Rothschild family who referred to the law maker ....

Today I checked my email to have a message of love and much respect from someone connected with the Rothschild company. Already being told that there are 'important people' reading my page, whatever that means, if the person is one who can stop the war and all the injustice taking place, that to me is important. The person who can change our world to be a better place by removing those who abuse from positions of power, that is important and moreso that they can do so without bloodshed...

RAM Inc Team

Since the ancient times there has featured the face of individuals on currency and in this present time it is in much of the world Queen Elizabeth II. There has been debate and speculation who is going to be the next fact....with Sir Winston Churchill is said to be featuring on the new 2015 £5 note.

If we look closer at the watermark, this is also situated over Westminster Palace where is the discussions of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The reminder that if GOD'S GOVERNMENT is to be, then this can only be with someone who respects the Authority of God and the same within.

Those who rule over people by deception, have not regard for the people and perhaps their lust for power overrides any commonsense of reason. How can the Godless ones have any positive influence over people who are people who have a secure faith and understanding of a far higher authority.

The watermark in the image shows a male figure sitting down while another figure is standing pointing towards the heavens. Are we not all equal in the eyes of God? Those who have titles, might have given or bought titles, even for favour....and there are people who are dressed in titles and expect reverance who are born from an illegitimate bloodline as a result of an affair with a king. The royal bedhopping has produced a great many children, who might even be siting in positions of power in our world.

There are reasons why the Holy Laws were written and that is to protect the people from being ruled over by deception. There is a strict criteria to be the one to preserve the Kingdom of God on earth but if officials are really honest, this has become with calculation one that has man rules, with threats too.

Wealth can be like a clear crystal, revealing the character of people. Once someone has wealth, more than they can ever want or need, the person's driving force and focus becomes worthy of inspection and it is a lesson to look beyond the wealth and see the person. The Queen might have been 'set aside for God's service' but so have I  and so have you too. She is supposed to set the example to all.

The ancient Laws were given to preserve the people who were chosen by God to learn profoundly important lessons and in history, the Israelites were not eager to respect that God really does know everything that is going on and yet gives people every chance to correct the errors of their ways too. What did it take to correct the errors and preserve the people, one man who had the role to preserve humanity. What sort of ruling has England when officials refuse people who understand Royal Law in context?

Everything is written...Prophets in history have been sent to the people who rejected the message and even killed them. Perhaps because being the guardian over this earth is the reason...There are people in our world who do not want to give up control and possession of lands...They want to TAKE as their own.

While I do not understand the complicated dynamic of what is happening, what I know for certain, right at the very top, people know who is who and they also know what is happening behind closed doors. They know there are people who will 'do anything' for power even sell their soul...and that is sad.

Ignorant man has yet to learn RESPECT for the HIERARCHY beyond this world and one day he will. One day people will realise that they are short changed by forcing their will on other people too.

There are changes taking place in our world and I do not understand exactly what is happening...but I am seeing that these changes are taking place for a structures are created.

The Royal Mint issues currency. This can be in the form of tokens and promissory notes.The bank note in England is a promissory is written 'I promise the pay the bearer the sum of'...

Years ago people had gold and silver coins...Notice there are discoveries of treasure being excavated in particular gold coins connected with the Roman empire and Byzantium era...Today the bankers could type in £10,000,000 of credit into our bank account and this be used for whatever purpose. 'Money' has become the driving force for so many people for gain, instead of being focussed on what to give.

The creative people in our world might be inspired. The architects and designers too. But there is something that is written in the Holy Scriptures that was revealed one day. Wisdom has a role in the government in the preserving of humanity. The Crown of Life is connected with the Church of Smyrna - from my grandmother land and in family Church I am baptised...Itis not a Crown of Death - being a crown that calls out war, or a Crown of Injustice -recklessness and.tyranny thrives with lack of care for any people.

The spiritual crown of enlightenment comes from the heavens

It is written in the Holy Scriptures about King Solomon:

 “Give me now wisdom and knowledge to go out and come in before this people, for who can govern this people of yours, which is so great?” God answered Solomon, “Because this was in your heart, and you have not asked possessions, wealth, honor, or the life of those who hate you, and have not even asked long life, but have asked wisdom and knowledge for yourself that you may govern my people over whom I have made you king, wisdom and knowledge are granted to you. I will also give you riches, possessions, and honor, such as none of the kings had who were before you, and none after you shall have the like.”2 Chronicles 1:10-12

Not knowing about history of the Monarchs, what I noticed while in Manchester last year was the statue of Queen Victoria that sits as a monument and a reminder of 'ancient laws and promises'. There are still today men who look down on women and see that their place is not in the man's world they have created but from what I have known, there has been a strong and encouraging women behind many men being successful  and it is a women who has influenced her child, even children who are not hers.If women did not have the capacity to love and nurture, they would  not take care of other children and adopt them. The role of the Queen is as a mother to the people...If you have a good mother, you are very fortunate. But the orphans of this world are many and the abandoned are many...a cruel mother no one wants.

The Game of Thrones featured an Iron Throne...A throne made of swords..This is situated in Belfast Ireland, a territory connected with the name of Queen Elizabeth. It is written in one day that the people will beat their swords into ploughshares...There are promises made to the people that no one has a right to deny.

Remembering there is NEW BANK named in London....

OMA's design for New Court is the fourth iteration of Rothschild's London headquarters, all of them built on the increasingly dense and architecturally rich site on St. Swithin's Lane, a narrow medieval alley in the heart of the City.
'Nathan Rothschild established residence at New Court in 1809. In 1865 the first of two Rothschild-commissioned New Court bank buildings was completed. One hundred years later, the Victorian New Court, which Rothschild had long since outgrown, was demolished and replaced with a new building, which proved to be even more short-lived and obscured views of Christopher Wren's domed church of St. Stephen's Walbrook, built in 1677.

The current rebuilding of New Court offers the opportunity to reinstate a visual connection between St. Swithin's Lane and St. Stephen's Walbrook. Instead of competing as accidental neighbours, the church and New Court will now form a twinned urban ensemble, an affinity reinforced by the proportional similarity of their towers. ' 
'The new building will unite all of Rothschild's London staff in one location for the first time in decades '
The new building stands next to the old church. With a distinction in the lower floors and the upper floors, perhaps this is also distinguishing the lower court and upper court...In Manchester Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip opened the new Civil Courts of Justice. within is the Supreme Court - Situated on TRINITY WAY they have been holding corrupt evidence carried over from the Old High Court...
Fate - our fate is decided by the court. They courts have served justice and injustice. Mostly injustice is by influence to corrupt the court process and actions that are made calculatedly by officers of the court. This is the reason people suffer and when there is obstruction to justice, this is also a crime.
For an ethical structure that provides the administration connected, it is justified to expect to endure with fair and ethical decisions are made. It is expected that with REMEDY for suffering and loss by injustice would not be delayed or prevented. This should be reflective to show the error made by the corporate structure that THEY WILL NOT repeat or allow the abuses taking place by 'officials of the court' 
The Jews were given commandments long ago. The Jewish people who 'do not see Jesus as having any authority, as some do, we could ask who has authority and they will unlikely deny the Almighty. The Jews are entrusted with the Oracle of God - This is what is written in the Holy Bible. So with the Jews having been entrusted with the Oracle of God they are also expected to look to God as our Authority too.  

When Queen Elizabeth II took her Coronation oath, she did do to God Almighty and she kissed the Holy Bible. The preservation of God ruling over all of us is being reminded from this ceremony. 

When the God mockers refuse Justice - they do not even deserve respect. If they were sincere in their faith and divinely guided in truth by God they would also be quick to return people their rights too. When the structure in place has officials who are denying the peoples rights - something is very wrong. 

We are told of turbulent times and history has known destruction. In London, the Great Fire in 1666. So easily this could happen again and having learned of this in London, it is compounded more with learning also the destruction of the Greek Quarter of Smyrna was destroyed by fire in 1922 too. The reasons for the fires might not be considered...there are great fires that have taken hold in other lands too.

With 1666 revealed, in Bolton the heart of England, the A666 is connecting land boundaries. Locals refer to this road as the Devils Highway with reason. There is  a section that is named ;Saint Peter's Way. And with Westminster Abbey 'formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster', there is also the Parish Church of Saint Peter overlooking this road...A is the first letter of the alphabet. A666 - 1666.
Warnings are given that what is built can easily be destroyed. How many times has destruction happened by fire. What is not established on the foundation of Christ will be destroyed. What was established on the foundations of Christ and destroyed, this is something to consider very carefully too.

The new bank headquarters has been established.

NEW COURT ROTHSCHILD BANK, UK, LONDON, 2006 New bank headquarters for N.M. Rothschild & Sons
The OMA website name is not dot is dot EU.
Noticing last year the addresses in England are in Europe now. Being born of mixed European descent, also with my grandmother being from Asia Minor - EURASIA is easily connected again.. 

A book is written titles The Mark of Athena. Lev ROTHSCHILD provides a review - quite uncanny really that this name has appeared again and yet the message to understand is most significant.

The Mark of Athena cover art.jpg
The Mark of Athena is AWESOME! Percy, Jason, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Annabeth and Piper are traveling to Greece. Greeks and Romans are working together for the first time ever. The book is fantasy. I would recommend this book to anyone who can read. They need to stop the giants from defeating the Olympians. While that is happening Annabeth is following the Mark of Athena a coin that will lead to an ancient treasure. Percy and Jason have to back down from each other or it will be chaotic. In conclusion The Mark Of Athena is THE BEST BOOK EVER!!  
We are shown Athena and Rothschild connected...
In another article I wrote of the New Britannia ship being built:

Britannia rules the waves (well, nearly): P&O puts finishing touches on newest cruise ship, using 420 litres of paint to create world's largest Union Jack

 The daily Mail reported on 31st July 2013 'One in four British adults do not recognise Britannia, the face of the British people since Roman times.

Research by The Royal Mint has found that the nation has lost touch with one of its most iconic figures and is campaigning to create greater awareness of who Britannia is and what she has stood for through the ages.'

Human models toured the country to make people aware.

Rule Britannia: The Royal Mint has released new gold coins to set the record straight. An owl sitting on her knee represents wisdom

Quote: Rule Britannia: The Royal Mint has released new gold coins to set the record straight. An owl sitting on her knee represents wisdom

The currency that so many people depend on in England is never questioned by the majority of people who accept whatever is thrown at them with trust. Noticing the silver coins are 999 fine silver (with 999 being the number of emergency services in this land) The gold coins are 999.9 fine gold.
It is not known if the initials J.C. stand for Jesus Christ.
The God mockers in this land deny the authority of God.
Not everyone is a God mocker in this land...
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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