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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Empire Debate- Supreme Court, London - Pros and Cons of British Rule in India *Recommended*

While still writing my previous article looking for images, I was distracted to discover this video. This debate is being held inside the SUPREME COURT and the location is important. If there is the be a true democracy in this land then there must be that people are allowed to live under the authority of God.

In the debate the people are invited to consider whether the British Colonial Rule over Asia was to be of benefit to the people or not..the votes are interesting. The openness and freedom to discuss this most important topic in this time is vital for all to consider. There is something else too.

Back in the ancient times, the knowledge of the evolving soul and spiritual enlightenment was given to the people in India. The people have been given this knowledge with also not understanding why Jesus Christ traveled to India....Preserving the Holy People, is to enable progress of humanity. The evolution of souls cannot be found with focus is on power and material gains, especially by evil acts to gain.

Reading that the Kohinoor diamond seated in the crown of Queen Elizabeth now, it is actually retained to be possessed by the Queen of England, a condition that was placed on this spoil of war...

The voices of the people from India are justified. 

The voices in reply to this video are written...

Kevin Varughese wrote: "While I agree the greatest contribution from the British Empire to India, was the English Language. However, plenty of countries that were never a British colony, managed to adapt English just as fine. Colonisation was never a necessity for English.

The mere idea of "India benefited more from being a British Colony" is flabbergasting."
Leneva Love wrote: "India is that country , which even after 400 years of rule British failed to wipe out the culture from the indian souls. Unlike the african colonies, INDIA still holds on tight to its culture. India in my opinion is a self sufficient country, all you need is to look into the past and you would find an answer."
Arjun Jayakumar wrote "Sun never sets in British Emperor because even god can't trust englishmen in dark" "Cricket is an Indian game accidently inveted by british"
Sijo Joseph wrote: "It is better to learn and understand the fact,  in order  to avoid the repetition of  the same history. We Indians should  respect the other side also. This is just a debate to understand the fact based on the logical  argument. Dr. Tharoor did it very well representing as a modern Indian !!!"
Jyoti Thyagarjan wrote:"Of course, I know that I should hesitate before I jump in into a swords-drawn argument between Pumpkin K and Kevin Varughese. There is the minor point of whether in fact the much touted Industrial Revolution was the right path for the whole world to follow. Hindsight is gifted with 20-20 vision, so it is unfair to say today that the jury is still out on a possible ecosphere-saving non-industial revolution. The one fact that is not really mentioned in many debates is that India would not have stayed frozen in her momentum of growth if the British had not colonised her. Perhaps she would have done the immensely wiser thing to progress along a much more sustainable growth trajectory and could have been the source of an alternate wisdom the world could have benefited from. This is something we will never now know, and this fact sits squarely at the doorstep of the colonisers!"
Adarsh Reddy wrote: "Could one justify the unjustifiable? Here's a marvelous debate on the British colonization of India. "
Ahammad Suhail wrote: "speaking up proud and loud for the mother land, what could be more patriotic than this in today's time, right?? no guns or  swords needed, feel so proud!!!"
Vishnu Vs wrote "old is old.dont look back indians,now we have a primeminister +Narendra Modi the lion of devoloping +India+ ,dont be afraid friends,this century is ours"
Manoj Sp wrote: "Great. you have listed out the real facts in no's. Now we need to bring our stolen things back to our country. We need to do that for our generations to come. Its our DUTY".
In reply Jojo wrote: "yes we need get back our stolen treasury Including Precious Kohinoor Ratna that KOHINOOR Ratna is prosperity of INDIA"
The decisons made by Royal Decree are not changeable and we have to stretch our mind to see in the eyes of God how this will also work in his favour for the whole of humanity. Those who conquest the world by blood have no right to rule whatsoever. They do not serve Christ in truth.
David Cameron has stated there is no intention to return the Kohinoor or the Acropolis marble's instead he asked the Houe of Lords to approve a lesbian Queen and child  born by sperm donar to be accepted to succeed to the throne. Not sure if from bed hopping or even born from a Satanic Ritual because we really do not know with officials saying this land is ruled by dark forces.
Anyway..the illegitimate bloodline is not eligivle for the throne even if their crowning ceremonies take place that would involve church ministers. Those who serve God in truth are not traitors to the people and they do not make any decision to the detriment of people either.
 With the 7 ancient churches being situated in Asia Minor, evidently the crown is connected with Asia now with this diamond being from India (as with the Royal scepter holding a diamond being named 'Star of Africa' to show that India and Africa are connected with Queen Elizabeth.

Her role is to preserve the Kingdom of God, Has she?
With the State of Israel in Asia - this is not changeable. One small piece of land was created, from the most positive perspective to allow God Almighty to be the ruler over the Jewish people. If we are all allowed to live under the same rules, than the world can be returned as God intended.

Queen Victoria wore a very small crown 'as if' it was meant to be for a baby...I think in seeing the statue in Manchester, she knew a secret that was preserved openly there and yet what is important is also found in the Holy Scriptures. In September 2013 Jesus visited a small child and was holding a baby in his hands. He said he had an important message for me. There is more to this visitation...What Jesus reveals is HIS TRUTH to know.  The holy scriptures write about a child that was taken up to heaven....
She gave birth to a son, a male child, who "will rule all the nations with an iron scepter." And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. Revelation 12:5

What is being revealed, I will share...What is being spoken about that has importance when this is being discussed by the people - to hear the truth from the people and their voices, also from credible people who are speaking be this experts, trained professionals who are ethical and as in the video above this very important debate took place in the SUPREME COURT of London.
What is happening on earth 'IS' known in heaven. 
Unevolved people ruling over people who are evolving does not work...As in our world many people are being enlightened by God, are they who rule over people by deception too? NO!  
In a time of silencing the truth, the truth will get louder.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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