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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jesus Dreams 17th September & 18th October 2014

On October 18th, If I recall correctly, last year I had a dream seeing Jesus sitting on the sofa talking to a lady with very blond hair. He appeared as physical form dressed wearing trousers and a top. Next a young man asked me if he could use the bathroom. He might have been in late teenage years with dark sandy brown thick hair. Directing him to go upstairs I decided to go up ahead of him.

Next the upstairs was not quite as my home. There was a white toilet with a wooden seat in the front bedroom. In the other bedroom, mine, looking out the window, it seemed different. The bed was facing the other direction and there was a clothing maiden at the end of the bed wtih towels over. The room was very tidy and I did not get the impression that this had been done by me (but cannot be sure)

Next the lady with blond hair is talking. She said the toilet was a bargain (£5 of £10 and came from KINGS ROAD in London - she spoke with a London accident. She also said there was another green one. The toilet had some from KENSINGTON PALACE. It was rejected and not wanted.

Next in the dream there was a large roller coaster with people on four our six seats wide that was filled with people. At that time people were busy enjoying themselves oblivious to Jesus returning and oblivious to Jesus even being alive.  As people appear to be clueless of the role of reponsibility of a Chosen Queen, they could easily accept someone who has not been chosen by God to rule over them...I realised while in my dream to observe this nighttime scene - that it is what it is and 'fun rides' are created  as distraction. Woke up.

The blonde hair of the lady is distinctive, having found yesterday a video of a lady with the same. This lady is providing her own testimony experiences .that I will also endeavour to share again later.

With Jesus being King- KINGS ROAD is identified.

The toilet/WC is sometimes referred to as a THRONE.

In my dream the toilet seat appeared to be made of wood.

Kensington Palace is where Prince William, Kate Middleton and also I am not sure if Prince Harry is living there too. There has been a recent refurbishment made - was a new bathroom installed?

In Kensington Palace the Kings State Apartments is identified. So for William and Kate to move into Kensington Palace is really no coincidence whatsoever. Nottingham Cottage/House is also named - Nottingham was a kingdom. The Queen's State apartments are at Kensington Palace too.

In New York the Empire STATE building  has been named!

Regarding the roller coaster rides - these have been build around out world and are serving a purpose that is not clear. People are joy riding the ups and downs in life- willing to pay for the pleasure.Are the seats people sit on in carriages? I really do not know. Carriages are traveling on carriageways - is there a roller coaster ride that is connected with London. The rights of passage has been with payment in history.

The lady in my dream had very blonde hair perhaps even lighter than the swatch posted blow. It is not known if she is connected with Kensington Palace in some way. What I have understood from personal experience of prayer, if someone is talking with Jesus in this timeline, they are also being heard.

What people might not consider, we all have a guardian angel. On the day of my birth, I learned that the angel preciding over this day rules over Kings and Princes (Qheen's and Princess's too). The angels might be unseen and they see and hear what is going on behind closed doors. Nothing is hidden.

The first dream shared above was the second dream, after seeing Jesus on a boat standing next to a lady on 17th September 2014. Inside the wooden boat his company would not be taking luggage. Looking at the bench type seating, on the floor were file boxes and an Osprey London bag turned upside down.( The boxes later reminded me of my legal papers. With justice repeatedly obstructed in England)

Next as an observer standing on land, Jesus has got off the boat. He is prostrated on the barren ground praying to the father and looks up to the heavens and prostrates himself again. His head is touching the floor. (I am given the impression he is asking the Father in prayer to bless the land) Children appeared who are dark tanned skin with dark hair. They call out 'The Messiah is here, the Messiah has come'. Then Jesus stands up and continue to walk in the direction the children are going.

Next an angel is standing with six wings. He appears as a man with long silver white beard and long hair. He is wearing robes that were not at all glamourous. He makes a statement that can be again audibly heard in the dream 'For the evil acts done by Katherine towards those who are not working....and for the deal that was made with the taxman' - Katherine was spelt K not C - seen when I was shown immediately aftwards this had been written in black ink on lined paper. Woke up.

The Seraphim was wearing light coloured long robes.

The return of Jesus is with divine timing.The signs of the times are documented in the Holy Scriptures. In history how it came to be that God would rule over the people of Israel, is when the law was broken. In history when Jesus was crucified, he was killed and it is forbidden by God to kill anyone. The pureness of the Holy Sanctuary was lost and he was 'set up' with being killed wen God has forbidden this.

Long before Jesus was born the divine plan was established. It was at the point of his baptism in the River Jordan God the Father became, through Jesus Christ the ruler of all the earth and also all the waters - when standing in the River Jordan, the earth underwater is joining all lands. This might have some reason why the british royals have their baptism in water brought from the River Jordan, I really do not know.

The angel - six winged are the Seraphim who serve the Throne of God. A few years ago I had a dream with 7 angels standing side by side as if humans, with wings.With 7 angels connected with the 7 churches of Asia minor this could be connected. This angel man made his declaration that indicated why Jesus was returning to the land and so what terrible crimes had been done and the deal made with the tax man too?

Remembering Katy Perry and the Killer Queen perfume.

Katy Perry shares the forenames as Kate Middleton - Katheryn Elizabeth (if spelt differently, it is again not known) Katy Perry has launched now three KILLER QUEEN perfumes. Perhaps there is a message tograp our attention  and it it written what is hidden will be revealed. ( Luke 12:2) - Keep an open mind. We do not know what desperate measures anyone will take and the lust for power and gains is great. 

There has also been photographs showing Katy Perry wearing a crown and the Byzantine inspired dress by Dolce and Gabbana collection - with a vast audience she commands attention. The situation of this being shown and being reported on in the international media is with taking place in New York.

The Byzantine collection came with many models wearing crowns and the most exquisite dresses of mosaics that were in history covered over. Again, what is hidden is not going to remain hidden forever.

One point to recall about the first dream posted, above (even though this was the second dream in order) the clothes maiden in the bedroom - (as if my bedroom) was with a hand towel over this at the foot of the bed. It is with such clear symbolism revealed that might validate being a hand-maiden of the Lord. 

The white toilet for a King, it is not known if there was a change of mind or rejecting the toilet/WC from the installed bathroom in Kensington Palace, but the dream message was very clear, KINGS ROAD, and Kensington Palace have been named. My dream showed that the throne was lawfully RECLAIMED for the bargain price of £5 or £10 ...As the currency has written on the banknotes, with Queen Elizabeth II 'I promise to pay the bearer the sum of'.....I did not see any cash. Jesus does not carry cash..

The blond lady said her mother was with her when she chose the toilet...the other one was green. As the photograph has shown, it is a solid looking piece of bathroom furniture...It is of course quite possible because the royals have their own toilets and somewhere I read William takes his own toilet seat but really I am not sure about this or interested in the royal toilet habits or anything else to be honest. 

Regarding the boat and the Osprey handbag - the following day after the dream I looked up to see what could be found about Oprey London to discover it is connected with MILITARY publishers. The dream was revealing MILITARY LONDON HAS BEEN OVERTURNED. But instead of allowing people to live in peace, there is an increased of military heavily armed police. With the assassinations in Paris, take note, we really do not know if these were false flag efforts in this Unholy Kingdom. God knows!

After the dream of seeing Jesus on the boat and Holy Land, in real life,.an air ambulance landed 'on private land' - thinking at the time 'Military take over' then dismissing the thought. Then a young man, spoke about these helicopters being flown by Military personnel. He also told me that the Military had pulled out of Afghanistan the days before and the troops were coming home. The dream was validated.

Days after a child who Jesus has spoken to face to face, spoke of seeing Jesus helping a man who had fallen off his horse. He said the horse was on the floor dead and he made the horse alive again with his life power. He said Jesus was wearing brown trousers and a blue top. He was wearing a silver crown with points.....He also said Jesus took the hands of the man who got up on his feet and rode away on the horse.

This is what a child told me - His father did not see anything.

The timing of this was just learning that another helicopter had landed and so while 'marking out territory' no matter what it appears, whether masked as a charity, it was surely a military landing. As the officers in the army take an oath of allegiance they are also serving who they take their oath to. 

The following day to this incident in the news, there was an article about a major racecourse event where two horses had some to their demise. These horses had vast value to the owners....Both horses could have been saved by Jesus and yet they were not. Jesus had shown me through his chosen child helper that he chooses the meek, the lowly and the poor also the most unlikely people to be his helpers..

I will never know the man who the child spoke of to ask what happened, Asking his father. he did not see anything but who are we who were not there to see. Jesus is revealing precisely to children for His purpose, it is just sharing here and asking that my readers keep an open mind. You might also have dreams of Jesus, write down what you see and what happenes in this experience. His message is usually clear.

Learning about about th Air Ambulance: The Eurocoptyer apparently get no funding and rely on millions of pounds in donations from people. The SEA-KING Helicopter pilot Prince William was shown landing the helicopter in Canada, with smiles taking over the land and waters is easily done.

In the dream of Jesus on the boat.. the children's voices were audible. They would be the first to announce to the adults that the Messiah had arrived and he was identified. Children are revealing his truth to adults in this time. In the dream experiences I did not hear Jesus voice. What Jesus did was most important.

These dreams are shared because they show the return of Jesus Christ will be happening in this timeline. Today Jesus can easily walk in England and go about unrecognised. He does not seek fame. It is not known if I am dreaming in real time now or being shown dreams that are prophesy for the future. But the message that is being given and understood that Jesus knows what is happening behind closed doors.

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29

No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him. John 1:18

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. "If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him."…John 14:6-7
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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