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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Lucid Dream House Fire & Bible Message

Before waking up yesterday I had the most lucid dream - a house was on fire. In my dream, I was walking and could see inside the downstairs through the windows on the door. Looking on top of the roof I could see smoke coming through. Shouting repeateldy at the top of my voice Fire, Fire call 999, I shouted so much in my dream, when I woke up it was as if I had been shouting in reality and was quite shaken too.

While my thought process continued in the day, so bothered by this dream that I sought to go knock on the door and inform the owner to ensure that she checks her wiring and to be aware. She might have even thought I was nuts - but I told her in a serious tone, I am more concerned because your child has been contacted by Jesus and he has given messages to share. I did not get a good feeling, knowing that there are children in this timeline that are being separated from their parents to keep  the truth silenced.

How many officials are speaking out about Jesus returning? Even to mention this people are doubting and even asking police and lawyers who they took their oath to, they cannot remember. But the system has been tied into a corporate structure and lands are identified as corporations too. Clever...

Regarding the home that was on fire in my dream, it was not flames that had taken over the building at the point I had seen it but the family were inside. The children were inside and to silence the truth of the chosen ones who are serving Jesus would ensure that the next generation forget about the Lord. But in this timeline there are also people who are rising up and returning to prayer and their faith...Good and evil thrive side by side in this time and people who are serving the Lord in Truth are under spiritual attack.

There are dreams that are prophetic and those lucid dreams are dreams that show within the dream, the outcome can be changed. I hope and pray that this is not a dream prophesy that will come to pass. It is however taken very seriously as a warning and I did not have the peace and quiet to pray to God to have the understanding to be revealed and what can i do about this, if anything at all - until hours later.

Using the Holy Bible I had again asked for what it is I am meant to know...and a couple of messages were shown. My heart and mind were not settled and while taking on board what is relevant on a personal level, it was a decision to try again for a clearer message that I would understand.The message could have been revealed about the complicated legal situation involving courts in England and overseas - with perjury and fraud upon the court by the other party and her lawyer. Evidence was given to me by the court So if anything in this pressing time it is reasonable to expect that a message could be about this but NO!

Instead the message is very clear and directly given:

Woe to the nations that rise up against my people!
    The Lord Almighty will take vengeance on them in the day of judgment;
fire and worms he will give to their flesh;
    they shall weep in pain for ever. Judith 16:17

I felt strongly the fire could be to harm the child who has been guided with much precision by Jesus and to tell me his message. But I do not think Jesus would allow anyone to harm the little one because he is valuable in also bringing a family back to Christ and even other people...He is being guided in visitations and also in dreams. It is not known if the child will be given another message in these days. Could be.

The truth cannot be silenced. The people who belong to Jesus are also in the Middle East and Asia. As also Israel is in Asia, the crown of Asia is also connected with Israel and the 13 tribes. This is the understanding that I am being given and if in any way I am in error, the truth will be revealed so that I can understand in accuracy what is relevant to know. There are many layers of understanding...

If the child speaks of seeing Jesus again or another message, I will share this openly here - if this is applicable. The sharing of messages and spiritual experiences is NOT that anyone look to me or what is written to be dependant on this but to encourage you in prayer and to seek the truth for your own life and spiritual purpose in thsi lfietime. You can also use the bible to learn from the Holy Scriptures, as shown what is relevant to know and understand. Jesus in his teaching, used to open the scriptures and point out to the people the truth and where there is truth there will be validation. The biblical message is applicable because this is the message that has come from GOD ALMIGHTY in asking in prayer.

Man who has gone against God has entered battle with HIM!

For reference the date of the dream was FRIDAY 13TH February 2015 while dreaming in the morning, the fire was shown to be at nighttime...I have not looked at the news to see if there have been fires anywhere reported that might bring clarity beyond what is reported or reveal something significant.

Please keep an open mind. So important was this message I have posted it here....There are warnings not to harm the prophets, messengers and the anointed ones or there will be consequence. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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