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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 27 February 2015

Madonna Have You Had An Accident Not Your Fault?

Just looking at the headlines today in the Daily Mail - after writing about Madonna falling, there is another article and a string of pictures - photographs that might even tell a story...We do not know.

Something I notice there are some articles with two or three stories together, not sure if the journalists are trying to tie these together...and the time of awakening, even some journalists are connecting the dots...and it might be that they know a whole lot more that is going on and not allowed to talk about that.

Not watcihng the Brit awards - the teleivision went kaput before Christmas and to be honest that is a good thing...Just need to get rid of these lawmakers making laws that are illegal...They are scams. Anyway the Daily Mail publishes a message with the video above...via Madonna creating awareness.

Insurance claims: Memes erupted on Twitter in the wake of Madonna's backwards fall

Then this follows on iwth another photograph....

Clever: One meme doing the rounds was a mock-up of the movie poster for Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear, with Madonna's crying eyes

Then there is another message Madonna is conveying...

'Madonna Falling Down': Several clever Twitter fans made up fake movie posters

The WORLD STAGE is a political  expression. This is relevant

Madonna is angry! The bishop from sitcom Father Ted - whose outfit looked remarkably like Madonna's - also become a trending image

Is this supposed to be Madonna wearing a cape? Not at all.

It is written Quote Madonna is angry! The bishop from sitcom Father Ted - whose outfit looked remarkably like Madonna's - also become a trending image.

Madonna has power on stage with a huge following...The bishop exercises having some authority in relation to the Church...what is the connection? The Virgin Mary is also known as the Madonna.

Stairway to heaven: One such image included Madonna on a stairlift with a notable injury on her face

Here is another disturbing image...witth this quote 'Stairway to heaven: One such image included Madonna on a stairlift with a notable injury on her face'

Having also felt a force push me down the stairs and I still suffer pain and discomfort to my hip, thigh and one of my feet, might have a hairline not alive without a broken neck THANK GOD...but this super imposed image above shows Madonna with a black eye and the cape too..

There is a famous image called Jacob's Ladder and it is about the Stairway to Heaven - about the ascension of souls. It also shows demons pulling people down to prevent them ascending to Christ...

Two trends collide: EastEnders' murderer Bobby Beale was blamed for the epic fall.

The quote on this image is with picturing Madonna falling on stage and an Eastenders clip. It is written 'Two trends collide: EastEnders' murderer Bobby Beale was blamed for the epic fall'

Blame is mentioned...murder too...what is the truth?

The picture is shown...Bobby - ROBERT...actually I know a man named Robert who also had a nasty fall down steps and broke his leg in two places...That was very odd indeed..He was also in a car crash and survived that bit it prevented him going away for a few months....was not meant to be.

Locally two women I knew have also had falls too. I am again made alert to danger around. One lady who had a fall also prays devoutly a powerful prayer - she is already injured in a car crash....

'Still does her own stunts': Several memes were clearly in praise of the star

Another message is given here...The 56 year old still doing her own stunts...But whether this is a stunt or a fall that happened, not by accident tocause injury...being 56 years old and owning the stage, without some PR team heavily promoting a seemingly non entity false idol for 'power over people' says it all. 

Smug: One clever Photoshop fan edited a picture of Edna Mode over Madonna pre-fall 

This is published with the question, said to be by a photoshop fan who is not named...just Twitter is identified and that is OK...there is lots of tweets happening now. Edna Mode said 'No Capes'.

Cape Town Africa comes to mind...and with Queen Elizabeth holding the Star of Africa now named Diamond in her Scepter, we get the idea of the Inclusion of Africa and the Imperial Crown.

'These people could teach Madonna how to wear a cloak': One user compared the singer to Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in their Hogwarts school uniform

Then there is another image...odd that this would be posted? Not at all. After all even with not seeing the Harry Potter Series the learning of Wizard wand waving, comes with facing demons too.

Just last week there was an article suggesting the young actress and Prince Harry were dating, but it might be that Harry is into Wizard wand waving,  as his father is also into magic and illusions too, taking is exam some years ago....Runs in the family perhaps, just is this beyond entertainment purposes?

'Madonna asked Wenger for advice': Arsenal's manager's infamous fall was brought back to the fore

This odd photograph is included in the batch too...Odd? No!

The caption reads 'Madonna asked Wenger for advice': Arsenal's manager's infamous fall was brought back to the fore'

Seeing this is remembering something...I was covered from head to toe in hives, an allergic reaction that could not be explained...after 13 weeks and much prescription cream it was not going away.. Odd..Thinking my body would be scarred for life..I was invited to CRETE and there I had a nasty fall down a track that no one would have tthought to look...On the way home my legs gave way on a big flight of steps at the airport more than once...ODD...NOT! Fortunately I felt hard on the steps and not tumbling down...

When all else fails, include Kanye: Mockery included the rapper, who had graced the stage at the BRITs shortly before Madonna

Then there is another image..- what Stage -  LISBON? The Crown of Portugal  is an Imperial Crown that is said to be connected with the House of Wettin that Queen Elizabeth is identified as being from. Beyonce has also completed a WORLD TOUR of the Mrs Carter Show as Queen B.

Kanye West has brought the awareness of Jesus many accidents or breakdowns took place to prevent the show taking place and people being awakened...God knows the Truth I do not! There is a reason for everything and then there are those who set out to sabotage destiny of people.

'Don't cry for me Argentinaaaaaaaaargh!' Cheeky Dennis the Menace event got a look-in in The Beano's special meme

Madonna is also known as the Queen of Pop....Just looking at the image, a hand is seen pulling that the long cape...and on her left food, it looks as if broken...There are two images the same. Odd.
Remembering the Miss World tour who the crowned Beauty Queen lives in London for the year until the next lady id crowned...Last year when Megan Miss Phillipinnes travelled with Julia Morley to PORT AU PRINCE in Haiti where a floor of an orphanage is said to have collapsed...She broke her hip and had to be taken for a long operation...Is someone having ambitions to be Queen of the World? Kate?  

The Game of Thrones actress wanted to be THE QUEEN.

Twitter jokes: The incident brought the best out in people 
Gaga gets a look in: Comic Adam Hills used Lady Gaga as a source of hilarity, claiming she'll be copying Madonna soon enough
The comments written,...keep an open mind...The Virgin Mary is also known as OUR LADY, Lady is also a title - In Greece the title Kyria means honored Lady, a style of respectful address.

A couple of years ago I thought, all these women are in the spotlight for a reason....might be born in Royal bloodline and Princess by birthright...Last night I thought about Jesse J...It is the son of Jesse that King David is born and Jesus is a descendant of King David too...These names are not the same  people but even DAVID ICKE is famous for a remember. (Davidic refers to King David in Christ)

Queen's Freddy Mercury sang 'Radio Gaga' - No coincidence!

The show must go on: The pop superstar was visibly shaken as she pressed on with her performance 
Notice Madonnas dancers wearing horn head dress...
Either this was a very clever stunt to act out what is happening, an accident of bad timing, although nothing is just an accident, or there is a deliberate influence to cause 'serious injury' - if so by who? 
That Killer Queen perfume...any connection in the message? 
I think Madonna is incredibly fit and if her bones were britle as can happen past a certain age, the fall could have caused a serious injury removing her from the world stage ...We are probably a few people who are thinking, was this an accident, some thing it is a stunt, but I am not so so sure about that. 
Michael Jackson was also known as the King of Pope....No room for two kings in America but if someone was/is crowned EMPEROR, would his wife be Queen or Empress?.The unseen forces might be very active at work with any deals made with the devil. Satan did offer Jesus the World ....
Madonna might be pushing a few buttons..and noses out of joint. Is she stepping on people's toes with her message....with writing now, I am also aware of journalists being killed. Truth cannot be silenced.

May the brave journalists write what we need to know?

In the image CAPE FEAR, it reveals as Madonna crying tears of blood with the message above written ' Sam Bowden has always provided for his family's future, But the past is coming back to haunt them....

Lets take this to be connected with the crown...In 1922 there was a great fire in Smyrna wiping out the Greek quarter of the City and a genocide agenda where people who were born Royal were killed, they were massacred. Survivers were many brought as refugees and are scattered today...But what is most significant about this, is the Virgin Mary lived in tthis area connected to this land...

While the global control agenda has been made, did they forgot THE LAW and THE PROMISE to the People? Prince Charles spoke of taking care of the world for his children and grandchildren...and William indicating the same..The corporate control system was already set up long before...
The cape offender: Madonna quickly posted a picture of her designer item on her Instagram and Twitter pages

Explanation: The singer brushed off the incident as a mere wardrobe malfunction - 'My beautiful cape was tied too tight!'
Anyway ...please refer to the article  below in the link,...I took just some images and with the messages revealed and published to show there might be a connection and there might not be either. With one too many car crashes in my family, falls and being pushed, once into a busy road where I was thrown in the air like a rag doll, just before moving to Bolton...officials stated 'this land is ruled over by dark forces' 

Madonna presents a warning..The long black cape to me  might look regal but it is also with the reminder of danger, after my mother with a broken neck, because of the clasp fastened around her neck. In this fall, Madonna was fortunate not to have been injured...It could have been very serious indeed.

For evil to flourish...silence endures...No MORE!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
No Copyright infringement intended.


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